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Celebrity VIP Lounge

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Alice Sungurov: “So Blind”

writer: Triston

In these current times in popular music, it is rare to even hear a teenager actually sing anymore, with Autotune prevailing more than half the time. So it is astonishing, refreshing, and some may even say ‘old-school’ for someone like Alice Sungurov to come onto the scene and actually sing.

And sing she does, with a unique voice that is at once captivating and enlightening. But it is her story that is just as awe-inspiring. After being diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder at only four years of age, she overcame it and is now celebrating in a big way with the international release of her single ‘So Blind‘.


Based in Manhattan, 15-year-old Sungurov harkens back to an era that many consider one of the cornerstones to popular music – the 80s – often compared to artists like perennial favorite of the era, Cyndi Lauper. The talented singer/songwriter is right where she should be, however, and her sound is sure to stand out despite the onslaught of pop music dominating the scene today.


Listen to the official song here and let us know what you think:








additional reporting: A. Neff King

Direct Divide: The Sonic Seduction of ‘Abduction’

co-writer: Triston




Fans of groups like 30 Seconds to Mars, Muse, and other emerging super acts will love this news. Direct Divide, a musical trio from Seattle, is on a nationwide tour in support of their latest release, the single ‘Abduction’. Now is the opportunity for hard-core fans and new ones to experience this group live and fall in lust/love!



Their debut album, Bridges, set the stage for their sonic comeuppance and they are only just getting started! Experience this act, described as ‘violin amplified rock’.


Here is the live version of ‘Abduction’….





 Direct Divide Tour Dates


Listen to the new single here: https://soundcloud.com/directdivide/direct-divide-abduction-single



Follow them at the links below!


Artist Website – www.directdivideband.com
Bandcamp – http://directdivide.bandcamp.com
Facebook – Facebook.com/directdivide
Reverbnation – reverbnation.com/directdivide
Youtube – www.youtube.com/directdivide
Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/directdivide
Twitter – https://twitter.com/directdivide



Juliette Jules – “Black Crow”


Drawing inspiration from such an eclectic mix of artists like Leonard Cohen and The Sex Pistols (!), one would not expect a 16-year-old to have such an expansive musical selection, but that is exactly what singer-songwriter Juliette Jules is bringing to the table. Drawing on her own experiences, Jules connects on a level that is well beyond her years, shining through on her EP Black Crow.

This Parisian is a breath of fresh musical air in a crowded field that normally means that someone her age must steer towards the pop genre in order to gain any substantial attention. With a voice belying here sixteen years, she has managed to soak up enough emotion and inspiration in such a short amount of time to leave listeners with music that is poignant, featuring strong vocals over great acoustic tracks.

Standout tracks on the Jules EP include the dramatic Johnny Was, a song that showcases Jules’ haunting soprano and dark lyrics. The title track is arguably the strongest song here, as she shines vocally over a piano and acoustic guitar. And while most girls her age in music are strutting around half-dressed, Jules is extolling the virtues of Him in the song Hallelujah.

Juliette Jules is set to re-capture music lovers that yearn for true music again. With her heart intricately wrapped aroudn each note of her new EP, listeners will definitely hear the impressions that singers like Stevie Nicks and Linda Ronstadt have made on her.


Official: www.JulietteJules.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/juliettejulesmusic

Plastic Yellow Band: Breathe Air into New Classic Rock

CD cover


Plastic Yellow Bus presents itself as a smorgasboard of musical leanings and inclinations. From psychedelic inflections, infused with the heft of both progressive and classic rock, the group has set forth on a path to return music back to its roots. The overriding mantra for this band is that music is made by musicians and is that is never more evident than on their new full-length CD Breathe Air, which harkens back to sounds of yesteryear by such noted bands as Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd, who could co-headline a tour with this act, so cohesive are their sounds together.


The album dives right in with an emotionally packed track in Lonely Place, which has a rock opera feel to it that builds up to a worthy ending that will definitely have fans grateful they’ve emerged with new material. Fans of southern rock need to look no further than progressive rock track She’s My Woman, which is one of the good time tracks that every rock album needs. Stand-out track I Want to Feel Your Love may be the song on the album that expands their fan base. Thanks to the vocals of lead singer Gerry Jennings, it is easily in a category similar to Stevie Nicks’ extensive collection of songs to remember. What all of the tracks on Breathe Air do better than most albums is prove that this group is made up of true musicians that thoroughly enjoy constructing a song (and album) from beginning to end.


Plastic Yellow Bus is a no-holds-barred southern rock band that has an expansive sound that delves from singer-songwriter fare to progressive and electro-rock. Billed as ‘new classic rock’, this band channels the musical spirit of groups from the 70s and early 80s to a masterful mix that is making critics take note. For those new to Plastic Yellow Bus, now is your chance to take in their sound and breathe.

LadySoal – Depth of a ‘Tear Drop’


LadySoal is entering unchartered territory, emerging as an entity in her own right as she breaks from her previous band. The complexities of forging her own path and recognizing her own voice and the power of her words have finally reached her fans.


‘Tear Drop’, a joint collaboration with Angry Arcade (Steve Miller) breathes new life into her sound, as she takes listeners on a sonic ride that seemingly leaves earth’s atmosphere.


Have a listen.


Comment below.

Gemini Wired: Get Plugged In


The issue of bullying has broadened in this digital age to include all forms of social media. How this impacts children these days cannot be undermined or ignored.  R&B artist Gemini Wired tackles the topic of bullying in his latest track ‘What Now’, which discusses bullying and the repercussions of its actions.



Gemini Wired speaks from self-experience on this topic, and the song was written to find ways to prevent it, how to spot it, and the best ways to recover from it once it has occurred. The corresponding video is an inspirational one that is meant to uplift and enlighten.


Gemini, hailing from Boston, began performing as a child, as both a dancer and a singer, heavily influenced by musical acts like The Black Eyed Peas, M.I.A., and Rihanna. These are just some of the examples of the eclectic mix that drives her own musical output. After more work on television and countless websites, Gemini is focusing on an upcoming EP, kicking off her campaign with ‘What Now’.



‘What Now’

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1awlSGM85g
Video Director: Seng 2KX

Websites: www.geminiwiredworld.com


Twitter: @geminiwired

Monks of Mellonwah Set to ‘Turn The People’


This Sydney based, throttle rock band has only been together for four years, but their status has quickly ascended worldwide. Since signing with A&R Worldwide, they’ve been featured everywhere, from the LA Music Awards (named ‘Best International Rock Band’), the AIM Music Awards, CMJ, The Huffington Post, and more.

Their success has been substantiated and expanded through national and international tours that have gained them a larger following as fans are drawn to their brand of progressive rock. Already experienced on the stage, the band has released three EPs and now are about to Turn the People, their debut full-length CD. This offering is a bold statement meant to cement their status as an up and coming band that has finally earned a place at the forefront of rock respect.

Slickly self-produced by the band itself, along with production by Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy Osbourne), the album is set for release in volumes, with the last volume set for a March 2014 debut. The Monks of Mellonwah will also be touring in support of the album in 2014 in Europe and stateside.

Their sound cannot be pigeon-holed and each successive sonic offering is a music adventure that takes listeners to another plane that they don’t want to ever leave. Their lead single, ‘Tear Your Hate Apart’ is the kick-off to a 2014 set to see M.O.M. rise to new heights.

Lead single ‘Tear Your Hate Apart‘:


Music videos:

(‘Ghost Stories’ – 2013)


(‘Neverending Spirit’ – 2012)


(‘Swamp Groove’ – 2011)









Umbrella Bed – ‘Refill’ the Void


Umbrella Bed is a band that has maintained and expanded its fanbase on the strength of wild live shows, edgy beats, and a message that is singular in scope. Through shows both stateside and internationally, they have built a reputation as a band that is rooted in resonance. For nearly twenty years, Umbrella Band has cultivated a following at a breakneck pace, leaving audiences the world over captivated and waiting for more. After appearing on several compilations as well as releasing three previous albums, Umbrella Bed is back with Refill.

Their latest EP is comprised of five songs that elevate the genres of 2-tone and ska, featuring the standout track ‘Two Tone Monster’ which is upbeat and urges you to dance dance dance! Turn those speakers up and try not to move to this one! Also worth a mention is ‘Dubb Away‘, a remix of sorts of the track ‘Gone Away‘. This latest CD will definitely appease tried and true fans and leave newcomers eagerly anticipating a chance to see Umbrella Bed live and on stage in their town.


‘Wish That It Would Stop’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1g8OXt7yK4

Two Tone Monster‘ – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E25ohuWBvM





Experience The Ria Reece Band


Since 2011, The Ria Reece Band has been on a touring rampage, exciting audiences with their artistry and approach to rhythm and blues. Across the country of Canada, they have been featured and played on several radio stations, as well as charting on others. As their prowess as a live act has grown, so have their fans and now they have released an album that will appease their current fans and welcome others into their musical fold. The band has played at many esteemed venues, including the Upstairs Jazz Bar in Monreal, the Little Imperial Bar in Quebec, and performed at the Quebec Summer Festival to a receptive crowd.

Some of the finest in old school R&B is evident on stage with just a listen to The Ria Reece band. Based in Montreal, the band has released its self-titled album, which has been heralded as a return to musicality and a nod to legends of the past such as Al Green and Donny Hathaway. Ria Reece’s voice shines on the Etta James classics I’d Rather Go Blind and At Last.

For fans of a true rhythm and blues experience, The Ria Reece Band delivers analog grooves in a digital world.

Ria Reece: Vox
Andre Chevarie: Guitar
Martin Laporte: Drums
Sylvain Lamothe: Bass

Album available at:


Official: http://www.riareeceband.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theriareeceband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Riareeceband

The Boston Boys – Keep You Satisfied

Fans of funk rock soul can now breathe a sigh of relief as their musical saviors have possibly found it in The Boston Boys, a foursome that fearlessly blends the genres to an engaging aural mix. With their fresh take on pop music, they are set to release their EP Keep You Satisfied, which fives straight into the beat and takes the listener on a fresh ride. When they sing about ‘Amelia’, the lyrics are heartfelt, with the Latin-tinged rhythm adding depth to the song. The title track serves up quintessential country rock and through the five songs, The Boston Boys cover enough genres to keep nearly anyone entertained at some point.

Since 2009, The Boston Boys have kept busy touring and producing music in the Boston area and beyond. The band went on tour in the Middle East and North Africa in support of their 2012 debut EP What You Say?! With performances at the prestigious SXSW and even as one of the bands for President Obama’s re-election campaign, their sound has criss-crossed the country and soon The Boston Boys are set to release their album on October 8th and then hit the road on a European tour. Their latest offering proves that they will be keeping their current fans more than satisfied.

A visual teaser is on Youtube:

A video for Amelia can be viewed here:


Satisfied EP Teaser – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Wjqzd5c84Q
Hypnotized – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDr_NHa5bC4
Wish I Knew How Tt Would Feel To Be Free – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYj89T3apJ8
Tuk Tuk live – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oEnrTTkGZA

MonaLisa: They’ve Got the (Back)Beat!

The MonaLisa Twins are bringing back the POP in pop. This musical duo is inching closer and closer towards mainstream success with each track. That widespread acclaim could be right around the corner with their release When We’re Together. This ambitious debut album features a hodge podge of genres from the duo. Latin grooves meet psychedelic rock meets folk music meets (Beatles) rock & roll – all blended together in tight harmonies and light guitar sound. To listen to The MonaLisa Twins is to be taken back to a time where the it was all about the music and only the music. Honorable mentions on the track listing include the Latin-tinged ‘Nothing is in Vain’, ‘This Boy is Mine’, and the Dylan-esque ‘Dreams’.

As befitting their name, The MonaLisa Twins are a musical work of art in progress. They may be young, but their music belies their years, going back to an era that was well before their time. Somehow, these two girls are able to convey the fullness of the sounds being played around them to great accolades. Their voices drive the album, with the instruments providing a nice support to their rich notes. The MonaLisa Twins present pop the way it used to be: sweet, harmonic, with easy breezy lyrics that are impossibly catchy. The two have managed to capture the essence of what art is and what it means to people through their music video ‘When We’re Together’, which chronicles the making of an eventual artpiece from start to finish. The video shows how everyday people unite through the power of art. Touring through central Europe and recently in America, The MonaLisa Twins are garnering more attention and radio airplay on both sides of the Atlantic as their brand of pop brings the focus on what it should be on…

the music.

‘When We’re Together’:

Bonus Video: ‘The Wide, Wide Land’

Mona Wagner – Vocals, Guitar, Blues Harp
Lisa Wagner – Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele

Official: www.monalisa-twins.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/monalisatwins
Facebook: www.facebook.com/monalisatwins
Twitter: www.twitter.com/monalisa_twins
Bandcamp: http://monalisatwins.bandcamp.com/

ESQUILLE: ‘Rock This Club Down’

Fans of electronic dance music know his name and for those that don’t, they’ve heard his music. Internationally known for his projects, remixes, and stellar collaborations, Swedish EDM producer ESQUILLE has spent many years in the music business making a name for himself worldwide. His name has been plastered on a myriad of projects including, but not limited to Dreamland, Jam Planet, and A Trip in Trance to name a few.

Now, after a self-imposed exile from the music scene, he’s back with more music to churn out for his large fan base. His worldwide hit smash dance single, ‘I Take U Higher’, has yet again placed his names on the lips of clubs and dance floors all of the world. His next single, ‘HEYO’ (featured on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ )has been remixed and re-distributed for the clubs and the radio station and is still gaining momentum on the charts. Not one to rest on his laurels, the producer is set to release his very first EP later this month entitled ‘Rock This Club Down’. The title and lead-off single from the EP is a club banger that is guaranteed to extend his streak of hit club singles.

Download the latest single at the link below, check out the music videos, and preview the upcoming EP!


Free “Don’t Stop The Rhythm” single: http://esquille.bandcamp.com/track/dont-stop-the-rhythm-club

“Rock This Club Down” EP preview via Bandcamp: http://esquille.bandcamp.com/track/rock-this-club-down

Music Videos:

HEYO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4UPWuZLFBQ
I Take You Higher http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CR2KhXTdSg

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Lady Gaga Is About To Rape Our Retinas Again

After lying low for a while healing her busted hip, Lady Gaga is set1522342_n_ImgG to assume her position as ‘Le Fame Whore Extrem’ (it’s classier in French, no?) starting with this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on August 25th. She’ll probably arrive on a golden unicorn and orange hair and buck nekkid dancers on each side of her. Whatever outre display she chooses, what people are really eagerly anticipating is the release of her new single. Still untitled, it will be on her fourth studio album ARTPOP, which will be dropping in the coming months.

So VIPers, are you ready for all things Gaga over the next year and half or would you like to have a bit more of a breather? We’re on the fence. Sure, she’s talented, but we can do without the shenanigans!

RISING STAR: Dave Plaehn – “Amos Got Soul”


Born and raised in Iowa, Dave Plaehn comes from a musical background where both parents were singers, exposing him to everything from Italian singer Mario Lanza to rockers Jimmy Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. Since the late 70s, he has concentrated on his songwriting and album releases. His first album, ‘Smokin’, comprised only original material, as did his follow-up blues-folk-jazz hybrid EP, Mouth Full of Blues. Plaehn teamed up with slide guitarist Jeff Hino in the 90’s, releasing the acoustic blues set On Your Bond in 1996 and Can’t Get My Rest in 2002.

Dave Plaehn’s Almost Got Soul demonstrates that his musical ambition is still intact and there’s more on the horizon.


Liquid Casing – ‘A Separate|Divide’

The key to listening to this music is to never get too settled into one sound. Before you know it, the genre changes on a dime. Unity is one of the key themes of the new album A Separate|Divide by Liquid Casing. Never sitting in any one place for too long, the album melds elements of several genres over nine tracks. Whether it is mellow or full throttle, the album navigates between sounds in a way that escapes most releases.liquid

 They have made a commitment to remain a unique sound, no matter what commercial road it may or may not lead them to. As such, the lyrics are thought-provoking, dark, and challenge the status quo in ways that are atypical from most bands. Although the album covers lots of ground, there are a few tracks that will reach more than some. One of those stand-out tracks, “Checkpoints and Borders” begins innocently mellow, and then the vocals of frontman Alvaro Rodriguez kick in to a melancholic plea.

Liquid Casing is a band out of Houston, Texas consisting of Alvaro Rodriguez on guitar and lead vocals, Okikiolu Olufokunbi on saxophone and keyboards, Jim Stettner on bass and vocals, and John Pitale. As they continue to paint a sonic picture that expands minds through melodies, they are currently touring in 2013 in support of their release.