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VIP EXCLUSIVE: Miss Lemonaid Gives Us Sex Advice and Reveals Her Pick for Christian Grey In “50 Shades” Flick

Nikki Joel or Miss Lemonaid, as many people know her as, is a former talent agent always felt connected to the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry. Now, as a busy style icon and mother of two, Joel takes her former contacts to the next level where she shares everything she knows about life, style, beauty, and fashion with her exclusive inner circle to the everyday woman. One day, after an especially juicy gossip session with girlfriends, one suggested she share her life on a blog. This was the impetus to LIFESTYLELEMONAID.COM, an outlet to share her glamour daily.

In her rare free time, this UC Berkeley alum and chic LA resident can be found spending time with her family, volunteering with the “1 Voice” foundation helping to eliminate childhood cancer, and staying fit at her local Pilates studio.

We did manage to snag some of her free time away to chat about a few hot topics, including 50 Shades of Gray AND sexy time!

Check out our exclusive with Nikki Joel aka Miss Lemonaid below.

DANITY: Nice to chat with you Miss Lemonaid. I have to ask you how you got your name.

MISS LEMONAID: I became Miss Lemonaid when I started doing an advice column on the blog. Originally, I tried Miss Blondie, but people seemed to respond more to Miss Lemonaid- making lemonaid out of lemons – by giving sweet and sour advice.

DANITY: Makes total sense now. I know you recently chatted it up with Dr. Drew about the very popular 50 Shades of Grey, referred to as by some critics as “mommy porn”. What did you think of the series?

ML: I am obsessed with FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and Christian Gray. In fact, a recently divorced friend of mine has just started dating her own Master of the Universe (minus the BDSM) and we are all jealous. HOT!

DANITY: Many people are saying that this series was poorly written. Do you think that as long as it has the smut that people were more easily able to look past the poor grammar and sometimes confusing passages?

ML: For me, the writing style and grammar took a backseat to the amazing images that I could conjure in my head. As spicy as the sex was, it was the amazing love story that unfolded that make my heart go ‘pitter patter.’ The people who are complaining about the poor writing are not the audience for the book. It was not hard to overlook the grammatical errors. Additionally, most people stop reading at book 1 and never the complete the series or even read the very satisfying epilogue at the end.

DANITY: I know there is talk of a movie being done and there have been numerous celebrity names thrown out there for characters. Who do you think would play a good Christian and Ana?

ML: Other than my husband playing Christian, I think Justin Timberlake or Taylor Kitsch would be perfect. For Ana, I am thinking myself. Kidding!

DANITY: Girl, J-Tizzle?!!! Yes! I can feel the wrath of his fiance Jessica Biel right now! HA! Ok so, I’m predicting a baby boom come next year due to this series. The mamas definitely got their kicks from EL James’ story. For those women not into smut books, what can women do to spice up their relationship/marriage?

ML: I wish I could have a baby boom but my husband has closed the door (actually It never opened) about a third child. BUT to spice up the bedroom, have sex more regularly, use a JimmyJane, fantasize, or pretend it’s the first time.

DANITY: I know you have a lot of friends who have had some interesting stories to tell (regarding sex). Can you tell me one of the most embarrassing stories you’ve ever heard?

ML: I hear lots of embarrassing sex stories all of the time. One of my faves involves a friend’s nanny. Vibrators are big in this couple’s world. One night as they were ready to rock and roll, they could not find their vibrator. They were freaked their kids had found it and played with it like a toy. The next morning as my friend hunted for her magic toy, she discovered it in her nanny’s room- dirty and hidden under a pile of clothes!! NASTY!

DANITY: There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the recent Time magazine cover of the mother breastfeeding her four year old son. What are your thoughts on the cover? Do you think breastfeeding your child as a toddler is something that should be done?

ML: I absolutely believe in breastfeeding but only until the child is one or at the most two. I breastfed both of my boys and stopped at 12 months. When a mother is still feeding her kid beyond 2, it is more for the mom than the kid. At that point, the kid is more aware and has already gotten enough of the benefit of breast milk and is now eating real food.

DANITY: And now onto fashion, because I absolutely love your fashion sense. As a mother many peeps think they have to live in sweats and mom jeans. What are your favorite style pieces for Summer 2012?

ML: My favorite style pieces for Summer 2012 is tie-dye, big bold baubles, neon colors, colorful handbags, colorful cheek and lip color, and Lucite heels.


For more on Miss Lemonaid, you can check out her blog here and follow her on Twitter here.

Check out Nikki Joel on Dr. Drew below.