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VIP Review: MoviePass

This post is for the movie lovers out there!  MoviePass is an all access pass to movie theaters nationwide.  For one flat monthly fee you will get access to all of the biggest releases in theaters! MoviePass works at 95% of theaters nationwide (Click here to find theaters near you). Members can see a movie a day for one low monthly fee. There are no blackout dates and all first run major releases are available. Some restrictions apply.

With the price of movie tickets skyrocketing, MoviePass is a great way to stretch your entertainment budget and stay up-to-date on all of the biggest and latest releases. The New York Times said:  “With MoviePass, see a movie a day without breaking the bank.”

How Does MoviePass work?

MoviePass is a simple to use service that allows you to cut the lines at the movie theaters. When you join MoviePass you will receive your very own MoviePass VIP card that you can use at 95% of movie theaters where major credit cards are accepted.  Simply…

1. Download the App (available on both iOS and Android)

2. Check into the theater and movie you want to see (you must be within 100 yards of the theater to do this). 

3. Use your MoviePass VIP card to pick up your ticket at the kiosk.

Check out the video below to see just how easy MoviePass is to use!

MoviePass was featured as App of the Week in the New York Times and was also featured in WSJ, CNN, Los Angeles Times, Hollywood Reporter, Time Magazine just to name a few.


I loved how convenient it was to use. It’s basically a pre-paid card strictly for movies! You head to a ticket kiosk, pop in the VIP card, select your seat, enter your zip code, and voila, there’s your ticket! It’s that simple. It definitely beats waiting in line (which I HATE), and having to carry a bunch of cash for tickets. There is the one-movie-a-day restriction, but most people don’t have time to see movies back to back to back anyway.

I don’t think right now I see enough movies in a month to really use it on a regular basis, personally. However, for the those who see a good couple of movies a month, this is PERFECT for you! This is the card that’s greatfor the movie buffs who love heading out to the theater every weekend. The rate is $30 a month, which will balance itself out in the long run (movie tickets are getting more and more expensive these days). Sorry, you’ll still have to come out of pocket for that ridiculously-priced popcorn and soda, though.

Get started today at MoviePass.com

Buy Movie Tickets online

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Disclosure: Celebrity VIP Lounge was given product to review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Madonna Releases Promo Video for MDNA Skin Care Line

Time to get pretty! Madonna has officially released a video promoting her MDNA skin care line!

In the black-and-white video, Madonna says, “Having good skin is important to me but so are other things.” She continues without much explanation about what the line actually has: “I’ve spent hours on it. Months on it. Years on it. MDNA. Transformation. Enigmatic. Substance. Connection. Revolution. Spirit. Intuition. Magic. Mystical. Ambition. Infinity. Immortal.”

The three-part skin care line created with MTG beauty company consists of a Chrome Clay Mask, Skin Rejuvinator, and The Serum. Too bad we’ll never see it in the States! Unfortunately for everyone, the line is only being sold in Japan! After all this?! You can still check out the video for MDNA below!

The video is a little weird, but I can’t say Madonna doesn’t look amazing in it! I don’t think it’s because of her MDNA line, but regardless, she looks HOT!

Image via Us Weekly