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Amanda Kicked from The Ritz!

With the clock ticking until Lindsay Lohan exiting rehab, Amanda Bynes knows that the only way to retain her newly, hard-earned title as ‘White Girl Wasted’ is to go all out and so her antics continue! What’s happening in the world of sheer lunacy with America’s new favorite crackhead? Well, someone just got booted out of the Ritz-Carlton in NYC and fitting the actress, she did it in singular style!

Bynes claims not to smoke the green sugar, but guess what smell was wafting out of her room, slapping all of the help as they cleaned the floor? Yes…that. Since Bynes wasted no time in verbally slapping the staff left and right (she told the desk attendant that she was “too ugly” to check her in and referred her to a plastic surgeon) they surely did not waste one moment kicking her blue-haired ass to the curb.

Amanda claimsamanda-bynes-blue-wig she was not kicked out, but left on her own terms, but we call bull crappy on this one! And Amanda, if you’re smoking the sticky icky, why are you denying it? Just get a medical marijuana card in L.A. Like everyone else!!!