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BABY ALERT: Owen Wilson Welcomes Second Son.


Owen Wilson welcomes second son! In happy baby news, Owen Wilson welcomes his second son- born Thursday morning. News that he and ex-girlfriend(?) personal trainer(?) Caroline Lindqvist were expecting came out last year, along with news that Lindqvist was married at the time and was keeping it a secret from her then husband, now ex-husband, Dr. Ritu Chopra (a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills).

Wilson’s rep confirmed the happy news to RadarOnline.

Wilson and Lindqvist are no longer a couple, but reportedly remain friends- despite the fact that she’s no longer married. Wilson also has a son (Robert Ford) with ex-girlfriend Jade Duell.

After the birth of his first son, Wilson told Jay Leno– “What they say about newborns and not getting a lot of sleep—that’s true. You look at every place as a potential nap place. I’m looking at this couch— maybe at commercial break [I’ll take a] little shut-eye there.”

As for the new addition, sources tell Us Weekly that Wilson made it clear that he is there for Lindqvist and for their son once he arrived, stating: “Owen plans to be involved with the baby and help raise him.”

No word on a name or any specific baby details, but hooray for happy, healthy babies. Congrats!

Kate and Owen Split…Again.


But, this time it is for good. So much for an engagement. So much for a rekindling. But, get this…Rumor has it that Kate has already moved on with spandex-wearing Lance Armstrong. Wow, Kate doesn’t waste any time!

So, we all know Kate will be okay…she’s got men on the back burner…simmering. And, well she IS the most beautiful person this year according to People magazine, so she FOR SURE won’t have trouble getting dates.

But, I really wonder how Owen is holding up since he’s just been burned. Poor guy.  Maybe Sheryl Crow needs to find Owen a woman as she seems to be the matchmaker of the year so far…hooking up John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston.