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Christina Aguilera Has Finally Gotten The Memo


Although we do not personally find Christina Aguilera fat by any means, it must be noted that when you are one of the world’s biggest poptrix, you have to decide: am I Adele or am I a skinny pop star? And for the last few years, Xtina has been telling everyone that it doesn’t matter that she’s not as skinny as her ‘Dirrty‘ days, she’s still hot. But the fact of the matter is that with the way she dresses, her clothes are too small for her asses. Her latest CD Lotus has flopped, she’s not on The Voice this season, and her world tour must sell to vindicate her new product. So, Christina has finally relented and done what she claimed she would never do…

D I E T.

There are reports that she has lost about 25 pounds, although Christina herself has not confirmed any of her weight loss with a statement. She’s currently training under fitness guru Tee Sorge and there is definitely a difference in her body, but if she wants to get into Rihanna shape, she’s gonna have to work it O U T! Because as we all know, vocal talent alone is not enough these days. You must look slightly starved and strung out. For everything else?

Add AutoTune.

Beyonce: Looks Good, Sounds Fake!


While Jennifer Hudson definitely sang live at the Inauguration Ball, as did Alicia Keys, there seems to be one diva that couldn’t be bothered with singing live for the President of the United States.

Enter fakery.
Enter backing tracks.
Enter Beyonce.

Beyonce is arguably at the top of the heap when it comes to today’s poptrix, but Adele or Lady Gaga she is not. At least when it comes to live performances. She has been accused the last couple of years of lip-syncing for her life for some of her biggest appearances. This weekend proved no exception as the diva took to the stage with a lace-front to die for, a dress worth my yearly income, and baubles that Lindsay Lohan would snatch if she had the chance. But the one thing Bey forgot to bring to the table?

Her live voice.

This goes towards the Britney Spears School of Performance: if you look good, who cares if you’re actually singing?!

Beyonce’s backing band has already come forward and stated they did not perform live. So now the world is waiting for Bey to bring her asses forward and tell the truth as we all know it to be! And if she does not, we will all be watching to see what she does at the Super Bow on February 3rd. Here’s betting a dozen House of Beyonce performs at the Inauguration of President Barack Obama Dereon pieces that this too will be a taped performance!