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Kitten Face Is Keeping Her Clothes On, Thank You Very Much

Taylor Swift isn’t your ordinary superstar. The crossover country star can now be considered a veteran star at just 23 (she started the biz in her early teens!). In a recent interview, Kitten Face reveals her favorite moment so far, an unusual contact name in her phone, who her closest pals are and what they do when they are together. Check out highlights from the interview below.

How different is bringing this album out compared with earlier ones?
When I brought out my first album at 16, my biggest fear was that no one would ever hear it. Now I feel really lucky as it’s guaranteed there will be loud opinions on it. Now my concerns are that those opinions are good.

Who were you excited about teaming up with?
I was really excited about getting to work with ED SHEERAN because I love his songs so much — they’re so beautiful. So when we ended up doing a duet, I was just so happy to have his voice on the record.

How did you start songwriting?
It started out when I was lonely at school. I felt rejected — no one ever invited me to their parties. So I wrote it all down and I’ve been doing it ever since.

What’s the best thing about travelling the world promoting your album?
No two days are the same. Recently I got to record The Jonathan Ross Show and an X Factor performance. I’ve never got to do those things before.

How do you find the experience of living out of hotel rooms?
Hotel rooms are fine. You have room service and movies on the TV. I’m used to it because I’ve been touring since I was 15. And quite frankly, the rooms I’m in now are a lot nicer than the ones I was staying in back then. I used to do some touring in a van!

You have a more classic look than most pop stars. Is that deliberate?
I don’t really take my clothes off because I don’t think I can pull it off. Also, most people are only going to focus on one or two things about you — I want that to be that I write my own songs, not that I have great abs.

You’ve got a close group of celebrity friends like SELENA GOMEZ and EMMA STONE. Do you talk about showbiz stuff?
I have friends from all fields — people who are in school, actresses and singers. It’s surprising how we don’t talk shop. You’d think we’d get together and discuss the stresses of fame but we actually just talk about boys like all the other girls. We don’t run through each other’s scripts or compare set lists.

Hmmm. I wonder if Miss Gomez knows who some of Tay’s new songs on Red are about?

Image via WENN