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Naomi Watts Covers More Magazine October Issue: Opens Up About Her Fears, Being a Bit Reckless & How Motherhood Has Changed Her

Two-time Oscar-nominated actress Naomi Watts is known for taking big career risks and accepting challenging roles—from her intensely emotional character in 21 Grams to Diana, the Princess of Wales, in Diana. Now she’s making a foray into comedy with two new films, St. Vincent and Birdman, both out this month. In the October issue of More magazine, on newsstands Sept. 23, Watts opens up about the rewards of being reckless— onscreen and in real life.

Check out the highlights below:

On working with comic genius Bill Murray for her upcoming film St. Vincent, where she plays a pregnant Russian stripper: “I’d bust into Bill’s trailer and say [she adopts a thick Russian accent], ‘I need a drink! Gif me a drink!’ I had to stick with that character because otherwise my fear of being not worthy would take over.”

On playing Diana, Princess of Wales: “We all know I’m not five ten or have any resembling features of hers except blue eyes, and I don’t speak like her. It was going to be hard. People knew her too well or felt like they owned her. I was up against that.”

Falling hard for Liev Schreiber and how their parenting styles complement each other: “We both wanted the same thing. A family. Liev has a lot more courage than me. He’s always saying, ‘Let the kids do it. Take the training wheels off!’ My bit of fear balances him, and he balances my fear.”

On how motherhood has changed her: “I’ve skydived. I went swimming with sharks that weren’t in cages. I went on safari, where you’re sitting with lions just five feet from you. And I was photographed [by Condé Nast Traveler] for King Kong standing on a gargoyle near the top of the Chrysler Building in New York City. I had a harness and a rope, but if you fall, you’re hanging [61 floors up]! But now that I have kids, I don’t want to do so many daredevily things anymore.”

What Naomi would do more of if she could start over: “Have a bigger family. I should have had more kids, started younger.”

On moving to Hollywood at 25 and being a bit reckless: “It was a gigantic risk, but thankfully, I was young and naïve enough to just do it. As you get older, you overthink and can talk yourself out of anything. It’s good to be a bit reckless and experimental.”

On being labeled a risk taker: “People think of me as this risk taker, but I don’t always feel like a person who’s full of courage. Maybe in the workplace I have more courage than other areas of my life.”

You’ll Never Guess What Naomi Watts Is Scared Of

Naomi Watts is the picture of elegance on the cover of the September issue of Town & Country, on newsstands nationwide August 12th. Watts, who is set to star in the next installment of the Divergent franchise, speaks to the magazine about not making it big in Hollywood until she was 33, her fear of auditions, and self-acceptance.

Check out the highlights from the interview below.

Via Town and Country:

14 Naomi 1

On her fear of auditions:
“I’m an anxious person, and I hate being put in a position where I’m being tested. If I feel safe, I can be me, but if I don’t feel safe, I try to please.”

On pressure to get plastic surgery in Hollywood:
“I’m really just feeling my way. This being an industry town, that self-consciousness just pervades. There are days when I feel victorious that I have, you know, gotten this far [without plastic surgery]. But there are a million days when I look in the mirror and think, ‘I’m going to do it.’”

On accepting the role of Evelyn, mother of Theo James’ Four in the Divergent franchise:
“I’d rather be a character actress and have longevity – as much of it as I can – than kid myself into believing I’m always going to be a leading lady, you know?”

On self-acceptance:
“If only I’d known back then, over those 10 years of trying to prove myself, what I know now, which is just be you. I didn’t trust that me was what people wanted.”

14 Naomi 2

14 Naomi 3

Photo credits: Victor Demarchelier

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