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Celebrity VIP Lounge

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Janelle Monae, The New CoverGirl

The versatile singer-songwriter has recently been named as one of the new faces representing CoverGirl cosmetics. Fans will be able to catch their first official peek at her pictorial spread in the September issue of Vogue. She joins CoverGirls Queen Latifah, Sofia Vergara, Pink, and Taylor Swift. The ‘Tightrope’ singer had this to say about her collaboration with the cosmetics giant:

“Growing up and trying to find myself as a woman and experimenting with makeup, I’d go buy magazines. I’d see Tyra Banks in the CoverGirl ads and I’d think, ‘Wow, she’s beautiful.’ It never looked like she had on too much makeup. There was just something clean and classic about her face. I believe in the idea of every woman finding their own beauty superpowers. I want to help redefine what it means to be a strong woman in the music and fashion worlds.”

It has always rubbed me the wrong way that Janelle Monae has never become a huge star in America. But then again, in this era of mediocrity that we live in currently, she is simply too good for today’s mainstream radio. Hopefully, these ads will give her a bit of of a boost and help her climb to the top of the pop heap where she belongs. Yes, Britney, Ke$ha, et al. I am talking about you!

Queen Latifah looking to find “The Star Next Door”

Queen Latifah will be heading up her own reality talent show called The Star Next Door. The Queen has teamed up with Gloria Estefan and John Rich to scout talent across the United States.

Let me tell you, this may be a show I may watch not only because all three of these judges are amazing. And before you start freaking out that this is just a copycat show stemming off of American Idol, The Voice and the X-Factor, it is. But, it is a tad different. The celebrity mentors are going to be the ones traveling to cities seeking out local performers with potential. Open auditions are not a part of the process!

The CW network will be airing the show and they are excited to show off what they have to offer. A statement from the network reads, “(The celebrity mentors will) travel to where the talent is, immersing themselves in the lives and towns of these local performers and preparing them for the chance to represent their home city on stage, live, in front of America.”

What do you think peeps? Will you give this show a shot?

Image via Getty Images

Queen Latifah pretty much thinks the rap scene now sucks

Queen Latifah has her name for a reason. She IS a got damned Queen. In a recent interview with Parade Magazine, Latifah talks about her new fashion line (yep, she now has one), today’s female rap scene (yep, she talks Nicki Minaj), the best kisser in Hollywood, and more.

We’ve got the highlights from our friends at Parade.com below!

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Quote of the Day: Queen Latifah

“I’d probably give her a pair of my skinny moto jeans and a fresh moto jacket with a cool tank, and I’d probably get her a nice pair of Ralph Lauren boots, throw her on a cool-ass motorcycle and tell her to go. But that’s just me. I’m standing in New York looking over the city, and I like to see a little ruggedness. Pippa’s still kind of up-and-coming to me, she should get to wear whatever she wants. It’s time to experiment with the kinds of things she wears. I think she has a great sense of taste, and she seems just like a girl’s girl, and she knows how to have fun with the boys.”

Queen Latifah, on Kate Middleton’s style