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Chris Brown Is Headed for Rehab


Because as we all know, it has worked wonders for him and other celebrities in the past.

Fresh on the heels of his latest beatdown, Chris Brown’s team is working overtime to keep him out of the clink for violating the terms of his probation regarding pop singer Rihanna by throwing him into a Malibu rehabilitation center that specializes in helping people with their anger management issues. How long is Brown reportedly staying in the center remains to be seen, but early word is that it is around three months.

Mark Geragos, attorney to the stars (remember that Winona Ryder case? That’s him!), is placing Chris in this treatment center because he is allegedly certain the judge will revoke the probation and then put Brown behind bars. Let’s see if this obvious PR move gets any goodwill thrown Chris’ way.

We prefer the kind of rehab that tends to stick a bit longer.

It’s called prison.

additional reporting: A. Neff King