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Katy Perry $20 Million Idol Offer: REJECTED!

Let me tell you, these reality shows are really expanding their options. American Idol officially now has Mariah Carey as a judge and I get that. It’s logical. But now, Idol supposedly was so damn desperate to land Katy Perry as a judge that they offered her a whopping $20 million!

Get this, Miss Bubblegum and Rainbows said no…to TWENTY million! She must have a whole helluva lot going on to turn that big fat paycheck down.

Sources close to Idol are saying that “Idol” trying to get Katy to sign on the dotted line for weeks. They supposedly started out with offering Perry $18 million and then throwing an additional $2 million at her for just ONE year.

I can’t imagine Mariah is very happy at this juncture. First not being the only female Idol judge on the panel (rumor has it Nicki Minaj is joining the judging panel) and knowing she could have gotten an additional $2 million if she would have held out a little longer.