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Khloe Kardashian 86’ed from The X Factor


Well, it looks like another Kardashian is going to be in the unemployment line. Oh, wait a minute. There is no line when you’re fame whores! Only corners!

The X Factor announced yesterday that although Mario Lopez will be returning for the fall premiere of the television show, its other co-host, Khloe Kardashian, will not. This show has had more slots filled than a well…you know how to finish that sentence!

Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato will be returning in the fall as well, but Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid and Britney Spears will not be returning in the fall. Who will fill these slots for the upcoming season? There are alot of people that could fill those seats. The question is if they would want to. Everyone knows that Simon Cowell is a c*nt to work with and the ratings are not exactly stellar for this American Idol rip-off. They should have kept Britney and replaced her Diet Coke with some sizzurrp and watched the ratings really take off!

Khloe Kardashian Releases Her Areolas…Live

You know those Kardashians. They just cannot keep their clothes on. And this case is no different as her true DNA shown through…her blouse. I guess the KK mantra is: when in doubt, flash it!

Last night’s episode has received a lot of attention, but for not the right reasons. Of course, if rawng reasons are involved, then so is a Kardashian. And although Khloe may be the classiest Kardashian (as if that’s a stretch), she still has traces of Kim flowing through her veins. So it comes as no shock that her breasts decided to make their national debut on live television as well.

Simon Cowell, ever the wise ass, tried to let Khloe know that her girls were at attention, but did she know what he was talking about?

Hell to the naw!

So the show carried on and viewers probably tuned in more.

And did Mario Lopez even bother to look over at her titty balls? This leads credence to the theory that KKO is a man, because everyone knows Lopez will dry hump any real woman in a ten mile radius.

Let’s see if she is wearing any panties on the next live show.

Khloe Kardashian: New X-Factor Host!

Oh how I hate to report on anything Kardashian, but if/when I am forced to, I prefer to report on the one that is the least annoying of the lot. For me, that’s Khloe, and so I can report with no ill will that she has just been confirmed as the new host of X Factor. She will share hosting duties with Mario Lopez, who also has finally been inked into a deal.

Reports claim that Khloe’s pimp mama Kris Jenner crashed into the negotiating room and got the ball rolling after a standoff ensued over Kardashian’s presence on E!. Jenner assured them that she could dutifully pimp out her daughter on both networks  and the deal was approved. X Factor returns to television in November and the pressure is on for the show to build upon its first season and possibly take Nielsen points from The Voice and American Idol.

So even though now it looks like Kardashians are trickling over onto other networks, this is one move I can stomach. I just hope that she’s so good that Mario Lopez gets fired, and then she can be the sole host!

Birthday Bitches

Mario Lopez is 39.

Actor Charles Dance is 66.

Ben Vereen is 66.

Cyril Neville of The Neville Brothers is 64.

David Lee Roth (Van Halen) is 58.

Tanya Tucker is 54.

Julia Sweeney is 53.

Actor Bradley Whitford is 53.

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (“She’s All That”) is 34.

Mya is 33.

Khloe Kardashian as a Co-Host?

After reporting only a few days ago that Khloe Kardashian was a sure lock for the gig as host of X Factor next season, now comes word that s/he is not man enough for the job and now producers are scurrying for more testosterone on the show in the form of two co-hosts. What other men are vying for the coveted position?

Sources connected to the show have added Mario Lopez and Corbin Bleu as the other two possibly sharing the stage with Khloe, who is allegedly Simon Cowell’s top selection. Corbin Bleu factors in as the possible host waiting in the wings if contracts cannot be worked out between Kardashian or Lopez.

If this show potentially takes a Kardashian off their own reality show, maybe this is a good thing. But does this mean Khloe will be more of a presence on a large network? Maybe this is not a good thing for KK haters? The only thing this possible gig proves is that a Kardashian can actually read.

CELEB SPOTTING: Adrienne Maloof Hosts Zing Party, Guest Mario Lopez Poses With Guy With Big Package

Are those Mario Lopez’s underwear?

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star and mogul Adrienne Maloof treated friends, family, and excited partygoers to a private party at her Beverly Hills estate for Maloof Ventures’ newly-founded endeavor, ZING™ Vodka, which premiered its debut flavor of Red Velvet at the event. Several hundred guests gathered at the launch, where they were blown away by the life-size ZING bottle entryway in front of the estate, the statue-like painted models, and the custom-made ZING bottle-shaped red velvet cake.

At the event, Red Velvet cocktails were distributed by red-gloved servers through an interactive wall of thousands of roses forming the ZING logo. The highly anticipated vodka has a unique bottle design which boasts sophisticated LED technology that illuminates the bottle with just one touch. The brand will be making its official debut in Las Vegas in September, with additional markets to follow soon after.

Seen at the party were notables’ Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards, who was accompanied by her husband Mauricio Umansky, host of EXTRA! Mario Lopez, GRAMMY Award-winning music producer and artist RZA, Los Angeles Lakers players Ron Artest and Matt Barnes, accompanied by Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan, and many more, who donned their best red and black cocktail attire.

Photos via Joe Kohen & Katy Winn

Mario Lopez Thinks Halle Berry Should Pay Gabriel Aubry $20K in Child Support!

Talk show host Bethenny Frankel chats with MARIO LOPEZ, TV personality and host of “Extra,” on Tuesday, June 26th. Mario comments on Halle Berry’s $20K child support and on raising his own daughter not to be a “brat.” Plus, Mario does push-ups “bethenny”-style and the “Calling All My Girls” panel debates the word “vagina,” while Mario runs into a little trouble saying it aloud…


Bethenny: Halle Berry was ordered to pay $20,000 a month to her daughter’s father….so people are kind of freaking out about that. And I want to know what you think about it?

Mario: People are freaking out because of the sum, but also because it’s a woman that’s paying it for a man. And most of the time the shoe is on the other foot. But, I know a lot of guys, who are like all right one for the guys. But, at the same time, even when it’s on the other foot. I’m like really how much money does it really take to… but I know thing whole, Bethenny, is it’s a lifestyle in which she’s accustomed to. She’s 4 years old. What is she accustomed to? Coloring?

Bethenny: But, I disagree. I think that if you have a baby. She’s probably got this big house with all these great things and the baby is going to come to her house and then is going to go over to Daddy’s house and he’s living in a studio apartment.

Mario: Keep it real…Let’s keep it real. She’ll have balance right there.

Bethenny: All right, ok.

Mario: She’ll keep it in perspective. Or else she’s going to raise a little brat. That’s the one thing. As a father, let me tell you something. The first thing I want to tell, aside from raising my daughter to treat people with respect and manners, and whathave you. I want her to really just appreciate the value of a dollar…I’m a former inner city kid, it’s like hey, most people don’t have it this good. I am so scared that I don’t want to raise a little brat…

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Mario Lopez Helps Raise $10k For GLAAD

In support of Barefoot Wine’s more than 25 years of LGBT support, on Saturday night, sexy Mario Lopez took the stage at the GLAAD Media Awards to auction off the Barefoot Wine Dream Day.

Mario excited the crowd with details on the day and teased them with a glimpse of his underwear his new underwear line, Rated M, that is! He took photos with attendees and fans alike. Spotted giving him a huge hug was fellow supporter and the star of Scandal, Kerry Washington.

The lucky winner gets an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to spend a day with Mario. The winning bid was for $10,000 and goes directly to support GLAAD’s advocacy for the LGBT community.

Other celebrities in attendance included: Diana Argon (Glee, and GLAAD Media Award host), Beverly McClellan (The Voice), Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars), Shonda Rhimes (creator, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal.)

Unfortunately he did NOT strip down to his skivvies. Damn him.

CELEB SPOTTING: Mario Lopez Shows His Underwear

Let me just say that for those that flocked to Bloomingdale’s Aventura to see Mario Lopez debut his new men’s premium underwear line, RatedM they may have been slightly disappointed. One, the guy didn’t arrive shirtless. Secondly, he didn’t model them.

Shoppers were treated to a high-energy runway fashion show – emceed by Lopez – featuring RatedM’s bold, new collection of premium underwear and bodywear exclusively available at select Bloomingdale’s stores. Following the show, Lopez met with shoppers, posed for pictures and signed RatedM merchandise.

Lopez said, “I’m so excited to be launching RatedM at one of the best men’s stores in the country – Bloomingdale’s – Aventura! The event was great. Seeing so many people walk out the door having purchased their own RatedM gear is really exciting.”

Exciting, indeed.

“Bloomingdale’s Aventura was absolutely thrilled to host Mario Lopez for this exciting event,” said Eileen Alkabes, Public Relations Manager. “We’ve received a great response about the new RatedM collection from our customers so we were excited to be able to offer them such an exclusive opportunity.”

VIP EXCLUSIVE: Mario Lopez Is Part of Prize For GSN’s Dance Of a Lifetime Contest

Mario Lopez has signed up to be part of the “prize” for the “Dance of a Lifetime” contest hosted by GSN in celebration of their recent launch of Dancing with the Stars Season 12.

Celebrity VIP Lounge recently had the chance to ask Lopez about his involvement with this contest and why he decided to be a part of the winner’s prize.

Lopez told Celebrityviplounge.com, “I’ve been a fan of GSN for a while and had a great experience on Dancing with the Stars. I love dancing, and it’s my mom’s favorite show. So anytime I can keep dancing and keep doing stuff for her to keep her happy, I like to it. And I get to dance and promote a positive message at the same time, so why not? Win-win.”

And with that, YOU could have the chance to shake your groove thing alongside Mario and a professional ballroom dance instructor AND win yourself a trip for two to Hollywood.

Not only that but the Grand Prize winner will also receive a full DWTS-style makeover before the dance lesson, including wardrobe, hair and make-up. Wardrobe will be provided by Emmy Award-winning costume designer, Randall Christensen.

Here’s how DANCING WITH THE STARS fans can enter GSN’s “Dance of a Lifetime” Contest:

March 17-31 – Video Submission Period:
Fans submit their dance videos via the official “Dance of a Lifetime” Contest website at GSNtv.com/DANCESTAR. Videos should showcase fans’ best dance moves.

April 1-10 – Fan Voting Period:
The submitted videos will be posted on GSNtv.com/DANCESTAR. Contest entrants can rally their friends and family to vote online for their submission.

April 11-13 – Finalists Chosen:
The top five “Dance of a Lifetime” contest finalists will be highlighted on GSNtv.com/DANCESTAR.

Saturday, April 14 – Winner Announced on GSN’s DWTS Season 12 Finale:
The “Dance of a Lifetime” Contest Grand Prize Winner will be announced on GSN during the network’s Season 12 finale of DANCING WITH THE STARS, which premieres at 6:00 pm ET.

Sounds like some crazy fun and a great opportunity for fans of both DWTS AND Mr. Mario Lopez. I wouldn’t mind shaking my groove thing alongside Mario!

SWAG GIVEAWAY: Mario Lopez’s RatedM Prize Pack

It’s soon Valentine’s Day and we have a special giveaway for you! In the photo above, Mario Lopez models a pair of RatedM underwear (nice, right?) and Celebrity VIP Lounge is offering one fabulous reader a package of underwear for that special man in your life. Come on, you can never have enough underwear, right?


For Manful Men and Their Very Special Guests. RatedM believes that good-looking men, as well as okay-looking guys, and even some ugly yet charming dudes deserve undercover awesomeness. Designed by New York-based apparel masterminds Mad Projects Industries, LLC, and in partnership with Mario Lopez, RatedM boasts a product line for dudes of all dimensions. With three distinct collections Elementary, Atelier and Play, RatedM has you covered for all occasions. Men’s Underwear and Bodywear designed to do you different – including Ts, tanks, boxers, boxer briefs, tighty – whiteys and more.

Check out more from RatedM here.

Enter to win the RatedM and Celebrity VIP Lounge contest below. Good Luck!

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Birthday Bitches

Mario Lopez is 38.

Peter Coyote is 70.

Ben Vereen is 65.

Cyril Neville of The Neville Brothers is 63.

David Lee Roth (Van Halen) is 57.

Tanya Tucker is 53.

Bradley Whitford is 52.

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe is 33.

Mya is 32.

Image via Wireimage.com

Birthday Bitches


Mario Lopez is 35
Martin Kemp is 47
Bai Ling is 38
David Lee Roth is 53
Charles Dance is 62
Mya is 29
Rebecca Pidgeon is 43
David Morse is 55
Fiona Fullerton is 52
Julia Sweeney is 47