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Zendaya is the New Face of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’

Zendaya Coleman is definitely on top of the world right now. After winning her role as Aaliyah in an upcoming Lifetime biopic (despite the controversy around it), the Disney star has another big gig as the new face of Madonna‘s “Material Girl” teenage fashion brand!

The singer is the next face of the brand, taking the spot of Rita Ora, and joining the ranks of former material girls Taylor Momsen and Georgia May Jagger. Zendaya recently shot ads for the  brand’s fall campaign, playfully smiling and posing on the Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn.

“Zendaya exudes a confident, free spirit. We love having her as the new face of Material Girl,” Madonna said in a press release. Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, also a collaborator behind the brand, is also a huge supporter of the teenage singer. “I love how Zendaya makes her own style rules to fit her personality — that’s who Material Girl is all about, being yourself to the fullest,” she added.

Zendaya, of course, was thrilled that she was picked by the “dynamic mother/daughter duo,” and gave a shoutout to the brand and the Material Girl herself saying in a press release of her own, “Material Girl embraces having fun with fashion and being confident in your own skin… and who does that better than Madonna?”

Well good for her! Zendaya is a very pretty girl and is definitely perfect to be the face of the brand. She’s in the demographic, she’s cute, and she’s fun! Plus, she has a huge following, so it’s definitely smart of the brand to add her on. Now Disney fans may just want to buy more of these clothes!

Image via Material Girl

Madonna Releases Promo Video for MDNA Skin Care Line

Time to get pretty! Madonna has officially released a video promoting her MDNA skin care line!

In the black-and-white video, Madonna says, “Having good skin is important to me but so are other things.” She continues without much explanation about what the line actually has: “I’ve spent hours on it. Months on it. Years on it. MDNA. Transformation. Enigmatic. Substance. Connection. Revolution. Spirit. Intuition. Magic. Mystical. Ambition. Infinity. Immortal.”

The three-part skin care line created with MTG beauty company consists of a Chrome Clay Mask, Skin Rejuvinator, and The Serum. Too bad we’ll never see it in the States! Unfortunately for everyone, the line is only being sold in Japan! After all this?! You can still check out the video for MDNA below!

The video is a little weird, but I can’t say Madonna doesn’t look amazing in it! I don’t think it’s because of her MDNA line, but regardless, she looks HOT!

Image via Us Weekly

Madonna Will Perform with Miley Cyrus On MTV Unplugged

The reports are true! Madonna will be seen in a special performance with Miley Cyrus on MTV Unplugged!

The pop legend herself will join Miley on the special that airs tonight, January 29 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV, as they sing a mashup of Madonna’s “Don’t Tell Me,” and Miley’s own hit “We Can’t Stop.” The entire special has a country-western theme, as Miley gets back to her Tennessee roots. And yes, Madonna laces up her cowgirl boots too!

The performance was recorded just last night, and according to E!, there was a lot of bumpin’ and grindin’ between the two stars! Miley even got a playful butt slap in! “That was pretty f–king cool, you guys,” Miley said of the performance. “It sounds super-lame, but as a pop star it’s pretty cool performing with Madonna…Today was one of those days that it was really easy to get out of bed.”

Well, I have to give it to Miley. She has certainly managed to keep people talking over the past year! And now, to have Madonna doing a performance with you?! This is one hoedown I might have to check out. I’m just curious to see how this is really going to come together!

Image via MTV

Piers Morgan Can’t Stand Madonna’s “Phoney Accent, Muscled Arms and Stripping”


We all know that Piers Morgan is not a fan of Madonna and while there are some people who aren’t fans, they keep their mouths shut. Not Piers! He’ll go on the record letting y’all know his distaste for the legendary pop star.

So does he really hate Madge or is he just looking for someone to throw stones at for a little publicity?

At any rate, here’s the little story he told Ok! magazine, “Madonna is pretty awful. She never forgave me for throwing a bread roll at her at Marco Pierre White’s birthday. She was just being really obnoxious, not just to me, but generally. There was only 40 of us at this dinner party and she got annoyed because Bernard Manning started being offensive and that wound her up. She was with Guy Ritchie at the time and he’d been laughing his head off… I just picked up a bread roll and chucked it at her!”

He went on to add, “I hate the phoney accent, the muscled arms, the stripping off in her mid-fifties… Everything about her is attention-seeking – I think her 15 minutes of superstardom has probably run its course.”

The bish more money than any other artist this last year, so her biceps must be doing something for her!

M.I.A. Owes America a C-H-E-C-K!

Madonna should have pulled M.I.A. To the side and warned her before the Super Bowl that in America, we don’t stand for overt foolishness and f*ckery onstage, Miley Cyrus be damned.


In America, when you go too far, you will have to pay. Sometimes with your career (cue the Justin Timberlake-Janet Jackson breasticle debacle from years past) or in straight up cash! So when M.I.A. decided to greet nearly a billion people on live television during the 2012 Super Bowl with her middle finger, it was all sh*ts and giggles then, but now? A judgment has been handed down and M.I.A. Has been slapped upside the wig to the run of $1.5 million dollars. For those of you taking count, that’s double what Janet was fined when she showed a little chest action.

Is this heresy or what?!

No word yet on whether or not M.I.A. Is gonna hit up her girl Vadge for a check, but we’re betting that she’s on her on with this one!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Lourdes Post Selfie Starring Her Mama, Talks Summer Fashion And Wedgies


Lola blogs a selfie of her and her mother, Madonna, while watching the Macy’s 37th Annual 4th of July Fireworks in NYC and she took to her blog to share how her summer is going so far.

Via Lourdes blog on Material Girl:

“Hi everyone and happy summer! I find that now that summer is here, and the sun is LITERALLY blazing on my face and body, I really appreciate winter. I mean…my hair gets hot…my hair! Despite the excess back sweat one gets from walking two blocks, it’s nice to get some vitamin D and be able to go to the beach and hang out outside, obviously. Ironically, my friends and I always plan to hang out in the park and end up at someone’s house with air conditioning.

Because summer can be such an uncomfortable month, I’ve been trying to wear clothing other than really tight high-waisted cut off shorts that create an awkward wedgie and impair your breathing most of the time (you know the ones). Loose dresses are really the way to go for me this time around. If you go to a thrift store and find really long old lady dresses just chop the dresses with some scissors (my mother hates this) and you’re comfy all day. If you are a girl like myself who doesn’t sit like a lady naturally, or if your dress comes up with the wind, just break out the black mini bike shorts underneath the dress. Who doesn’t love bike shorts? They are a much more comfortable alternative to the jean underwear we’ve been accustomed to for the past 4 summers.”

I’m not gonna lie. Bike shorts are the cheap version of Spanx. LOVE them.

The Met: Who Killed It and Who Didn’t!

anneThe annual Met Gala is usually the place where stars come out to fully shine, since they don’t have the constraints the Oscars and the Golden Globes place on their sartorial efforts. At The Met, you can go for broke and sometimes this works…and sometimes?


This year is no different from any other. There were some sure-fire winners and there were some definite busts, but all in all, this year fared better than others. Standouts?

Rooney Mara killed it in a Givenchy zipper dress all in white. The dress killed it, but the punk rock makeup? Not so much!

Miley Cyrus even looks naked even when she’s fully clothed. The pop star was in some fishnet trainwreck with electrocuted hair. This may be hot on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, but at The Met? Um, no, Miley. Just no!

Sarah Jessica Parker looked like she stole a cue from madonna’s playbook circa 1994, in her get-up: Giles Deracon dress, Philip Treacy headdress and Vuitton boots. This was the look to end all looks for the night. Love it or hate it, this look screams E F F O R T.

Anne Hathaway came out in newly blonde hair and her edgy dress set everything off perfectly. Do blondes have more fun? It certainly looked like it!

And the bombs?

Where to begin? Oh YES. Kim Kardashian! In her floral print dress, she looked like a rose garden that exploded in all the right places. And when you’re as knocked up as she is, is it really necessary to have a slit to the cl*t? No, Kimmy Kim. Next time, stay at home and pop that baby before your next red carpet!

Madonna looked like she raided Lourdes’ closet…in 2002 and decided that even though they didn’t fit, they’d have to do. It is a recession, after all. Or perhaps SJP stole her outfit and this was the only alternative? Ain’t enough prayers in the world to fix this travesty!

And for the rest, click below and sound off!


Deadmau5 “F**king Hates” Kanye West


Add Deadmau5 to the list of peeps who aren’t big fans of Kanye West. Ok, who are we kidding. Deadmau5 doesn’t just not like Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy, he f**cking hates the guy.

In a recent interview…after asked who he would like to work with, the deejay flat out said, anyone but Kanye. Well to be exact, the guy said, “Anyone other than f**king Kanye. I f**king hate him.”

Too bad Mau didn’t tell us all how he really feels.

Apparently the guy doesn’t remember saying those words. He took to Twitter to attempt a clarification. Please take note, this is NOT an apology.

He tweeted, “Holy crap! LMFAOx21, Jesus, I say some gnarly s**t sometimes… Hahahaha… Oh man. I don’t even remember that one… Oh well.”

Deadmau5 is no stranger to celebrity feuds. Just last summer the guy had a big fat problem with Madonna. You all may remember his slam when Madge made the reference to “Molly” (the drug) at a music festival.

Well let me refresh your memory…

“You want to be ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ and ‘funky grandma’? Fine. It’s not my place to say you’re irrelevant. If you’re gonna come into my world, at least do it with a little more dignity,” he said.

“I understand she has millions more fans and is way more successful than I’ll ever be. But it’s like talking about slavery at a f**king blues concert. It’s inappropriate.”

Madonna’s Mansion Is Up For Grabs…For $22.5 Million!


Madonna purchased the home in 2003 for an undisclosed price, but is rumored at around $13,950,000…. which means Madonna stands to make a pretty penny on the sale. This material girl is about to get a little richer.

The huge estate is 17,000 square feet, with nine bedrooms and 15 bathrooms! A photo and additional information is available on Redfin. Check out additional photos here.

If you’ve got more than a few million, YOU can own this mansion that Madge once called her home. Interested?

Rocco Embarrassed That His Mother Madge Flashes Herself On Stage

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres welcomes Madonna for her first in studio appearance on Monday, October 29th. During the full hour interview Madonna introduces her 12 year-old son, Rocco who volunteers to get in the “Ellen” Splash tank to help raise $10,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Ellen: All month long “Food Should Taste Good” partnered with us to help in the fight against Breast Cancer. You can help too. Just look for the “Ellen For The Cure” logo on specially marked pink bags. Right now we are going to raise $10,000 by dunking who ever Madonna wants to put in that dunk tank. So who do you want to put in there?

Madonna: I don’t really have to think about it. My son (Rocco) is here and I want him in that tank…

Ellen: All right, Rocco.

Rocco enters…

Ellen: Hi, Rocco. How are you?

Rocco: Nice to meet you.

Madonna: He’s in my show too by the way.

Ellen: I know. I heard. What do you do in the show?

Rocco: I dance.

Ellen: You dance. Do you DJ a little bit too?

Rocco: No, that’s my brother.

Ellen: Just mainly dancing. So you’re a good dancer too.

Rocco Yes, I am.

Ellen: That’s amazing.

Madonna: He’s a little confident…She’s related to us by the way.

Rocco: I know.

Ellen: I’m going to be hanging with you for family dinners and holidays and stuff so get used to me.

Rocco: This is probably like the first time I’ve seen you.

Ellen: I know but we’re going to hang out more often.

Rocco: Um, ok.

Ellen: So excited.

Madonna: 12. That’s what 12 is like

Ellen: Is your mother strict? Is she a good mother?

Rocco: Um, Yeah, she’s a good mother but yeah, yeah.

Madonna: But she’s what?

Rocco: She’s a good mother. Yes. That’s all I have to say. She’s very strict but in a good way.

Ellen: How cool. You’re on tour with your mother. She can’t be that strict.

Rocco: Um…

Ellen: What about when she flashed herself and stuff. How do you feel about that?

Rocco: I actually don’t see that.

Madonna: He’s underneath the stage busy, doing things.

Ellen: Good. That’s best. ..

Madonna Falls Flat On Face In Dallas (VIDEO)

Just the other night she was simulating gun shots in Colorado during her MDNA tour, so it was only appropriate that Miss Bitch Karma paid Madonna a visit during her MDNA tour in Dallas. It was during her hit Like a Prayer that Madge got a little close to fans. An excited little Madgster (or whatever it is Madge calls her fans) grabbed Madonna’s and caused her to fall…flat on her got damn face! The good news is all the plastic did not move an inch!

Let’s just say that Miss Queen Madonna was not thrilled. Check out the video of her fall below.

Madonna Forgives Elton John…Sort of

I have some advice for that famewhore. She should probably keep this feud going as long as she can because it’s the only way she stays in the news these days. Is anyone discussing her current world tour? Hell to the naw! Is anyone discussing her boytoy? No. Is anyone discussing her pimping out her daughter to sell clothes?

I think I’ve made my point.

Any-divasindisarraywilldoanythingforpress-way…the Queen of Pop is offering an olive branch to another queen of pop. Vadge dedicated one of her songs to Sir Elton John during her show in Nice. She even says she forgives him for calling her a “fairground stripper”.

She should be apologizing to fairground strippers.

After performing her song ‘Masterpiece’, she had this to say regarding Elton:

“I know he’s a big fan of it. And I know he’s a big fan of mine. And you know? I forgive him. Gotta start somewhere.”

But let’s read between the lines and snort them, readers, shall we? For the song ‘Masterpiece’ (which it isn’t, but I digress) is the very one that beat Elton John out at the Golden Globes in January for Best Original Song. Sir Eltie was not pleased about that and his husband was not either. David Furnish called her award “desperate” and said her acceptance speech was “embarrassing in its narcissism.”

No word yet from John’s camp about her latest comments, but I am willing to bet that Elton has saved up a ‘c*nt’ or two for Madonna.

It’s Madge’s Fault Octomom Went Topless for Album Cover.

If you’ve been wondering who to thank for Octomom’s topless album cover, look no further than Madonna. Yes, according to TMZ, the mother of 14 says that it was Madge that inspired her to bare it all for her music.

As TMZ reported earlier, Octomom is releasing a single with reality TV star Adam Barta, but they’ve changed the title of the song from “get on the Dance Floor” to “Sexy Party.”

And apparently, the cover art for “Sexy Party” is completely inspired by Madonna. Everything from the crosses in the background to the rosary and even the boob baring is all in honor of Madge.

If you’re looking to get your hands on that single, it drops September 4th. As for me, I’m going to try and deal with the unfortunate imagery that is created when the words “Sexy Party” is combined with the thought of Octomom topless and singing. My eyes, my ears… everything hurts.

Protesters Don’t Want Madge In Poland!

Madonna is not exactly having the best luck as of late. Now protesters from a Catholic youth group are demanding that local officials in Warsaw, Poland CANCEL Madge’s upcoming concert because it lands on the city’s World War Two remembrance day.

The MDNA tour is set to stop by Poland on August 1st and peeps are supposed to be observing the 1994 Warsaw Uprising against the Nazi occupation, which took 200,000 lives!

The group of religious activists called the Youth Crusade have launched an online petition in hopes that they can get the Madge show cancelled.

The petition reads, “August 1 is a day of remembrance in Poland. We pay our respects to those who survived and those who perished in the uprising. We won’t allow the desecration of our hallowed symbols.”

In other words, Madge is not wanted there. Period. After Madge flashed her boob in Turkey and France and let her butt hang out onstage in Rome, peeps aren’t exactly thrilled about her presence in their city. Oh and who can forget the swastika juxtaposed over her head.
Madonna’s latest tour antics have done little to improve her reputation in the eyes of her

Poor Madge. She crossed the boundaries too far.

Lady Gaga Responds To Madonna Slam!

Remember when Madge threw a big fat fit that Lady Gaga had supposedly stolen her “Express Yourself” jam and basically re-did it as “Born This Way?” Well, Madge is still pissed and isn’t letting it go. But shouldn’t she feel honored? I’ve always heard and believed that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Apparently Gaga thinks that Madge needs to simma down nah and quit talking smack about her because it hurts.

Gaga said, “It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves to put other people down or make fun of them or maybe make mockery of their work. And that doesn’t make me feel good at all.”

Madge has been dogging Gaga ever since “Born This Way” was released. She even recently performed a mashup of the song and “Express Yourself” as a concert in Tel Aviv to show how similar the songs were.

Back in January, Madge told ABC’s Cynthia McFadden, “When I heard it on the radio …I said that sounds very familiar. It feels reductive.”

And then she goes and flops out a breast. You know what she’s thinking, right? “I bet you don’t have the balls to do that, Gaga!”