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Mama June Is Walking Down That Aisle!!

All those men that have been secretly wanting to get their romance on with June ‘Mama June’ Shannon now have to hang up their dreams and move on to the next hot girl in the trailer park. This one is now going to be officially spoken for!!

Mama June, who has been shacking up with Sugar Bear for nearly a decade, is finally getting that piece of paper! Her man, Sugar Bear (real name Mike Thompson) found love via the internet and have been shacked up ever since. Their child, the world-famous Boo Boo Thompson, has brought them into prominence as well, and now that they are rolling in the deep cash, they will spare no expense for this wedding. Expect the nuptials to be aired on TLC and according to reports, the guests have been to wear redneck fashion.

Why didn’t Britney Spears think of this?!!
additional reporting: A. Neff King

Honey Boo Boo Rakes In The Dough

8b1922cffaea53483b50e5da791dd246And it looks like all that talk about rednecks being stupid with their money is just that.


Because America’s most famous redneck family is ensuring that their family may not get a G.E.D., high school diploma, or take a single course from DeVry, but once they reach maturity, they will be able to afford the best trailers John Deere produces and the best double wide trailers in their swamp community!

Mama June, the mother to Honey Boo Boo, has recently announced that she has set aside all the money from her daughter’s cut from their hit show into a trust fund that they get access to once they turn 21. In fact, she never even touches the money, as she has TLC deposit directly into their savings accounts. Now, this is a mama I like. I guess Mama June saw one too many ‘Behind the Music’ episodes. Or maybe she watched ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ one too many times?

The only thing Mama June has bought is a used car: a 2005 Ford Expedition. Now that’s classy! My hat now goes off to this mama. She’s looking hotter and hotter every day! If only she could teach these other reality star tricks and hip hop heads how to handle their money!