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Justin Bieber Apologizes for Racist Joke

So, apparently Justin Bieber was caught on video back in the day (when he was 15) using the n-word while telling a really crappy and completely unfunny racist joke. The whole thing happened during the filming of his 2011 documentary Never Say Never.

TMZ says they got the tape at the time but opted not to post it because the singer was so young, but a British pay site recently ran with it.

In the video the pop singer tells the offending joke which caused him to use the N-word a total of five times.

Last summer he denied his use of the N-word when a song was uploaded on YouTube in which it was claimed he sang the word. The song “What She Wants” was a hoax and not recorded by Bieber.

This is just another incident for the Canadian on his list of being in trouble as of late with the egg-throwing debacle, the DUI trouble this past January in Miami and the online campaign calling for his extradition.

Oh, but he is sorry y’all. You can read more about that here.