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Celebrity VIP Lounge

Celebrity Gossip Heard All Over The Web

BABY PARTY: Ciara is Pregnant!


Ermergerd! Ciara is pregnant! Squeeee! Body Partayyyyy!!!! I’m guessing she’s been busy having body parties (obviously) because today she stopped by The View and announced that she is expecting her first child with her new fiance Future!

We just recently found out that Ciara and her man were going to tie the knot, with their big engagement announcement in October AND that 15 carat ring on her finger, but now I am wondering…was this engagement because these two are expecting their first child together?

Well hopefully they are going to get married because they want to get married and not because of the fact that there is a bun in the oven. We are only looking out for your Ci!

Barbara Walters tried prying the pregnancy information out of Ciara this morning and the singer was not shy to confirm. She confirmed with a big fat yes and stood up to show off her baby bump. Adorable!

Now we’ve been hearing rumors for awhile now that Cici and her man were possibly expecting and then when she got that big fat ring on her finger…the wheels in my head started turning.

Congrats to Ciara and Future!

SURPRISE: Jenni JWoww Farley Is Pregnant!


Now Snooki can give parenting tips to J-Woww because J-Woww has announced that she is pregnant. Jenni J-Woww Farley is pregnant with her fiance Roger Mathews’ baby!

J-Woww made the announcement via her website saying, “Merry Christmas from within! Roger and I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift this year! We wanted to share this exciting news with you all first because you have been a part of our lives these past few years and seen the love between Roger and me develop and blossom. We are so excited to share this new chapter of our lives with you as we become parents and create more memories with a new addition to our family! Thank you for all your love and support and for being there for us throughout the years! We are extremely happy and cannot wait for our bundle of joy to arrive!
Happy holidays from our growing family to yours!
Jenni, Roger and Baby Mathews”

Congratulations J-Woww and Roger! We can’t wait to see your little bundle.

Julia Roberts Is Knocked Up!


In her mid-40s, who knew that her poon still had it in it?! What these older Hollywood women are showing the average woman these days – Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, Madonna, et cetera – is that as long as you have a vag and a will…

there’s a way!

Although Julia has not disclosed the status of her nether-region just yet, either she’s one pound away from the fat farm or she’s filled with a babything…

Or two!

Now, we know these La La Land women are getting in vitro like we all order a Big Mac meal, so don’t be surprised if Julia drops a deuce in a few months!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Evelyn Lozada: Knocked Up!

Faithful Central Bible Church Event

How she managed to pull this off for so long without any media outlet figuring it out is beyond us, but the news is now out. Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives fame is heavy with child. How heavy?

Six months!
And guess what?

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson ain’t the daddy!

Unbeknownst to the general public, Lozada has been with a new man for the past year and the pregnancy was not an accident. It was planned and only a handful of people were privy to this baby news.

If you recall, Lozada dropped Chad from her life when he put his hands on her Chris Brown style. This will be Evelyn’s second child as she already has an almost 18 year old daughter from a previous relationship.

Congrats to Evelyn!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Kendra Wilkinson is Knocked Up!

She’s been hinting at it for weeks (or has it been months now? We forget) and now she can finally make an official announcement about her womb:

“Round two. Here we go!! Happiest Halloween ever b/c Hank and I have a special treat! Kendra on Top, naughty, naughty, that’s what got me pregnant with baby No. 2. We planned this to be right after the season, so we have a little time off. I’ll have time to puke and be in a cave. I’m still in my first trimester.”

And for the respectable classy woman that knows to wait until after your first trimester to announce that you’re expecting, we say…

Kendra is no respectable classy lady.

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Glee’s Heather Morris Welcomes Baby Boy!


I love celebrity baby time, and not just because of the super fun names. Nope. It’s because baby’s are exciting. As long, of course, if they’re not your own baby keeping you up at night. Because then the excitement comes and goes, if I’m honest.

So who has had a baby in celebrity baby land? None other than Glee’s Heather Morris and long time boyfriend Taylor Hubbell, who welcomed a son. And since we all love celebrity baby names, Heather and Taylor have reportedly named their little guy Elijah. Aww, right?

Sincerest congratulations to the new parents and much love! I can assure you the good definitely outweighs those sleepless nights.

Tootie is Knocked Up!


‘Facts of Life’ alum Kim Fields, also known from her stint on ‘Livin’ Single’ is expecting her second child with husband Christopher Morgan. She is already mother to 6-year old son Sebastian Alexander and unlike many Hollywood celebrities that have weird names tailor-made for their offspring, Fields has already chosen a name for her son and it’s about as traditional as they come: Quincy Xavier.
Fields issued a statement concerning her growing family:

“Sebastian and Christopher are very excited. We’re very, very blessed. It was planned. We’ve actually been trying for a couple years. We had gotten pregnant twice and miscarried. Chris and I were very blessed to really have one another, to have our family and friends and our God to really get us through that. If I’m encouraging to anybody … it’s not like I’m the poster child for over 40 and pregnant. ”

Fields went on further to explain that she’s been trying the past few years to get pregnant, suffering two miscarriages along the way. Congrats to the couple and that they have a healthy baby!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Pregnant


Well color me shocked! Jennifer Love Hewitt’s oven is now roasting a little bun. Yep, girlfriend is pregnant and Us magazine reports:

Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant and expecting her first child with actor Brian Hallisay, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm. “We’re so thrilled and happy to start a family,” the Client List costars tell Us in a statement. A source says Hewitt is about three months along.

The couple began dating 15 months ago after reconnecting on the set of their hit Lifetime show; they previously appeared on the short-lived NBC series Love Bites. Hewitt was previously engaged to Scottish actor Ross McCall, whom she began dating in 2005. They called it quits in late 2008 and Hewitt went on to date her Ghost Whisperer costar Jamie Kennedy from 2009 to 2010.

I’m guessing this wasn’t a planned situation, at least not on his end of the deal. We all know that when a woman gets to be a certain age, the eggs want to get it, get it. And I’m pretty sure that the 34-year-old actress’s eggs were a screamin’ and well, here we are now. Fertilized eggs, ready to rock and roll baby!

Congratulations J.Love! Kudos for snagging up a hot baby daddy. Girlfriend knows what’s up.

Halle Berry Shows Off Her Baby Bump


Halle Berry may be a little cray but that isn’t going to stop her from going out in public and looking hot as hell. Sure she’s knocked up and probably feeling like a bloated mess, but girlfriend could be enraged, eating a chicken wing and smothered in barbeque sauce and she’d still be hot. She’s looking good…per usual.

Check out some photos of Halle, her bump and her little Nahla shopping in Los Angeles via our friends at CelebBabyLaundry.com here.

Rihanna Pregnant With Chris Brown’s Baby!?


Is Rihanna pregnant, knocked up by Chris Brown? Oh lawd help us! You know those two are not ready to take care of a baby!

Rihanna sure has been sick a lot and has been forced to cancel FOUR tour stops in just two months. Yet she has been seen partying and getting cray with her homegirls and out with her man Breezy in between canceled tour stops. So what gives? Did she really have a throat infection or has Ri been up to doing the freak nasty sans protection?

Girlfriend was spotted leaving a medical center in Beverly Hills and TMZ caught it on camera. Go to their site to check out the paps get Ri as she leaves.

So what do you think? Is Ri preggers or has she just been partying too damn much?

Image via Twitter

Heather Morris: Preggers!


There seems to be a serious case of the babies going around Hollywood of late. Halle’s knocked up all of a sudden. And now a cast member from Glee! As long as no one says that Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan is with child this week, we can handle anything!

Heather Morris may play a trysexual ditz on Glee, but in real life, she has been with her boyfriend Taylor Hubbell for a few years. And now comes word that she is also three months along (just like Ms. Berry) with her first child. The triple-threat was seen out and about this past weekend and was snapped up with her belly bump just beginning to emerge from underneath her workout shirt.

Congrats to the couple and here’s to a healthy baby!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Fergie Is Pregnant!


We have some over the moon baby news for y’all! Fergie Ferg and her husband Josh Duhamel are having a baby! The couple announced the baby news via Twitter today via a superimposed photo of themselves as kiddos.

“Josh & Me & BABY makes three!”, Fergie tweeted while Duhamel tweeted and posted via his Facebook page. How exciting, yo.

It was back in 2009 that the couple got married and just last year that they started talking about their desire to make some little dirty bits. North Dakota bred Duhamel expressed his idea to pop out five little ones, but Fergie had her own opinion saying, “We negotiated that early on. Two is our number.”

One thing is for certain, there will be no arguments over how to raise the future brood as both Fergs and Josh were raised similarly. Duhamel was quoted as saying, “My mother was a teacher. Both of her parents were teachers. We both had to work for what we got. We’re both Catholic. There were a lot of things that were really compatible between us. But at the end of the day, she’s just an amazing girl.”

If anyone deserves this, it is these day! So happy for them. Just a couple weeks ago there were some reports of a possible baby bump for Fergs and it seems as if those reports were true. Congrats you two!

An Open Letter to Kim and Kanye

I remember those photos of you two leaving the restaurant the other day when K1 had a foul look on his face and K2 looked as if she was about to cry. Well, now I know why you both had such long faces.

There’s a baby in the oven. Or ass. Or wherever K2 plans on carrying your babything. Because Lord knows you are one of the few women out there that could birth an ass baby and have room to spare! This news is so fuxored I don’t even know where I should begin, but alas, I shall try.

First, Kanye, I’d like to slap you upside the face for basically quasi-legitimizing the Kardashian brand. Now that you’ve knocked her up, there’s no way of getting around it. You might have to wife the ho! And if your mother was still alive she’d be the first to tell you that no ho turns into a housewife. But not so fast! She’s gotta get officially divorced from her first second fake marriage before she can spread her gait down one with you.

And to Kim…
I’d like to congratulate you and your Fallopian tubes for finally making a way when there previously was no way. I guess someone finally let you in on a little secret: the sperm prefers the other tunnel! Your biological clock finally must be ticking loud enough for you to hear it over the flow of urine that has slapped you against the face for so many years. I called this pregnancy thousands of miles away. And astonishingly enough, I could tell from that distance you were in the family way, because you had that certain glow to you…

Or was it that Khroma bullshit you and your sisters peddle to any fool dumb enough to slather K-piss on themselves? Just when I thought you’d almost eeked out that 15th minute of fame, you brought your ASS game and proved me wrong. I will never underestimate that power of your nether-regions ever again.

Let’s see. Thrice married and barely in your thirties? At this rate, your ass and titties are gonna be counties away from your residential zip code in no time. And just like the last name you may or may not take soon…why don’t you head WEST, since that would lead you to the Pacific Ocean fairly quickly, where’d you’d inevitably drown. Whoops, my bad.

Silicone floats.

Jessica Simpson Pregnant With Baby Number Two??

Apparently that sexual napalm got the best of Eric Johnson too because he has supposedly gotten fiance Jessica Simpson pregnant AGAIN…just SEVEN months after they gave birth to their daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson.

So much for keeping that Weight Watchers weight off because you know damn well if Jess is pregnant again she’ll be mowing down on pizza, deep fried chicken and chocolate cake by the sheets.

A source close to the couple told Us Weekly that she is indeed knocked up. “It definitely wasn’t planned. But yes, Jessica is pregnant again,” a source revealed.

There has not been official word from Jessica’s camp on whether there really is a bun in the oven or this is all just news to piss off Weight Watchers.

Shannen Doherty Is Not Knocked Up

It’s nice to see that Shannen Doherty still knows how to issue a verbal slap or two. The actress recently had to respond to rumors that she was pregnant after the paparazzi published photos of her looking slightly knocked up. Well, Shannen is not the one and she issued this statement in reference to her alleged baby bump.
I’m a size 2, not sporting a baby bump. That’s simply the hamburger I wolfed down 2 minutes prior.”

Let’s read between the lines and snort it, shall we? Not only is Shannen telling us that she’s not pregnant. But she is telling us that she is not pregnant and thin. We stand corrected!

I don’t know about you all, but I am sad that Doherty is not knocked up. When you have such prowess as a bitch, I consider it a sin and a shame to let talent like that skip a generation. So Shannen needs to do the world a favor and get that hole a NO VACANCY sign stat!