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Celebrity VIP Lounge

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Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg Snag Reality Show

Is television ready for Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg together? We’re going to have to be, because the couple just snagged a reality show!

The newlyweds will appear in an unscripted series, titled Donnie Loves Jenny, as a part of a 10-episode reality show deal with A&E (which is also network to Wahlburgers, a show about Donnie’s family and their restaurant). The show will follow them in their new journey as husband and wife–the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

Jenny and Donnie released a statement saying:

“Not only have we found a new home together, we have found the perfect place for our exciting new projects to live with A&E Network. We’re so excited about this deal and look forward to a long and successful relationship creating entertaining and provocative unscripted programming with our partners at A&E. Our feeling is, who better to make our first show for the network about than about us? We love working together and with our crazy schedules this gives us the chance to both work and play together.”

The two will serve as co-producers, and their premiere episode features scenes from their August wedding at the Hotel Baker near Chicago!

Good for them! I might just have to tune in!

Image via Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Canon

Hey Keyshia Cole, Destiny’s Child Member Gets Reality Show


Peeps be mocking Michelle Williams during the Halftime performance of the Super Bowl (ahem Keyshia Cole) but got damn, girlfriend is going up, up, up. Heck with documentaries, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child just got her own reality television series that she is going to use to promote her upcoming gospel album.

According to executive producer Tara Long, the show will not only follow Williams but also her sisterss as her new album is released, “We’re very excited to expand upon our relationship with Michelle on this new collaboration that will provide fans with a peek into her everyday life.”

As for Williams, you better bet she is over the moon with the new opportunity. She said, “Working together on my new gospel album and television series, I am excited to share with everyone a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration and journey of recording for the album, performing, fun family times and other unforgettable experiences out together with my dear sisters.”

Williams new album is currently untitled, but is expected to be released sometime this year. I’m guessing the release date will coincide with the show launch…just a hunch.

Congrats Michelle! Haters gon hate!

The big question is, will YOU be watching?

FIRST LOOK: Houstons On Our Own Reality Show

I told you it was coming. Ready or not, the Houstons are coming to a boob tube near you. And for you fabulous peeps, I managed to snag up a preview clip of “Houstons: On Our Own”, which is set to debut on Lifetime. Come on, you know damn well that this reality show is a train wreck waiting to happen. Whitney Houston’s relatives fighting over Whit’s bank and Bobbi Kris getting it on with her adopted brother?

DAMN! You know you will at least check this show out for a hot minute.

Check out the clip below.

“Shannen Says” A Whole Lot of You Know What

Are you guys sick of reality television yet? Hey, don’t eye roll me! Well if not and you are a fan of Shannen Doherty then, “Shannen Says” will be right up your alley.

Doherty will be taking viewers on the bumpy and hilarious ride toward the altar with her fiancé, famed photographer Kurt Iswarienko, when her new series premieres on WE tv Tuesday April 10th at 10/9c.

We got a clip from the show below.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Is this going to be lame or are you already loving it?


An international icon, a devoted daughter, a perfectionist and a bride-to-be (for the third time) – there’s more to Shannen Doherty than tabloids have led you to believe. In the original series, Shannen Says, Shannen Doherty takes viewers on thebumpy and hilarious ride toward the altar with her fiancé, famed photographer Kurt Iswarienko. As if wedding preparations aren’t stressful enough, Shannen has only seven weeks to plan and pull off her big day. When the pressure becomes too much, Shannen enlists My Fair Wedding host David Tutera to help bring her vision to life. Pre-wedding jitters, a career-distracted groom, a trip to Prague, family turmoil and wardrobe malfunctions should be enough to make them pull the plug – but maybe love will conquer all, in Shannen Says.
Shannen Says premieres Tuesday, April 10 at 10|9c.

Would you watch a Jonas Brothers Reality Show?

The Jonas Brothers are set to launch another reality show series (remember Disney’s “Living the Dream”?), but this time on the E! network.

Yep, the JoBros have finally realized that their reign supreme over the teen scene is dunzo. Girls have already burned their JoBros memorabilia and replaced it with all things Bieber and One Direction.

Apparently the guys (yes, all three..Kevin, Joe and Nick) are filming a “family reality show”. And in case you were wondering, Kevin’s wife Danielle Deleasa will also star in this series.

The show is set to film in New York. I’m not so sure this show is going to be at all interesting. Unless Kevin’s wife Danielle is a complete bitch or country hick or Joe’s tragic love life isn’t followed on this show, is it really going to be worth watching?

Come on, who wants to see if Joe can beat his record for breaking up with a girl in 30 seconds via phone on television? I know I want to see whether he snivels and giggles like a giggly girl before he delivers the news or if he lays in bed while eating Haagen Daaz with his phone in hand, hands in his pants, reciting his break up lines over and over before actually going through with the call.

Good gawd. Could they give Hanson a reality show too? At least those guys have like 5 kids each and a upcoming liquor line.

Image via Getty Images

Clint Eastwood and a New Reality Show

So, it isn’t like the idea isn’t good exactly, but what can we say about having yet another reality show?

(Audience shrugs)

Umm…yah, sure, okay.

So what can Mr. “Go-Ahead-make-My-Day” have for the reality show fans? Well, nothing actually. What’s even worse (or better?) is that it won’t be focusing on Clint Eastwood, but his wife Dina hence the title of the show, “Mrs. Eastwood & Company,” which will be premiering on the E! Network.

The show will also include the couple’s daughters Morgan (15 years old) and Francesca (18) as well as the musical group Overtone, as managed by Dina. It will feature occasional appearances by Clint Eastwood, though, who says he is proud of his family and that “they are a constant source of inspiration and entertainment.”

Well, it may be entertaining for him, but how much can we really be entertained by this? Further details on the show reveal that the reality show will be filmed in the family’s home in Carmel, California and Dina insists that we will fall in love with her band Overtone and that the audience may be “surprised by how [they] live [their] lives.”

Yah, well give me a few million dollars and you might be surprised with how I live my life too.

Aside from the fact that this seems like a lame attempt for Dina to boost her popularity, it may be mildly interesting. Now she will no longer be known as Clint Eastwood’s wife, she’ll now be known as that one lady with the reality show who also happens to be married to Clint Eastwood.

Mrs. Eastwood & Company is set to debut on the E! Network on May 10th.

Ice Loves Coco Season Two Sneak Peek: Could Coco be pregnant?

They’re baaaaack. Ice T and Coco return to E! for the second season of their reality show “Ice Loves Coco” and we’ve got some hot promo pics and a sneak peek video to make you want more come February 19th.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, “Ice Loves Coco” returns to show a more intimate side of this power couple, going behind the hype and headlines and giving viewers an exclusive glimpse into the ultra-stylish lives of rapper/actor/author/motivational speaker Ice T and his model/entrepreneur/Internet-sensation wife Coco.

This season the fun couple take off to exotic locations, share a trailer when Coco makes an appearance on Ice’s hit show “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and due to their demanding careers, face spending time apart for their first time in their marriage. Their love is undeniable, but life isn’t always easy as Coco receives some news about her health that puts the possibility of expanding their family in jeopardy.


In the premiere episode, Coco’s maternal instincts kick in when changes in her body convince her that she must be pregnant. After a trip to her doctor Coco receives news that is not as joyous as she had hoped and instead learns she has genetically high blood pressure. The sudden diagnosis stuns the couple and if not treated seriously it could affect Coco’s ability to have a successful pregnancy, putting her life, as well as a baby’s, in danger. In a scared-straight moment of realization, Coco decides that there is nothing more important than family and vows to live a healthier lifestyle, change her diet, expand her fitness regime and not let her workload get out of control. She quickly learns that with the love and support of her devoted husband, these life changes are necessary and will greatly improve their chances of becoming parents.

Peep the sneak peek below.

Wilson Phillips uses reality show for music career relaunch

After dominating the music charts 20 years ago, sisters Carnie Wilson, Wendy Wilson and best friend Chynna Phillips are determined to reclaim their past glory and they are doing it in true career revamp style…a reality show.

I can’t wait to see these ladies back together and making music, but I just hope their voices aren’t old, crackly and washed up.

As the women return to the studio to record their new album of “The Beach Boys” and “Mamas & the Papas” covers, tensions arise while juggling schedules, kids, husbands and Chynna’s surprise announcement that she will be competing in “Dancing with the Stars.” Growing up together, the three women love and fight like sisters and are out to prove that they are still holding on.

Even if their voices aren’t up to par (which we have yet to see), perhaps we will get to visit some pre-menopausal fights?

Check out a clip from the show below.

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VIP EXCLUSIVE: Christina Fulton and Weston Cage reality show “Uncaged” NOT happening…


A recently published article stated that Christina Fulton and Weston Cage would be the stars of a new reality show on VH1 entitled, “Uncaged.” In the article it claimed, “Christina said the show will be a modern-day Addams Family. Weston just wants to show the world he’s not mentally ill.”

A rep for Fulton told Celebrity VIP Lounge, “The only accuracy to the aforementioned article is that Christina and Weston have been pitched numerous TV and music projects recently and are in talks with several of them. Presently nothing has been confirmed, the items mentioned in the article are false.”

Who watched Paris Hilton’s reality show?

Raise your hand if you watched Paris Hilton’s reality show. I admit it, I watched it but only because it is MY JOB. I repeat, MY JOB. And yes, it was as superficial as you may think it would be.

But got damn. Poor Paris. Things aren’t going as ‘hot’ as she thought. The Oxygen network, who gave Paris another shot at reality television with her show “The World According to Paris”, has pulled the plug on a second season. And it all comes down to, you guessed it, the ratings game. Unfortunately for Paris she was not able to bring in the viewers. So this brings about the very important question. Are WE over Paris Hilton? Well, I don’t know about you but I was over that chick YEARS ago.

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J.Lo Gets Real.


Trying to revamp a dead career, J.Lo has just landed herself a reality show on TLC. I mean, come on…it’s the thing to do these days!

The purpose of this show? Well, to showcase her life with twins, of course! Err…or to promote her new fragrance. Yes, ANOTHER fragrance from JLo. I wonder if this fragrance will be a mix of baby powder and wet wipes.

An air date for the show has not yet been released.

Elizabeth Berkley Is Totally Qualified.

Once one reality show idea becomes a success, every network and their mom has to do a “spin-off” of that successful show. I can’t even keep track of all the reality shows anymore. I like to call this the reality show era.

The latest addition to the reality craze is “Step It Up and Dance,” which will be broadcast on Bravo. According to the show details, “Step It Up and Dance,” follows 12 male and female dancers who compete in a variety of dance styles, including Latin and hip hop. Each week, the weakest dancer will be eliminated until a final callback. One of the judges includes none other than dance phenomenon Elizabeth Berkley. Umm…wait a minute…wasn’t she the main dancer in “Showgirls”?


Image Source: WireImage