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SPOILERS: Spike TV’s “SCREAM 2011” Awards Winners (PHOTOS)

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If you DON’T want to know who takes home the top honors for Spike TV’s SCREAM 2011 awards, don’t read on. We’ve got the FULL winners list here. This awards show celebrates the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genre on the big and small screen. The show will air on Tuesday October 18th on Spike at 9:00–11:00 PM, ET/PT.

SPOILERS and list of winners BELOW!

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Nicole Richie brightens up 2011 Environmental Media Awards (PHOTOS)

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It was a green weekend for Nicole Richie and Justin Timberlake this weekend as they attended the Environmental Media Awards at the Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank. Richie looked effing amazing, didn’t she? I absolutely LOVE that dress and those shoes are to die for.

The EMA recognized SIX Hollywood productions that were active in spreading the word about going green and one included a flick that Justin Timberlake was a part of.

“Yogi Bear” anyone?

Details of the event below and more of that fabulous dress of Richie’s in our photo gallery.

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ABC Launches DWTS ‘Famous Families’ Photo Gallery

Last night was another emotional night on ABC‘s Dancing with the Stars, after Chaz Bono left Carrie Ann in tears yet again and the camera panned to an equally emotional Cher, as the proud mom looked on from the audience alongside Mary Bono. While emotion does not always equal votes, it certainly builds momentum, and Chaz definitely has that going into tonight’s elimination episode.

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Kristin Cavallari says DWTS isn’t about talent

[nggallery id=11]

Why, hello, Captain Obvious!

Even though she got a swift kick in the pants from Dancing With the Stars, Kristin Cavallari is glad she had the opportunity to do the show. But there is one thing K-Cav has deduced from doing the show.

Kristin told UsWeekly at the Just Dance 3 launch in West Hollywood, “I’m really sad. But…

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Madonna Topless photos leak and other She’s probably not even mad links.

Do you think Madonna really cares? Check out the topless pics here. Allie Is Wired

Fashion’s loss: Steve Jobs. No, seriously. Ayyyy

Kiefer Sutherland has yet another gig. The old duffer keeps truckin’ along. I Need My Fix

Fart fetish group wants Nancy Grace fart footage. Umm. Celeb Dirty Laundry

The Marquee at the Cosmo adventure…busybee style. Busy Bee Blogger

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Cody Simpson dominates 2011 Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (PHOTOS)

[nggallery id=15]

Not even the Biebs could dominate this awards show.

Now normally I wouldn’t cover something as juvenile as the 2011 Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, but got damn, you guys can thank Cody Simpson for that. Can I just say that this kid went from severely homely looking to a hardcore cutie patootie? Those awkward pubescent tween years can mess a kid up, but Mr. Simpson is aging nicely.

We’ve got the complete list of winners from the Down Under awards and a slew of photos, including a ton of photos for you Cody Simpson fanatics. Yes, you are welcome.

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Ashton and Demi’s marriage ends because of these photos and other shocking stuff!

The photos that ended Ashton and Demi’s marriage. Check them out here! Have U Heard

Kate Middleton wins palace showdown. Celeb Dirty Laundry

Arthur Christmas! I Need My Fix

Fashion Hunter’s season premiere video here! Busy Bee Blogger

Sofia Vergara got it wrong? Ayyyy

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Christina Milian partied hard in Vegas for her big 3-0!

Christina Milian celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas and let me tell you, she lived it up! But there was no nonsense or drama at Milian’s party (or not that we heard of). Girlfriend celebrated with her family and her friends at the REVEL pool party on Saturday.

The group relaxed and soaked in the October sun in one of the pool’s VIP cabana and danced to the beats of SKAM artist DJ Scratchy. Milian was joined by her group at the hotel’s newly opened 35 Steaks + Martinis steakhouse for dinner where she was presented with a special ice cream birthday cake. The table had a great time during dinner with fans approaching the table throughout the night to send their birthday wishes. The group then headed to Vanity Nightclub to dance the night away. Milian’s actress pal Jennifer Freeman joined her for photos on the red carpet before heading inside and celebrating ringing in the big 3-0.

Happy Birthday, bitch!

Check out some of her birthday pics below!

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CELEB SPOTTING: The Sheens dine at W Los Angeles-Westwood

Saturday night was a night of massive (because I won’t say “epic”) proportions for the Sheen family. The Sheens, including Charlie, Emilio Estevenz, Martin Sheen, Janet Sheen and I’m assuming significant others and more hung out at NINETHIRTY Restaurant at W Los Angeles-Westwood.

And as you probably wouldn’t guess, the family is said to have been very sweet and mellow. A source said that “Everyone ordered the salmon, except Martin decided to spring for a hamburger (without any onion). The party snacked on kabobs while they waited for their entrées.”

Now THAT would have been an interesting table to wait on! Masheen is known to be an above-and-beyond tipper, so I am sure the wait staff was taken care of.

Eddie Cibrian comes to defense of wife Leann Rimes’ skinny photos

After much criticism about his wife Leann Rimes’ weight, Eddie Cibrian is now speaking his mind, lashing out at reports and “rumors” that Leann has an eating disorder.

Eddie opened his flap saying, “It bothers me because, obviously, I know she’s healthy. She eats more than I do sometimes.” Yes but what does she do after she consumes the food? Hey, I’m just asking.

Eddie goes on to add, “She’s just a very [conscientious] eater, as far as what she eats. She eats pretty healthy, but she works out pretty hard too and she actually takes pride in the way she looks and it’s a shame that people will jump on the bandwagon just because she is fit. And she’s far from unhealthy.”

And Eddie keeps talking saying, “She works out like crazy. She works out hard. She boxes. She trains.”

Not only have fans expressed their concern for Leann so have celebrities, including fellow skinny bitch Guliana Rancic. Rancic said, “She lost a lot of weight from all the stress in her life. She seems a little thin right now, and I think she looks great when she’s a bit curvier.”
But Rimes hit back on her Twitter account to defend her figure.
‘Hey, we should go to dinner sometime. You get criticized all the time for how small you are. You can see just HOW much I eat and maybe put a stop to this crazy ‘shrinking’ once and for all…..oh, & then we should work out together! Good luck with your restaurant!!!!”

I’m sorry but there is nothing cute or fabulous about a stick figure with caked on makeup. Sure she looks damn skinny and has lost a lot of weight in a matter of months, but isn’t that the “Hollywood way”? And is it not considered serious until we start seeing ribs and protruding collar bones? I don’t know peeps. I’m torn on this but I still have a strong desire to send over a truck full of cheeseburgers and milkshakes over to skinny bitches.

Check out more recent scary skinny photos of Rimes below.

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Snooki continues to get paid for partying and other Happy Monday links.

Snooki is still getting paid to party. Fabulous Buzz

Brit brings Femme Fatale to Mosco. I Need My Fix

MJ’s kids wants Conrad Murray to testify. Celeb Dirty Laundry

Kat Von D is single again. Busy Bee BLogger

Con O’Brien revealed! Lolebrity

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VIP Fashion Tip of the Day: How to Look Your Best in Pictures

Almost everyone has heard about the dreaded 10 pounds a camera can add to you in a picture (sometimes more than 10 pounds depending on the angle, ugh!). Since the camera is working against us we need all the help we can get. We didn’t kick our butts in the gym to lose that last 10 pounds to not make a difference in our photos! There a few tricks you can do to get the most flattering pictures that are Facebook approved:

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Rihanna goes shirtless and pantless in new Armani ads.

We got a sneak preview of Rihanna’s Armani ads just a few days ago and now, we have a few more images to feast our eyes on. Let me just say one word…HAWT. Photographer Steven Klein snapped these photos and I do love the way that he keeps the ads high fashion with the body angle shots and the shadows.

I just wouldn’t be checking these out while you are at work.

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Miley Cyrus is a good role model, dammit.

Showing side boob is NORMAL, y’all.

Miley Cyrus covers Prestige magazine with class. Imagine that! No but in all seriousness, I’m liking this side of Miley. In a recent interview with Prestige Magazine Miley talks about fame, her Gypsy Heart tour, her movie projects, Demi Moore and being a good role model.

You’ll want to read this! Highlights below.

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Guess Which Celeb Got Ghoulish In Vegas with Deadmau5 (PHOTOS)

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