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Now You Can Minaj Yourself


If your dream has been to transform into a clown Nicki Minaj, you can get the next best thing…a virtual makeover! Apparently Minaj loves herself so damn much that she thinks everyone should be “colorful” like her. Lawd help us. Do we REALLY need anymore peeps looking like Miss Minaj?

So here’s the deal, Minaj’s beauty website (yes, she has one of those) has a new program called “Minaj a Moi”that allows fans to get made over in Minaj’s uniquely colorful style. All fans have to do is upload a picture onto the site, where they can add Minaj’s signature pink lip gloss and other makeup.

In addition, the program also lets users choose between three colorful wigs before they spray themselves with her Pink Friday perfume (and of course there is a link to buy).

The fun part of all of this (if you could call it that) is after getting the Minaj makeover, peeps can then share the wild and wacky Minaj-like photo pic with the rest of the world.

Check out the new program on Nickiminajbeauty.com.