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Da Brat Ordered to Pay $6.4 Million To Assault Victim

These celebrities need to think twice before they act out! Looks like rapper Da Brat is going to have to shell out a pretty hefty sum for an assault charge from 2007.

The rapper was charged with attacking former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Shayla Stevens with a bottle inside an ATL nightclub back in 2007.  She served over 3 years in prison for the crime, but Shayla sued her in 2009.

The case was finally settled this week as a jury awarded Shayla $6.4 MILLION to cover her injuries and past and future loss of earnings!

Now I KNOW Da Brat doesn’t have that type of money! She’s a decent rapper, but her last full album was back in 2003! She’s been seen trying to make comebacks, but nothing substantial. Definitely not $6.4 million worth! So the real question is how in the world is this woman going to pay this money?!

Image by Dennis Byron

Michael Lohan Finally Pays Up!


Michael Lohan has gotten his act semi-together, finally catching up on his back child support! TMZ got proof that Michael cut a check for $30, 422 to ex-wife Dina Lohan.

Now how exactly does a man end up having to pay somebody’s annual salary to his ex? When he was ordered to pay $1,500 a month for his minor children, and didn’t. So this is the total that Dina’s owed!

Only 16-year-old Cody is underage, but it covers now 19-year-old Ali’s time as a minor too! And Michael coughed up the cash right in time, because Dina marched down to the court house last month, asking a judge to hold Michael in contempt! So Michael, obviously, cut that check. Money vs. jail time? He knew which one to pick.

Michael told TMZ, “I admit I withheld part of [Cody’s] child support because I was angry about certain things that were happening … I was wrong and I’m making things right with Dina and my children. Dina says she’s grateful, but needs to know he’ll keep paying until Cody becomes an adult.

So Michael…let this be a lesson. Don’t be a deadbeat dad and take care of your kids! Nobody should have to threaten you to do what you’re supposed to do as a father.

Image via Hollyscoop

Camille Grammer Will Get $30 Million In Divorce Settlement









Camille Grammer is going to be getting some serious cash flow from her divorce settlement with ex Kelsey Grammer! According to TMZ, Camille will win  roughly $30 million after this thing is over!

Sources close to the couple say that Camille and Kelsey are “very close” to signing a property settlement agreement.  The total value of the assets in the marriage, including the three homes they have on the market,  is around $60 million.  After the three homes that they own are We say “around” because a big chunk is the 3 homes they own which are now on the market.  They’re estimating when everything is sold the pot will be around $60 mil.

Camille is set to get her 50% of the assets. When she and Kelsey were married, Kelsey was completely broke (even after Cheers and Frasier). His drug problem and other bad decisions had a lot to do with it. However, Camille got them both on the right track, managing funds after to that to get Kelsey’s money back up! So she definitely deserves her piece, and I say, good for her! I am a fan of Kelsey’s work, but you have to give credit to where credit is due!

Image via Bauer-Griffen

LIFE&STYLE: Is Kourtney Kardashian really pregnant and abandoned?

The Kardashian sisters sure seem to have their share of problems that seem to be coming with their wealth and celebrity status. It just goes to show you that money cannot make a person happy.

Life&Style is saying that Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant, although by accident, and she is split from boyfriend Scott Disick, Mr. Party Animal.

So all of this is leading to the question, Is Kourtney and Scott’s relationship just staged for the show as Kris and Kim’s has been rumored to be? Well, the reports are saying that Scott has been out clubbing and that he is choosing the party lifestyle over his family and being a new daddy.

Is Scott falling back into his old habits of boozing and out of control behavior? For Kourtney’s sake, I hope not. But rest assured if Scott does screw up again, Kourtney has the whole Klan behind her!

Russell Brand doesn’t want Katy Perry’s money

So we all have had a bit of time to soak in the fact that Russell Brand and Katy Perry are getting a divorce. It’s done but now comes the dreaded paperwork and you know, for gold diggers, the fun part.

What I find interesting about Brand and Perry is that they didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement and with that being said, Brand could get a whopping TWENTY freakin’ million dollars. But get this…he doesn’t want it. Not a penny. Apparently the handful of nights burying his bearded mugshot into Perry’s chi-chis was enough for him.

TMZ is reporting that Russell’s lawyer

filed final divorce papers Tuesday … although the judge will make the divorce official on June 30, because there’s a 6 month waiting period.

Informed sources tell TMZ … Russell and Katy did NOT have a prenup. As a result, everything they earned during their 14-month marriage is community property — which means they’re each entitled to 50% of the pot.

Katy made $44 million between May, 2010 and May, 2011 — according to Forbes. The couple married in October, 2010, so Russell could have scored a fortune if he exercised his community property rights.

But Russell doesn’t want Katy’s money and is happy to walk away without a paycheck.

Let me just say that it is refreshing to see a divorce not get ugly. Or perhaps Russell just figures that once he releases his tell-all book that he’ll get his hefty paycheck that way?

At any rate, Brand…we salute you!

In Touchy Weekly: Kim Kardashian ruined by Mom!

In the next issue of In Touch we get to read about about Kim Kardashian and how Kris Jenner is supposedly the one who ruined her. In ruining her, we mean making her the fame monger that she is currently, instead of the fun loving kid that she used to be.

One of the things she is said to have done is push Kim to have sex at the ripe age of 14. Along with the fact that Kris also made Kim obsessed with having money and spending money.

In the issue:

Hyping her new book on the talk show circuit, Kris Jenner has been going into embarrassing detail about the steamy affair she had with a much younger man while married to her first husband, Robert Kardashian. “We had wild, crazy sex all the time,” she writes in Kris Jenner… and All Things Kardashian. “Sex in cars, sex on the tennis court, sex in the pool house… sex everywhere, all the time.”

But while Kris, 56, claims to regret being unfaithful for personal reasons, she still seems blissfully unaware of the toll her wild antics took on her children — especially Kim.

This behavior is something that turned the nice kid that she could have been into the monster that she is right now. In fact there have been rumors that Kris is the reason why Kim had filed for divorce so quickly from Kris Humphries. The reason? Because he wasn’t good enough for her. Instead, she needs an A list guy.

Mariah Yeater’s ex: Bieber baby story sold to tabloid for $50,000

Der. Everyone knows that Mariah Yeater lied about that Justin Bieber baby daddy drama. I mean really, we haven’t heard any results of the DNA tests and both parties have pretty much let it all go. Bieber said his peace publicly and moved on. So what is going on now?

Well now, Yeater’s ex Robert Powell (who is in jail) is doing interviews and is saying that “She lied.” Please Powell, tell us something that we haven’t yet deduced?

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Kim Kardashian blogs about split

I need a money guru and a stiff drink.

Kim Kardashian has taken to the blogosphere to throw in her two cents about all this wedding/marriage/divorce/money talk and you knew damn well this was coming. But before I share with you what Kim wrote, I must express to you the total disgust I feel that Kim and all of the other members of her family are giving us revolving around this money situation.

Not all of us are effing stupid. This family made a TON of money off of this wedding.

I’d like to get a dollar tally on the following:

*How much did E! pay you for airing your Fairytale Wedding episode? I am pretty sure that as a reality show star you get paid a per-episode basis and a TWO night “wedding” special brought in some big bucks.

*There were wedding photos AND a cover of Kim on the cover sans her hubby. How much for the cover? How many other magazines were you on? I guarantee those photos (and the rights) were purchased from you.

*What about the engagement photos? Those were snagged up by photo agencies and magazine outlets.

*Bridal shower photos? Yeah, exactly…

*Oh, and what about that honeymoon? Mmmhmm. Photos were snapped for that as well.

Money WAS made off of this wedding. Period.

Check out what Kim has to say below.

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The Kardashians have a million or 5 to spare…

While I am not surprised to report, let me rephrase…I am nauseated to report that the Kardashians, though overexposed, pulled in a whopping $65 million in 2010! Don’t get me wrong, Kim is my booty sister and I adore her (even though I despise the fact that she keeps messing with her already naturally beautiful face, but that is her effing problem is she turns into a Joan Rivers II at age 40), but how many effing shows, product lines and supplement lines do these bitches need? At any rate, Kris Jenner is a proud mamasita.

Granted, I am sure it is all Mama Kris who is trying to pimp out every product she possibly can with her gorgeous girls. I’m surprised a condom hasn’t been added to the KKK product promotional list.

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Paul To Fork Over An Arm and a Leg!


Even though she did not get the $100’s of millions she wanted, she is being awarded 1/5th of what she initially demanded and she’s happy. WHAT???? What was the point of dragging this all out then?

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