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Katy Perry Promotes Upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show in New Commercial

Katy Perry officially dropped a commercial for her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show during last night’s American Music Awards!

The commercial, also promotion for Pepsi, shows Katy “prepping” for her performance coming up with a bunch of goofy ideas like edible glitter, time machines, and way too many kittens!

Check out Katy’s commercial below!

I’m actually a little excited to see Katy perform! She has a lot of great hits that she can bring to the table. I’m sure she will bring a lot of energy, just hopefully not too much glitter or any kittens. We’ll see what she has up her sleeve in February!

Image via PopDust

Lady Gaga Releases ‘Eau De Gaga’ Fragrance Commercial

Lady Gaga is putting in work! The singer is currently in the middle of her ARTPOP tour, promoting her latest album. She also has her joint jazz album with Tony Bennett coming out next week, and now, she has released her official commercial for her new fragrance, Eau De Gaga!

Directed by Steven Klein, the commercial features Gaga in a what looks to be a satin white dress, showing off her body while laying on a shirtless man. The commercial strangely takes a turn when a boxer comes out of nowhere fighting, but I guess that means the new fragrance is a knockout and we HAVE to buy it?! I’ll definitely sample some when it comes out.

Check out the full commercial below!

Image via That Grape Juice

Angelina Jolie Is Always Busier Than Jennifer Aniston

You all should know by now how which side I like my bread buttered on when it comes to all things Jolie-Aniston…

I like it Jolie slathered. And so, having said that, I must cover her impending nuptials with such vengeance that Jennifer Aniston is forced to hurl herself and her formidable chin over a cliff. There has been no news on when Brangelina plan to actually have this wedding. Jolie’s schedule is so busy with saving the world that she will have to find a way to squeeze in a wedding to her piece of the last seven years. Hell, if he’s waited seven years to get hitched to The Steeltrap Thundercat (as I affectionately call her), what’s one more?!

Since flashing her new ring, Jolie has been a busy bee. She was recently promoted to Special Envoy of High Commissioner Antonio Guterres by the United Nations Refugee Agency. What have you done with your fame, Jennifer Aniston? By my count, you’re behind by six children, an Oscar, a few Golden Globes, Bafta, a high profile lesbian relationship, and several hit action movies. And let us not forget…a MAN. You need to get your game right, hussy!

Plus, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in talks to star together in another movie for Ridley Scott entitled The Counselor. So in a few more months, Jennifer Aniston will be forced to see billboards of those two all over Los Angeles and cry again…
like it’s the first time.