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Celebrity VIP Lounge

Celebrity Gossip Heard All Over The Web

Kevin Hart Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend Eniko Parrish

Kevin Hart FINALLY put a ring on it! The comedian and actor shared on Instagram that he officially proposed to his girlfriend Eniko Parrish, and she accepted!

“She said YEEEEESSSSS…… #Happy #MyRib #iF–kingLoveHer,” Kevin said in a post an image of himself and his fiancee. Eniko’s big, flashy ring just shines as she poses!

Kevin and Eniko have been dating for five years, and Kevin finally proposed at her birthday dinner last night. “Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman in the world. Today is your day babe and we are going to party like it’s 1999….I love you so much. I’m a better man because of you. P.S your old as s–t now lmao #Dirty30 #HappyBday #ThrowBackPic,” he posted on IG prior to the engagement pic. So sweet!

Not that Eniko had any control over the day of her birthday, but I chucked a bit at the fact that the engagement came the same night of the premiere of Kevin’s ex Torrei Hart’s VH1 show Atlanta Exes. I didn’t bother watching, since I feel like this show and Hollywood Exes (which I love) are two completely different shows. Atlanta Exes seems to focus too much on bitterness against these ladies’  exes and I don’t have time for that.

Anyway, it’s good to see Kevin is finally making things official! He and Eniko have been together for a really long time, and they always look so happy together! It was definitely time to take that next step. Congrats to them both!

Image via Kevin Hart/Instagram


My Big Fat Greek Wedding Gets a Sequel!

Over a decade after its original release, looks like My Big Fat Greek Wedding is getting a sequel!

The film’s star and screenwriter, Nia Vardalos, announced today that a second movie is indeed in the works.  “Now that I’m experiencing motherhood, I’m ready to write the next chapter of my family story,” she said in a statement. “Of course, a few jaded folks in the press corps will claim I ran out of money or just want to kiss John Corbett [who played her fiance Ian Miller] again,” she joked. “One of these things is true.”

 Nia will write the sequel, which Rita WilsonTom Hanks, and Gary Goetzman have signed on to produce. After the news was first announced, she tweeted, “Thank you for the love, yes the entire big fat family is invited back for the sequel.”

Nia starred as the unforgettable Toula Portokalos, the daughter of a huge Greek family, whose love life and career sucks, as she spends her days working in her family’s Greek restaurant. She eventually starts computer classes, gets a new job at her family’s travel agency, and meets the love of her life, Ian Miller. The movie did exceptionally well with a small budge of $5 million, bringing in $241.43 million at the domestic box office and an additional $127.3 million abroad, ultimately grossing $368.74 million.

In the 12 years since the film has been released, Nia has gone on to star in movies such as For a Good Time Call… and made cameos in TV shows including Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She also adopted a daughter Ilaria, 9, with her husband Ian Gomez in 2008, which she cites as an inspiration for the upcoming sequel.

The only question is will it do well? Have too many years passed, or will fans genuinely want to see a sequel. I’m excited regardless. I loved this movie. I thought it was so funny and cool when I first saw it. So even though it’s 12 years after the fact, I would be down to watch a sequel!

Do you think a sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a good idea, or should they shut that idea down?

Image via  IFC Films/courtesy Everett Collection

Kim Kardashian Confirms New Baby Clothing Line

New venture for the Kardashian Klan? Kim Kardashian confirmed she is working on a new clothing line for babies after talking with a fan on Mobio INsider. And it’s coming soon than we think!

The fan asked if Mommy Kim if she only dressed 7-month-old daughter, North West, in designer clothes and if she’d ever style her little girl in something from Target. Kim answered, “absolutely! She wears everything. I even created a baby line, so there can be super affordable clothes for babies. It launches in March. Kids grow up so fast. You need affordable clothes!”

Kim didn’t say anymore about the line, but a rep did confirm that it will be released in March. And no, none of the Kardashian children will be models. Reportedly, the new line will be called Kardashian Kids

I don’t know what’s “affordable” in the Kardashians’ world. Their store DASH sells shirts and jeans  for $100+, but the Kardashian Kollection is a little bit lower since it’s in Sears. Who knows what Kim will try to get for babies! Never the less, I’m actually intrigued to see what she comes up with. 

Image via Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic


Mass Murder At Midnight Showing of Batman Film in Colorado






What started out as a happy, exciting midnight showing of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, ended in a senseless mass murder by a crazedgunman. In Aurora, Colorado early Friday morning, James Holmes tossed tear gas into a movie theater where patrons were watching the new Batman flick, and then opened fire, killing 12 and wounding 38 others, according to authorities. The gunman himself was wearing a gas mask.

One of the injured  was said to just be 3 months old.

Police later arrested the man in a rear parking lot of the theater. Holmes is believed to be a 24-year-old man from Aurora. Without much resistance from the suspect, police seized a rifle and a handgun from him, with another gun being found in the theater.

President Barack Obama released a statement saying  he and First Lady Michelle Obama were “shocked and saddened” by the shooting and pledged the administration’s support for victims of the shooting. “As we do when confronted by moments of darkness and challenge, we must now come together as one American family,” it said.

You can read more details about the shooting, including thoughts and comments from eyewitnesses, at CNN.

It’s a sad time in history when we can’t even go to a movie theater or school without the possibility of something like this happening. I can just imagine how happy these people were to see the midnight showing of the movie, and to have it end like this is so terrible! It’s a heartbreaking way to start a Friday morning. Condolences and prayers to those who have lost loved ones or have loved ones injured in this random act of violence.

Image via EPA/Bob Pearson