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Celebrity VIP Lounge

Celebrity Gossip Heard All Over The Web

Malin Akerman Is Preggers

Joining the list of women popping out babythings in Hollywood, comes news that Malin Akerman is about to pop out her own DNA designer original.

The star of Watchmen and Rock of Ages recently announced that she and her husband Roberto Zincone are expecting. This will be the first child for the couple, who got married in Italy in 2007. Akerman had this to say about her upcoming birth and of her husband Zincone, who was the drummer in her former band The Petalstones…

“I really hit the jackpot. Roberto is so accepting and supportive. People would say, ‘I’ll give the two of you five years, but it gets better and better every day.”

Here’s hoping that Malin is able to get her body back into tip-top shape after she gives birth. Because I am not saying that Malin can’t act. I’m just saying that when I see her name on a marquee, I am expecting to see partial to full nudity of some kind. But with her gene pool, she should add some more beauty to this world and have about a dozen more kids and have Brangelina quaking in their Ugg boots.

CONFIRMED: Amber Rose Pregnant with a Wee Khalifa!

The rumors were true about Amber Rose just as WE reported earlier! She is pregnant with Wiz Khalifa’s baby! On the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards, Amber showed up wearing a skintight lace and mesh black dress and happily rubbed her tummy while the cameras photographed her.

In a recent radio interview, Khalifa addressed the rumors (but didn’t confirm the baby news) saying, “You will know when she’s pregnant. But it’s not the time now for people to start going crazy.”

Instead he and Amber chose the VMA’s red carpet to let the paps and the fans go cray cray. And that’s totally okay!

I really think these two are adorable together and I hope that things work out for these two. They seem like they will be good parents and have a lot of love and respect for each other.

All I have to say is this baby is going to be one fashionable cat! Congrats you two!

Lindsay Lohan is going to be a big sister again and it isn’t Dina spreading the seed!

When I had the unfortunate experience of interviewing (you can check out that hot mess here) Michael Lohan a couple months back, I remember the bashing and the nasty words he had to say about his ex Kate Major. I could go on and on and on about what he had to say but it isn’t worth it and who the eff cares really.

I think we can all come to the understanding that the guy is a media whoring nutcase. I remember thinking in the back of my head…the worst that could happen is this guy gets Miss Major knocked up. Fast forward to July 16th, 2012. Kate Major IS knocked up AND the baby is Papa Lohan’s. Dear gawd help us all.

TMZ broke the news that Lindsay is going to have another sibling. Lucky her! The restraining order that Kate had against the douche was lifted only a couple of weeks ago which means that Mr. Lohan violated that restraining order and Kate allowed it!

Apparently she allowed much more than that. A little unprotected sexy time that probably occurred after they slapped each other up. Barf.

Amber Rose Pregnant With A Wee Khalifa?

Could Amber Rose be pregnant? Well of course she could. You know her and Wiz are getting it on after an all out binge consumption of munchies. The question is, IS she knocked up with a Wee Khalifa?

We haven’t seen much of her lately. Cripes, I don’t really remember the last time we have seen her out in public for a hot minute because she supposedly has been privately working on business matters. Hmmm. Sounds fishy if you ask me. Miss Rose LOVES attention and I have a sneaking suspicion that she COULD be hiding because she has a bun in the oven.

Think about it, is Amber normally shy when it comes to hiding her hot bod? Hell no! She’s all about showing off a thong, wearing midriff tops and one-piece spandex frocks.

Rose was recently spotted doing promotions for Smirnoff and her ensemble of choice? A LOOSE fitting dress. That is so not Amber.

At any rate, unfortunately if she is pregnant, she may have to stop promoting Smirnoff. Alcohol and baby baking does NOT mix!

Celebrity VIP Lounge tried reaching Amber Rose for comment but we were unsuccessful.

Lily Allen is Expecting Again!

Congratulations to Lily Allen, who is reportedly pregnant again, just 7 months after giving birth to her daughter, Ethel Mary. According to the Mirror, Lily had her three-month scan this week and was told all is well.

She and her husband are “over the moon” about the new addition on the way.

Lily is due in December, and a friend shared, “Lily has started telling her friends and everybody in her close circle is so excited for her. It was a surprise but Lily and Sam are thrilled. The pair of them have loved every minute of parenthood so far and wanted to expand their brood quickly. So it’s great timing.”

This is Lily’s third pregnancy in two years, so there is cause for caution, if not concern. But, on the other hand, the one person that know’s her body best is Lily Allen herself, and if she feels she was ready to become pregnant, and that her body was ready, then she’s ready and that’s that.

And so, congrats to Lily Allen and Sam Cooper! I’m sending happy healthy baby vibes your way!

Adele Is With Child

The most famous singer (at the moment. suck it, Beyonce!) on the planet has a reason for taking some time off between her albums. The reason is that the British chanteuse is carrying a babything. Now, usually, I am not the one to get all emotional and teary-eyed over a celebrity bringing another creature into the world that is more than likely to wind up with a name that no child in the history of civilization has ever had, but for once…for once, I’m actually kuh-velling and wish nothing but the best for this amazing phenom that is forced to sing alongside some of the worst excuses for talent in modern pop history (yes, you Britney!). But I digress…

Her statement reads:

I’m delighted to announce that Simon and I are expecting our first child together. I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time. Yours always, Adele xx

Adele’s man better not do her wrong, because if he does we all will be subjected to his cheating/lying ways on her next record and what man really wants the whole world to know how he cheated?

Stacey Keibler Knocked Up?

George Clooney’s current paid piece beard girlfriend, Stacy Keibler, is stirring up pregnancy rumors after the paparazzi in Italy snapped her up looking slapped with a touch of baby this past week. But according to her handlers, the rumors are absolutely false. That sigh of relief you hear around the world is from straight women that still cling to the hope that one day Clooney will carry their child. I have news for them.

It ain’t happening.

The more often George Clooney snatches up another woman as his girlfriend, the louder and more frequent the gay rumors abound. Now, I am not one of those people that would ever call Clooney gay and homosexual-like. But where there’s smoke?

Flame on!

I’m sure Stacy would love to get knocked up by Clooney to increase her chance of lifetime checks from the multimillionaire, but for that to happen, he would have to be inside of her at least once. And unless they’re re-enacting scenes from The L Word, that probably ain’t happening.

Now I will receive hate mail from soccer moms for the next few weeks, but I can handle it!

Gisele Bündchen Is Knocked Up

Gisele Bündchen Is Knocked Up

The world’s most over-rated giraffe, Giselle Bündchen, is carrying a babything in her boy hips. This is no rumor! This is the absolute truth! The supermodel (it pains me to even refer to her as such, but I digress) was spotted in Brazil this weekend with an obvious bump as she de-planed in Rio de Janeiro.

Bündchen has said in several interviews that she would like to have a large family and if she keeps up like this, she will be in contention with Heidi Klum for SuperModelMom. Currently, she has her two year old son Benjamin and her stepson Jack with husband Tom Brady. I am one of those people that is shocked that someone as anorexic as her can even carry something that weighs more than her entire body. Her pregnancy is even further proof that a decade from now, after Gisele has had her 17th child and has retired from the runway…Tom Brady will be caught giving a tranny a ride home at three in the morning. Because if you’re lying down with Gisele, surely a little peen downstairs is no deterrent?

In Touch Weekly: Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell Pregnant again!

Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell is pregnant again. Her fiance Tyler Baltierra knocked her up one more ‘gain and this time they are going to keep the baby.

Three years ago the couple gave up their baby girl for adoption but now they are ready.

In Touch Weekly is reporting

“She said, ‘You’re never going to believe it: I’m pregnant,’” Catelynn’s longtime friend, Jamie Pyrzewski, 26, confirms to In Touch. Jamie — one of the first people Catelynn, 20, called last month after sharing the news with Tyler and a small circle of family members — adds, “We were both quiet. I asked how she felt about it. She said she was nervous and scared.”

But a short period of panic and “total denial” quickly gave way to excitement. “She is now feeling complete joy,” a family insider tells In Touch about the mom-to-be, who is due this winter. Adds another source close to Catelynn, “This time, she knew immediately that she wanted to keep the baby. She’s just so happy.”

I am sure this time Catelynn is feeling a little nervous. I am sure the fear of what she went through three years ago is coming back after finding out the news. It is a huge responsibility to have a child, especially at such a young age. But at 20, she will have lived and learned a little bit more. At least she has a rock solid relationship with Tyler. They’ll be fine.

Kanye West Can’t Wait To See Kim Kardashian Pregnant With HIS BABY!

Our worst nightmares may be coming true. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian want to reproduce but not before they get married. Yes, these two idiots are already talking getting hitched. One small problem, she’s still married to NBA baller Kris Humphries. Yeah, there’s that. Eye roll.

A source close to Ye told Us Weekly, “They’re seriously talking marriage. And yes, she would [accept his proposal].”

Of course she would! When she looks in Ye’s eyes she sees endless dollar signs! And you can bet your booty Kris Jenner is all for another big fat wedding.

Throw in a child and they’re golden.

The source added, “Kanye says he can’t wait to see her carrying his child. He says she will look beautiful pregnant.”

And while many of us (okay all of us) think that this could be yet another publicity stunt, apparently this relationship is forreal. “They are the real deal. I’ve never seen her like this,” added another close source.

So while all of Kim’s relationship dramas played out publicly West was sitting there shaking his head. The source added, “He waited for Kim. He knows they’re meant to be.”

All this makes me nauseous. The Kardashian Klan will never go away as long as Kim’s with Ye and Mama Jenner KNOWS that!

REPORT: Beyonce Pregnant Again!

Well here we go again, peeps. MediaTakeOut.com (who usually isn’t very reliable whatsoever) is reporting (if you can call it that) that Beyonce is pregnant with her second baby. Apparently little baby Blue Ivy isn’t keep Bey and Jay busy enough.

Here’s from the report,

Now this is NOT a rumor, it was CONFIRMED earlier today by our insider. How can we be so sure??? Well according to the snitch, who is Bey’s CLOSE INNER CIRCLE, Bey is NO LONGER drinking and has begun taking FOLIC ACID pills. Folic acid is necessary for women early on in their pregnancy. And as for NOT DRINKING . . . lets just say that it is VERY UNLIKE Bey . . . to turn down a glass of wine!!

The insider explained, “She didn’t drink any alcohol [for weeks] and we’ve ordered Petrus & Champagne multiple times. And Petrus is her favorite wine! It just wasn’t her.”

Good gawd. So just because she’s not boozing means she’s knocked up? Maybe she is breast feeding and is avoiding booze for that reason. Hmmm. I just don’t know.

At any rate, if she found out she was pregnant now, we probably wouldn’t get “official news” until later in the summer when she starts to show.

AJ McLean Knocked Up His Wife Rochelle Karidis!

My beloved AJ Mclean is growing up. Just four months after he walked down the aisle, he and his wife Rochelle Karidis have revealed that they are expecting a baby. Yep, AJ is going to be a father. There is another Backstreet baby on the way.

The couple shared their news on Sunday via YouTube.com saying, “Because we love you all so much, we wanted to share with you – for the first time – something very special. We’re having a baby.”

Even though they vowed to wait to have kiddos “about three years” before they have kids, it seems that there will be a baby running around quicker than they thought.

Congratulations guys!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Pregnant With Baby Number Two

A big congrats is in order for Sarah Michelle Gellar who is pregnant with her second child!

US magazine has the exclusive!

According to the mag,

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. are expanding their family! The Ringer actress is pregnant with her second child, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm. “She and Freddie are thrilled,” a friend of the pair says. “They’re amazing parents.”

The couple met while filming the 1997 horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer and began dating three years later. They tied the knot in Mexico on September 1, 2002, and welcomed daughter Charlotte Grace in September 2009.

Gellar, 35, recently told Us that Prinze, 36, had been enjoying his one-on-one time with Charlotte as she filmed the first season of The CW’s Ringer.

“He loves it. We fight over who gets to stay home,” Gellar said of her stay-at-home husband. “You’d think it would be the opposite, that the parents would be like, ‘No, I’ll go to work!’ but he’s like, ‘You stayed home for two years! It’s my turn!'”

“He and Charlotte have too much fun,” Gellar added. “I’m jealous!”

Family comes first for the couple, who both grew up in the spotlight. “They still have date nights all the time and have a normal life,” an insider tells Us. “They both came of age in Hollywood and love working, but their home life is more important to them.”

You know what? Sarah Michelle and Freddie are a rare Hollywood breed. I absolutely adore these two together and I really admire how they have been able to keep themselves out of the spotlight when it comes to their family life. When was the last time you’ve seen these two out with their daughter?

Mmmhmm. Exactly. They aren’t all about ho-ing their kids out for money and I can appreciate that.

Image via Getty Images

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Jessica Simpson Needs To Push It Out NOW!

Because she has been pregnant for at least two years and I am tired of seeing photos of her waddling across the world in her fashionable mumus. I am tired of hearing her talk about being pregnant. And I am tired of her using her pregnancy as an excuse to be fat. It was erroneously reported that she had released something from her poon over the weekend but alas, no such luck. As it turns out, it was a false report and according to Simpson’s tweets, she is still very much with child.

“To everyone who keeps congratulating me on the birth of my baby girl, “I’m still pregnant!! Don’t believe what you read ladies and gents.”

You’d think Simpson would be eager for her beaver to shoot out this baby so she can get to the business of pimping it out and making some serious cash. But no. Apparently, there is just as much money to be made discussing your years-long pregnancy. But eventually, her Kegel muscles will give out and we’ll have it for public consumption!

How will you know that the baby has arrived? When you see a tsunami hovering over your backyard, then you will instantly know that Jessica Simpson has welcomed her babything into the world and that it will immediately be old enough to drink.

The baby watch continues…