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RHOA’s Apollo Nida Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison for Theft and Fraud

Sentencing day went down today for the Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Apollo Nida, and the odds did not come out in his favor.

Apollo was arrested earlier in the year for identity theft and bank fraud, faking companies and taking people’s money and falsely cashing checks, which cost these folks a total of $2 million! Well today, the federal court put down the law, and sentenced Apollo to eight years in prison for his scheme, which occurred from 2009-2013, literally the entire time he’s been on the show!

Apollo admitted to his actions back in May, saying that he only did it to keep up with wife Phaedra Parks‘own income and lifestyle that was seen on the show. “I got sucked in and engulfed and lost sight of things,” he said. Phaedra was not present during the hearing.

This isn’t Apollo’s first time behind bars. He spent six years in jail, from around 2003 to 2009, for being a part of a car-theft operation. Shame he didn’t learn his lesson the first time!

I’m honestly not surprised that Phaedra wasn’t in court. And I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she divorced him. EIGHT YEARS?! There’s a possibility of him getting out early for good behavior, but he’s going to be away from his family for a long time. Seems to me like this was merely a pride thing. He was intimidated by Phaedra and how much she makes, that, instead of finding an honest, legitimate way to make money and provide for his family, he does this. Might seem harsh, but I think it’s selfish, and I don’t feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for Phaedra and their two sons, who are toddler age, and have to deal with their father being away.

Image via The Huffington Post

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks Gets New Series








Real Housewives’ of Atlanta Phaedra Parks has made her mark on reality tv, so much so you forget she is an actual lawyer!  Well, her work is now getting its own spotlight–with a new reality show! The lawyer will help others settle their disputes with her new show Rich People’s Problems that premieres later this year.

Phaedra will be mediating conflicts between rich folks down in the South over prenuptial agreements, $8,000 loans, stolen Chanel handbags and more.

“The rich certainly have an odd sense of what qualifies as a problem in today’s world,” stated the Bravo press release.

Bravo hasn’t announced a premiere date for the new series as of yet. The show will be the third series on Bravo featuring a RHOA cast member. Kim Zolciak stars in Don’t Be Tardy with her family and Kandi Burruss searches for musical talent on her series, The Kandi Factory.

When I first read the headline, I wondered, “What in the world could Phaedra possibly have her own show for?” Then I thought about it, and a lawyer–in Atlanta no less-is sure to come across some crazy people with real drama that only a lawyer could solve! It’s no secret that Bravo cashes big on drama, so this actually may be a good venture for Phaedra! With her wit and Southern charm, it’s sure to be entertaining!