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Celebrity VIP Lounge

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WATCH: Beyoncé and Jay Z Kick Off On The Run Tour in Miami!

Power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z kicked off their On The Run Tour just last night at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium, and the Internet is going crazy! The Carters performed a 40-song set list (YES FORTY!)of some of their greatest hits, including collaborations with each other, like “’03 Bonnie and Clyde,” “Upgrade You,” and the latest, “Part II (On The Run).”

The couple also got personal, sharing private home videos for their fans of their secret wedding back in April 2008 as well as time spent with daughter Blue Ivy during a performance of “Forever Young” and “Halo.” Fans saw Bey’s beautiful white wedding gown and veil, as well as Jay looking rather nice in a tuxedo. The Carters also showed them getting their famous “IV” tattoos on their wedding ring fingers before the ceremony (the number four is a very significant number to them, representing Beyonce’s birthday on September 4, Jay Z’s birthday on December 4, and their wedding date, April 4), as well as the moment when Jay officially put a ring on it!

Blue Ivy was, of course, also featured, as their parents performed. “There were videos of Blue in the pool with her mom, walking holding hands with her parents, Jay Z kissing Blue,” an audience member said to Us Weekly. “It was a sweet moment — Jay Z and Beyoncé were both facing the screen watching the Blue videos while they sang ‘Halo.’ It was like they were singing the song to their baby girl. The two of them were beaming, smiling watching their little girl on the screen.” Check out some of Blue below!

The 16-date tour continues on June 28, hitting Cincinnati, OH next, and will continue on throughout July and the first week of August, before culminating in Paris on September 12 and 13.

This is going to be an AMAZING tour!

Image via Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Rihanna Makes It Rain On A Miami Stripper


Whatever Rihanna had as far as illnesses go, she must be feeling a lot better now. Girlfriend was spotted hanging out at a strip club in Miami last weekend and whomever was twerking it in front of her, got themselves some big bucks yo. RiRi made it rain big time and I’m sure pretty much dished out enough dough to cover that stripper’s rent for a half year.

Sources at Miami’s strip club called King of Diamonds told TMZ that Ri stopped in on Sunday morning and threw eight THOUSAND dollars on several dancers including a girl named Remy Redd, one of the biggest strippers in Magic City.

TMZ reports, “We’re told Rihanna dropped by to see how the girls move to her music — and ended up staying for two-and-a-half hours. We’re told Ri’s BFF Katy Perry dropped by later as well.”

No word on whether Katy threw any dolla dolla bills down any girls’ g-strings though.

See Ri do her thang by throwing away her hard earned money to some stripper in the video from TMZ below.

Rapper Trina Suffers Family Tragedy

Rapper Trina, who is an icon in the Miami community especially, has suffered tragedy in her family. Her younger brother was slain today and as the questionstrinas-brother-shot-dead-miami mount as to why, the hip-hop community has gathered around the diva to send their condolences.

This morning, her brother was killed in a gunfight after a scuffle. No one has been arrested yet, but sources close to the case indicate that the two knew one another. Trina’s PR team has issued a statement via her MySpace page:

“I have some very sad news to post. Over the weekend, Trina’s little brother was shot in Miami, FL. Wilbrent Bain Jr. is also known to friends as Goonkie and is 19 years old. He is currently in critical condition at a local Miami, FL hospital. Please keep him in your prayers and send your blessings to Trina and her family! Feel free to post comments as I will be forwarding them to Trina herself.” CelebrityVIPLounge send their condolences and will update as more information regarding this incident is released.

additional reporting: A. Neff King

CELEB SPOTTING: Ryan Lochte Gets Loved Up By Girls In Miami


Ryan Lochte was at Shore Club earlier this week and he definitely was enjoying a guys-only getaway to Miami for a few days. He kicked off his ‘spring break’ in typical South Beach style hitting Shore Club for the hotel’s Shore Thing Sundays bash for St. Patrick’s Day. Lochte juggled the attention of numerous bikini-clad girls throughout the day, drank vodka and champagne and, of course, swam.


Sounds like he had a rough time!

Andress Urach: Miss Bumbum Vice Invades Miami


With Carneval in full swing in Brazil, for those Americans that don’t have enough money to get to the festivities in the grandest place to celebrate the events in style, CelebrityVIPLounge is pleased to be able to bring some of the party straight to your laptop as you whittle at your desk job.

Brazil is known for many things, hot specimens of human beings being one of them. Even more specifically, those of the female kind. Sweden may be touted for their blonde hair, but when it comes to more important body parts -like ass?

Brazil’s got this!

Brazil’s annual pageant for Miss Bum Bum is just that – the search for a posterior that will make grown men hand over signed checks, handicapped people attempt backflips, and other acts of the nearly impossible. This year’s winner is a sight for eyes to feast on and she has made a slew of appearances this week on American soil as an exquisite export of her native country.

Andress Urach, the current Miss Bumbum Vice, strutted her significant wares in Miami as part of her world tour and in a city that is known for its hot weather and even hotter bodies, she still managed to stand out. The 25-year old, who resides in Sao Paolo is turning heads in a city known for its bombshells. You can catch the explosion on her sites, follow her on Twitter, and thank us for adding that extra saliva on your chin.

Twitter: @dessaurach


additional reporting: A. Neff. King

REPORT: Chris Brown Snatches a Fan’s Cell Phone at a Club








Sighhhh….Christopher, you just don’t learn. After a fan took a photo of him outside of the  South Beach club Cameo, Chris Brown allegedly snatched her phone, telling her, “Bitch, you ain’t gonna put that on no website.”

According to NBC, Christal Spann, a 24-year-old Miami woman, told police that she was inside Cameo early Sunday morning when she saw Chris and rapper Tyga leaving the nightclub through a side door. She and her fans followed the artists outside, and Spann took a picture of him with her iPhone while he was sitting in his car. After snatching the phone, he rolled up his window, and drove off!

Police responded at 4:43 a.m. They listed the offense as a “robbery by sudden snatching,” and said the incident would be further investigated.

Police said the state attorney’s office is preparing the arrest warrant for Chris. Tyga wasn’t implicated, they said. The state attorney’s office wouldn’t comment on the case, and Chris couldn’t be reached for comment.

Really Chris? Really? If this is really true, you aren’t helping yourself at all. People are already freaking out over you reuniting with Rihanna on your remixes for “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up The Music.” And now, you snatch some girl’s phone, and drive off with it? I love you Chris, but you got to get your anger IN CHECK.

Photo via AFP/Getty Images

Diddy’s NYE party in Miami was cray cray

If you are a fan of Ciroc, the place to ring in the New Year was Diddy’s New Year’s Eve party. Diddy throw a big fat party (a private one, at that) at his mansion on Miami’s Star Island and a few big name celebs showed their faces, however Diddy’s fling Cameron Diaz was not there.

And neither was Diddy’s off and on gal pal…

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