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Mike Tyson Ex Girlfriend Ate His Pigeon Pet


If you know anything about Mike Tyson (other than his penchant for ear nibbling), you know that he is cray cray about his pigeons. They are his love. They are part of his soul. So when someone messes with one of his beloved, you better guard your earlobes!

During a radio interview on Thursday, the boxer turned Broadway star revealed that one of his ex-girlfriends once took one of his birds and cooked it up! After she went ahead and cooked it to her liking, she offered Mr. Mike a bite.

Mike revealed, “I was dating this young lady and she said, ‘I don’t know why you’re flying those damn birds, you should be eating them. She happened to grab one and she cooked one and proceeded to eat it. And I just couldn’t do it… It just wasn’t the right thing to do… It wasn’t cool. But it was her house and we were living off of her dime, so she could do (it).”

Yeah so obviously she was a done deal after that. Mike called his relationship with that chick real quick.

Don’t mess with Mike and his pigeons, yo!

Brad and His Pitt Stops

A long long time ago, before Team Jolie unleashed her Steeltrap Thundercat…
I’d heard about this rumor many years ago, but none of the immediate parties would ever speak out on it. Well, nearly twenty years later, one of them finally has and I’ve learned a bit more than I thought I would from Mike Tyson.

The boxing legend, who was infamously married to one of the original golddiggers of all time, Robin Givens, recently revealed that not only was she Givens it up to Brad Pitt, but that he caught the two in the act! On Graham Bensinger’s show recently, Tyson had this to say about his ex-wife…

“I was doing a divorce but I—we—every day, before I would go to my lawyer’s office to say she’s a pig and stealing, I would go to…her house to have sex with her. This particular day, someone beat me to the punch. And I guess Brad got there earlier than I did.  “I was mad as hell. I was going to…you should have saw his face when he saw me.”
I can just imagine the face Pitt had for Tyson, who was known to whoop a trick to near death back in his prime. Pitt was not yet famous at the time, but he was known in Hollywood circles as the go-to himbo of that particular era. I’m sure he was scared Tyson was going to bash in his pretty face!
No word yet from the Pitt camp. Probably because Angelina won’t give him permission to speak!

Mike Tyson Lost His Ex-Wife To Brad Pitt?

I watch PTI on ESPN everyday at 5:30 pm. Every now and then sports world and Hollywood collide. Case in point…

Mike Tyson made an appearance on ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption Monday afternoon to promote his new broadway show “Mike Tyson – Undisputed Truth,” directed by Spike Lee.

PTI hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon asked Mike Tyson to give the audience a sample bit from his one-man show.

This is gonna be pretty stimulating for you Mike [Wilbon], you like to talk about venereal diseases and stuff…during my divorce with Robin Givens, you know, while we’re on television calling each other scoundrels, I’m still going back to our house hittin’ it though right. So one particular day before I go to my lawyer…I say maybe I can give this another try so I’m getting ready to go over there, knocking on the door. No one shows up so I’m heading back to my car to go to my lawyer and say this is really a dreadful woman now, right, but as I’m going to my car I see her car coming up. The reason why I know it’s her car is because I bought it, right, so as she comes up I say ‘there’s a possibility I’m gonna get this before I go back to my lawyer and see how dreadful she is. So as she comes forward…you wouldn’t believe who is in the car with her – it’s Brad Pitt…I didn’t even think about slugging him or killing him. All the fight was knocked out of me after seeing that. So that would be one of our intriguing stories if I decide to sell that one.”

In case you are too young to remember…

Mike Tyson is the Prostitute Hunter

Mike Tyson, the prostitute hunter? You don’t say. We know Mike is a tad on the cray cray side. He likes to eat ears for gawd’s sake. Well on the Today show this morning, we found out that the boxing legend is doing a one-man Broadway show called Undisputed Truth. Mike and his play’s director Spike Lee sat down to talk about his troubled past of drug abuse and his jail terms and women.

Tyson explained, “I [finally] threw up the white flag. There [were] too many prison cells. Too many jails. Too many lawyers. Too many lawsuits. Too many bankruptcies. Too many women. Too many venereal diseases. Too many everything. I want to live a different life… I was a prostitute hunter.”

So what will this Broadway play do for Tyson’s image? Lee told Ann Curry, “[He will show] the same courage he displayed in the ring. I think it will take just as much courage to go on stage, when you bare your soul to the audience. It’s captivating.”

Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth had a limited run in Las Vegas earlier this year.

As long as there is no ear gnawing, I think I would possibly check this one out.