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Rocco Embarrassed That His Mother Madge Flashes Herself On Stage

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres welcomes Madonna for her first in studio appearance on Monday, October 29th. During the full hour interview Madonna introduces her 12 year-old son, Rocco who volunteers to get in the “Ellen” Splash tank to help raise $10,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Ellen: All month long “Food Should Taste Good” partnered with us to help in the fight against Breast Cancer. You can help too. Just look for the “Ellen For The Cure” logo on specially marked pink bags. Right now we are going to raise $10,000 by dunking who ever Madonna wants to put in that dunk tank. So who do you want to put in there?

Madonna: I don’t really have to think about it. My son (Rocco) is here and I want him in that tank…

Ellen: All right, Rocco.

Rocco enters…

Ellen: Hi, Rocco. How are you?

Rocco: Nice to meet you.

Madonna: He’s in my show too by the way.

Ellen: I know. I heard. What do you do in the show?

Rocco: I dance.

Ellen: You dance. Do you DJ a little bit too?

Rocco: No, that’s my brother.

Ellen: Just mainly dancing. So you’re a good dancer too.

Rocco Yes, I am.

Ellen: That’s amazing.

Madonna: He’s a little confident…She’s related to us by the way.

Rocco: I know.

Ellen: I’m going to be hanging with you for family dinners and holidays and stuff so get used to me.

Rocco: This is probably like the first time I’ve seen you.

Ellen: I know but we’re going to hang out more often.

Rocco: Um, ok.

Ellen: So excited.

Madonna: 12. That’s what 12 is like

Ellen: Is your mother strict? Is she a good mother?

Rocco: Um, Yeah, she’s a good mother but yeah, yeah.

Madonna: But she’s what?

Rocco: She’s a good mother. Yes. That’s all I have to say. She’s very strict but in a good way.

Ellen: How cool. You’re on tour with your mother. She can’t be that strict.

Rocco: Um…

Ellen: What about when she flashed herself and stuff. How do you feel about that?

Rocco: I actually don’t see that.

Madonna: He’s underneath the stage busy, doing things.

Ellen: Good. That’s best. ..