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Celebrity VIP Lounge

Celebrity Gossip Heard All Over The Web

Derek Hough Snags Role on ABC’s Nashville

Looks like Derek Hough is branching out! The Dancing with the Stars professional will join hit ABC show Nashville in its upcoming season for several episodes! 

According to PEOPLE, Derek will play Noah West, a movie star who gets a leading role in the biopic of a famous country singer, interacting with a lot of the characters on the show. And, apparently, the guy is a sneak! ABC says the role requires him to play a “beguiling and disarming” guy. 

Derek tweeted his excitement:

I absolutely LOVE the storylines, characters, and music of Nashville. Excited to see what Derek’s storyline brings to the table! Since he’s probably a bad boy, I’m sure he’ll bring the drama!

Image via Vincent Sandoval/WireImage


Hayden Panettiere Just Maximized Her Chesticles

In an obvious case of tittyball tweaking, former star of ‘Heroes‘ and current star of ‘Nashville‘ Hayden Panettiere was just spotted on the beaches of Miami this past weekend looking slightly enhanced. We’re not saying she’s had work done but…f*ck it!

Yes we are! Hayden got breast implants!

And our well-trained eyes can tell she got them placed under the muscle too. New tittyballs at only 23 years of age? That’s a bit early in the game, but Hayden has been early for everything in her young life and career. She’s dated men old enough to be her father. She’s shared a bed with men that hang off her bed, since they’re giants, and now she’s gone off and plumped up her assets. We’re not totally against it, because they look firm, they’re not too big, and she can still see in front of her. What do you all think of her new breastasses?


Chime in below!

Taylor Swift buys ANOTHER mansion

Forget shoes. Taylor Swift likes adding more homes to her collection.

It was just in 2010 that Taylor Swift purchased a big fat four-bedroom, five-bathroom home for $1.45 million, but just earlier this summer she put the home up for sale.

Now we are hearing that Swift just dished out $2.5 million for a mansion in Nashville.

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