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Winans Involved in Pyramid Scheme

Usually, when you hear the name Winans, you automatically think of legendary gospel music, goodwill, and wholesomeness. Well, that’s going to change probably forever after this latest news involving the multi-generational family of award-winning singers.

Mike Winans is being accused of using his family’s good name and image in a financial scam that is akin to New York scam artist Bernie Madoff. The one-time Grammy nominee received a sentence of almost 14 years, charged with stealing more than $8 million dollars from law-abiding, church-going people in a pyramid scheme that involved more than 1200 investors.

Speaking on his behalf in the courtroom before his sentencing, Winans had this to sayMike-Winans-Jr-1:

“I caused financial and emotional damage. For that I repent. But there was no “malicious intent on my part. I wanted people to have a good life.”

Mike Winans is the grandson of David Winans and the nephew of Marvin Winans, who gave the eulogy at Whitney Houston’s funeral last year.

Let’s see how much of that sentence he actually serves. And the next time you buy a gospel album with the name Winans on it, let’s see if you remember all of this.

Additional reporting: A. Neff King