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REPORT: Solange Knowles Attacks Jay Z in Elevator

Reports are looming that Solange Knowles attacked her brother-in-law Jay Z!  TMZ obtained a surveillance video of Beyoncé‘s sister going after the rapper violently in an elevator.

According to the website, the alleged attacked happened at an after party after the Met Gala last week at the Standard Hotel in New York City.  In the video, Jay Z, Beyoncé and Knowles step into the elevator together, and Solange immediately jumps in Jay Z’s face and begins swinging and kicking!

A man, appearing to be Bey’s bodyguard Julius, tries to hold Solange back, but she manages to make contact a few times. Jay grabs her foot after she tries to kick him, but never once tries to hit her. Meanwhile, Beyoncé stands by without getting physically involved, though it looks like she does try to talk to her sister to calm the situation.

No telling what started the fight, but the three eventually did leave the building together, though Bey and Solo left in one car, and Jay Z in another. Check out the intense video below!

DRAMA! Solange does have a temper, but Jay Z had to have done something really wrong for her to attack like that. Unless she was drunk, and just made an bad altercation worse. If the Knowles sisters left out together, is it possible that Jay Z did something wrong against Beyoncé? Something like this, we can only speculate about. The private couple will probably never discuss something like this out in the open. Then again, “sources” may have been lingering and might be willing to tell the story. A story like this, some kind of details will come out soon.

Image via NY Daily News

Anna Wintour Snubs Kim Kardashian From MET Gala!

So I’ve been looking through photos from Anna Wintour‘s MET Gala in New York City on Monday night, putting together my Best Dressed list when I saw Kanye West looking all dapper and fresh faced with NO big bootied girl on his arm. Where oh where was Kim Kardashian? I know you all have been thinking that too, right? Seriously. WHY would Kimmy K turn down an opportunity to be looked at? To canoodle with her new beau? To get all glammed up and show off a fresh new botox injection? Well, our friends at Radaronline.com KNOW why Kim was noticeably absent!

Well, my friends, it all comes to down Anna Wintour despising Kim. Radaronline.com reports

“Anna hates Kim,” a source says. “Why would she be invited to the event? It is all the biggest stars in the world and Kim doesn’t fit that bill at all.”

EVERYONE who is everyone was there, including Goopy, Bey, Gisele Bundchen, ScarJo, supermodels galore and A-listers up the wazoo.

“The Met Gala is $25,000 a ticket, but Kim can’t even buy her way in, Anna Wintour does NOT want her there!” the source says.

Kim and her very pregnant sister Kourtney Kardashian were snapped on Monday running errands in Los Angeles, and the source says she’ll likely try and justify her absence.

Imagine getting snubbed from one of the HOTTEST events of the year. Now while this report is being circulated, you can be sure we will hear some sort of quick denial in a hot minute.

“Kim and her camp will deny that she wasn’t invited by saying that she had business in L.A., but that is a lie,” the source says. “She would of done anything to be there with all the A-listers.”

This all just goes to show that a sex tape, a snobby and rich boyfriend and a staged reality show will not get you into Anna Wintour’s MET gala.

Oh and don’t expect Kimmy on the cover of Vogue anytime soon.