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Is Shakira Finally Posing for Playboy?

Rumor has it that Shakira has finally decided to pose for Playboy. No, there’s no official confirmation and yes, she’s turned the magazine down (allegedly) several times in the past. One such turndown is noted in the following tweet from 2012:

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 9.54.02 PM


So, why the change of heart? Well, for starters, reports claim the singer will not be completely naked. Instead, she will be wearing lingerie. Sexy lingerie, of course.

Obviously, this is not the Playboy norm per se, but there is some speculation that boyfriend Gerard Piqué has a lot to do with the cover up. I’m a little skeptical of his role, given her past turn downs. I see it more as a compromise- between Shakira and Playboy, not so much the boy. Now it’s really just like any other magazine shoot, but it’s Playboy. So cue the OMGz!

But, if you want to go the Gerard Piqué disapproves route, Shakira told Ryan Seacrest,“I have to keep in mind that he’s very jealous and territorial, and he likes things to always be under control.” 

So there’s that. And there’s the whole she had to have his approval to film the hot scenes with Rihanna in their “Can’t Remember to Forget You” video. A video that drew a lot of criticism for its apparent hotness. And yes, the whole “have his approval” part irritates me.

Still the speculation that Shakira might be in Playboy, lingerie or not, is apparently a big deal to some, regardless of why and how, and on who’s approval.  What do you think? Big deal or no?

I say no, but maybe I’m just missing something…

Kendra Wilkinson is Knocked Up!

She’s been hinting at it for weeks (or has it been months now? We forget) and now she can finally make an official announcement about her womb:

“Round two. Here we go!! Happiest Halloween ever b/c Hank and I have a special treat! Kendra on Top, naughty, naughty, that’s what got me pregnant with baby No. 2. We planned this to be right after the season, so we have a little time off. I’ll have time to puke and be in a cave. I’m still in my first trimester.”

And for the respectable classy woman that knows to wait until after your first trimester to announce that you’re expecting, we say…

Kendra is no respectable classy lady.

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Holly Madison Gives Birth to a Girl!

The 2012 Miss Universe Pageant

Former Playboy pin-up/reality star/former fiance of Hugh Hefner Holly Madison has welcomed her first child into the world and it’s a girl! She recently shared the news and had this to say about her newborn:

“Pasquale and I welcomed our first child, a baby girl! We haven’t yet decided on a name for her but we couldn’t be any more overjoyed than at this moment.”

Pasquale is Rotella is the father of her baby, which weighed in at 7.2 lbs. There is no name yet for the little girl, but here’s hoping that she gets a normal name that won’t get her slapped on her first day of kindergarten. Remember that Holly wanted to have Hef’s babies but he declined, so it’s good to see that those eggs are being used after all! Congrats to the couple!

WTF of the Day

And I say that because why would you want to get married when you’re 9000 years old? And furthermore, can you even walk down the aisle when you’re that old? His bladder may give way before the end of the ceremony as it is. All I hope is that Crystal has slapped a diaper on Hugh Hefner’s wrinkled ass before she says ‘I do’.

As we all know, Crystal Harris was set to marry the owner of Playboy about a year and a half ago, but five days before the ceremony, Crystal looked at her young face, brand new, store bought titty balls, and decided to play the runaway bride.

Well apparently, Hugh Hefner has a forgiving pacemaker because he has yet again decided to tie the knot with this twat on New Year’s Day.

That is, if he’s still alive.

Now, we all know that Hugh Hefner only has a few more days on this earth, so I say let an old man have his cake and eat it too. When you’ve lived longer than three Golden Girls, the black plague, and survived the Titanic…you deserve to do whatever the hell you want!

Congrats to the couple and I wish them minutes of happiness!

Coco Is Set To Take It Off

As if this is news, since she is practically naked every day. But for a change of pace, she will be on a stage doing so.

Now that Holly Madison is fat pregnant and needs to go off and have a baby that will look like the real her (before she chopped up her face and body beyond recognition), the former Playboy bunny and girlfriend of Hugh Hefner needs a replacement until she pops out her babything. That’s where Coco comes in.

Peepshow, the Las Vegas striptease show that Madison has been performing the last few years as Little Bo Peep, needed someone to take over for her and so they decided to hire Coco, who claims to have no qualms about showing off her body. Is anyone surprised here?

“I’m very much a performer and I’m definitely not shy. I don’t mind getting in front of many people. It will be nice to finally show my dance skills. I’ve been a dancer my entire life…I’m very, very excited.”

I’m very excited too. I think this is actually an upgrade for the show. Holly Madison has about as much personality as a carton of milk. Everyone knows Coco brings the ass heat, and if she can work that pole and shake her ass and titty balls just so….there’s no telling what will happen once Holly tries to return. Will she be sent packing for good?

Stay tuned.

Playboy Issues Verbal Slap to Courtney Stodden

Let this be a lesson to you women that have enhanced their titty balls in the hopes of getting a job hoisting them in the pages of Playboy. The publishers have a message to send to you through another hopeful, teen slut bride Courtney Stodden.

Last week, the overly plasticized girl famous for nothing at all told TMZ that she was considering a career in gasp – porn – but she backtracked from that alley of f*ckery and revised her statement. Stodden tweeted that although porn was not in the cards, Playboy was definitely under consideration. That’s when Playboy came out of the woodworks to let her know that just not anyone could be in their magazine.

Sources at Playboy insist that they want nothing to do with Stodden. They go on to say that she “does not meet the standards of a Playboy model” and that she is too “enhanced”. Let’s read between the lines and snort them, dear readers…

your TupperWare parts are not doing you any favors!

I could not agree more with Hugh and his people. No one needs to see that and no one should be wanting to see a teen girl flaunting her no-no parts that aren’t even truly hers. What kind of message is that sending to young girls?!

Holly Madison: My Baby Daddy Is Going to Jail?!

Holly Madison sure knows how to pick’em.

From geriatric self-made man Hugh Hefner and now to Pasquale Rotella…does this fake blonde have any damn sense?!

Now, fresh on the high heels of the news that she is knocked up, comes word that the father to her unborn child may be headed to jail for up to 13 years. The former Playboy Playmate, who is only 32, has already given away some of the best years of her life to a man old enough to be her grandfather, and now she is carrying the spawn of a possible convict.

Pasquale Rotella is the founder nad CEO of Insomniac, which organizes electronic music concerts. He was indicted on April 29th on the charges of bribery, embezzlement, conspiracy, and conflicts of interest in Los Angeles

If this isn’t the kind of news that warrants a a new reality show, I don’t know what does. And just what is she gonna do for income since she cannot possibly continue her striptease act in Las Vegas for much longer? This news may be the worst to handle for the child, who will inherit Madison’s real face before it ran to the Hollywood Hills. Here’s hoping that Rotella is leaving, or has already left her, a very nice nest egg should he be incarcerated.

Parts of Jenny McCarthy Are Turning 40…

And to celebrate, the former Playboy pin-up is returning to her roots by appearing on the cover of the magazine in a provocative cover that leaves little to the imagination. After being dumped by Jim Carrey and having a series of spats with the actor/comedian, Jenny is ready to re-direct the world to where her true talents lie. That would be in her titty ball region. I’ve never been a big fan of McCarthy’s but I will admit that her new cover is airbrushed to within an inch of her life perfection. I’d bet my last Australian dollar that there is very little difference between her and the wax figure on display at Madame Tussaud’s. Remember when Playboy had beauties on the cover that were semi-close to appearing natural and somewhat real? Well, my how times have changed. And definitely not for the better.

McCarthy had this to say about the photos.

“The pictures are gorgeous and classy,” McCarthy assured People. They could be out of W Magazine. They’re really elegant.”

Sure, if W Magazine stands for Whore Magazine, maybe.


Bring back the real talent in that family…


Melissa Melissa Melissa!!!

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska, Playboy Bound?

We just got some interesting news about Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska! Radaronline.com initially reported that Houska’s soon-to-be brand new website was taken down due to non payment, but somehow there seemed to be more to the story and we had to do a little digging. Not only did we find out the dirt behind the website shutdown, we also found out that Chelsea wants to do PLAYBOY!

What really happened? Like myself, there have been numerous fans of the reality star asking the same question.

After being bombarded with questions regarding the website shutdown, Chelsea took to her Twitter to try to clear the air. The 20-year-old tweeted, “@karraye3 I decided to not work with the person running it and obviously they’re a little butt hurt.”

Well the webmaster sent us text messages AND told us exclusively that Chelsea wanted to jumpstart her career after the fourth season of “Teen Mom 2” and thought the website would be a great way to do so.

The webmaster told CelebrityVIPLounge.com, “Chelsea’s father sent me an email over a week ago asking if I could help jumpstart Chelsea’s career after they finish their fourth season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ in which they are presently taping. I immediately responded after doing some research and said ‘absolutely.’

It was within hours we were all on the phone and the following Sunday, Chelsea told me she wanted me to manage her and agreed for me to get started and would sign the agreement and NDA I sent over and pay me immediately because she would be off school that following Monday. I went ahead and began work and immediately reached out to several companies for her to endorse her own lines, and worked MANY hours updating her website and communicating with her back and forth. She then expressed her interests in posing for Playboy and Maxim magazine, and when I told her that I could make that happen she was so excited. The next day however, I got a text from her father stating that Playboy was not the route that Chelsea wanted to take. Maybe Chelsea was drunk when she told me that, because she surely said it loud and proud on the phone in front of her friends, away from her father while at her cabin.”

Oh boy! PLAYBOY?!!!!! Surely it would have gotten the attention she wants, but it isn’t what her daddy wants!

It was shortly after that her daddy got involved and started texting.

Well that’s not all, my friends.

The webmaster continued to tell us, “I tried everything to work on getting the monies due to continue work, but Chelsea’s father began taking over as she cowardly backed away, and he said he was sorry that he moves like a tortoise and that is how he operates all his business deals. Furthermore he apologized by saying they were just a bunch of hicks from South Dakota. I still didn’t care what the excuse was, I gave days and days of time waiting for something to happen, even offering to transfer the full website over to the them and the domain for a minimal fee, but they declined last Thursday. Furthermore, I am far more than a ‘webmaster,’ I am a manager and publicist, and that is why I was approached and they were so eager to get started. I have all the texts, emails, voicemails, etc to prove who is telling the truth here and will provide you with some of those.”

The webmaster also said that both Chelsea and her father told them he would have to work behind-the-scenes as MTV doesn’t want any of their girls to be looked at as celebrities. Chelsea even complained about not being able to attend the MTV Movie Awards, because of image concerns.

All I have to say is wow. Nothing in this life is free my friends and so I am surprised that there was no payment involved. And why on earth is her father involved? The girl is no longer a teen mom! She’s 20 freakin’ years old, for gawd’s sake.

She does look like she could be serious about the Playboy shoot though. Check out the Playboy bunny photos of Chelsea below.

Photos via Chelsea Houska Facebook

Hugh Hefner Snatches Back Ex

Proving once again that you can’t keep a good ho down, Hugh Hefner’s barely beating heart must be willing and able to take another possible lashing since the rumor mill is chirping away about his ex-fiancée, Crystal Harris, moving back into the Playboy Mansion.

This news may come as a shock to Hugh’s other girlfriend, Shera Bechard, who is conveniently out of town. We all know that Hugh likes his girlfriends these days in multiples, so maybe the three of them will be able to work out some kind of agreement that satisfies all parties involved. I had no idea Hugh Hefner was so weak when it came to his blondes, but apparently he seems to have one and they’re gonna be the death of him!

If you were to ask moi, it seems to me like Crystal’s tabloid money has run out and she is running to Daddy for a refill of sorts. If I were Hef, I’d have my pimp hand on the steady just in case she tries to jump ship again.

And lock all the safes and change the locks when she leaves the next time!

Image via Wireimage

Kendra Wilkinson Is Not Telling Us Something We Don’t Already Know

If only the Kardashians would be so forthcoming about their (lack of) talents.
Hey, I can dream!

Former Playboy Playmate and one-time girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson, knows that her talents are limited. So limited in fact, that they can be purchased in any certified plastic surgeon’s office if you have enough cash. Now that she has a reality star on E!, the buxom blonde is coming clean about her stardom:

“I never ever see myself as a celebrity or famous so I poke fun at that,” Kendra told People magazine. “I just say what I do. I have no talent. I have nothing to offer.”

Her reality show follows her around as she takes care of her son and daily life with husband Hank Baskett. Kendra is well aware of how soon those 15 minutes of fame can dry up, so she had this to say to her fans:

“I’m very aware of what I do and I’m very aware of how quickly my career could end. Every season I cross my fingers and hope the show gets picked up but it’s out of my hands and in my fans’ hands.”

I applaud Kendra for admitting this. Now, if only the idiots on shows like Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, et cetera would admit the truth as well and spare us from calling them out.

Image via WENN

Lindsay Lohan shows off cleavage in Terry Richardson photos!

I’m not so sure why the eff Lindsay Lohan is doing yet another photo shoot since she has nothing to promote. But apparently she has nothing else better to do and famed celebrity photographer Terry Richardson still sees some relevance in the washed up actress. Either that or old man Ter has a fetish with Marilyn Monroe because we all know that she mimics her idol in pretty much every photo shoot she does. And yep, she goes that route yet again in this particular session.

Come on, I’m still rooting for a comeback for this chick and even though we may be waiting a few more years, Freckles still has an ounce of talent left…maybe. Cripes, she IS playing the role of Marilyn Monroe in every photo shoot she does! Perhaps there is something that we do not yet know? Pfft. Right. Who am I kidding? Dina would be sure that we know if anything was even remotely whispered about a possible movie role. Until then, there will be many photo shoots (and party crashing) to come I am sure of it.

Richardson flashes a series of black and white photos of Freckles and Freckles flashes her nipple and some major cleavage.

For the pics Freckles experiments with glasses, lips, a cigarette, makeup, books and the photographer at her home at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.


Lohan Selling Like CrackCakes!

It looks like Lindsay Lohan finally has a hit on her hands. Only this time, it’s not a movie or music single, but a spread for a beaver magazine.

According to reports, the holiday issue of Playboy is selling quite briskly nationwide,

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Lohan: Flight Risk

Lindsay Lohan blows off Ellen DeGeneres show appearance! Because, why????


Another day, another story about people that claim to be actresses instead of acknowledging their real profession…

Unemployed crackheads.

unFresh from taking it all off for Playboy, the latest Lohan blunder had the crackberry all set to tape an upcoming segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about her spread in the skin magazine. The reason why she will be unable to go on the show?


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Lindsay Lohan Exposed

Are you considering wasting your hard-earned money on the Lindsay Lohan edition of Playboy? Well, let me help you out and save you some money.

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