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Celebrity VIP Lounge

Celebrity Gossip Heard All Over The Web

George Lopez says Sandra Bullock is his fairy godmother and other ODD Celebrity News.

George Lopez is happy to have Sandra Bullock’s support. People

True Blood’s Sam Trammell now has twin babies. I Need My Fix

Depp vs. Pitt for Christmas 2012! VIP Movie Snob

Matt Damon for President, Alec Baldwin for NY Mayor? Hollywood Dame

Banana Republic and Mad Men team up on fashion line. Busy Bee Blogger

Lady Gaga’s shoes are her only friends. Evil Beet Gossip

Reggie Bush is begging Kim K. to call off engagement. Daily Fill

Bruno Mars to perform at MTV VMA’s SheKnows

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Ashton Kutcher is getting a big paycheck and other big surprise links.

Ashton is getting a big fat paycheck. Like…big time. TMZ

Jennifer Aniston is wanting a baby. Yep, of course she does. I Need My Fix

Kate Middleton is refusing to eat. Celeb Dirty Laundry

Banana Republic and Mad Men team up on fashion line. Busy Bee Blogger

The Most perfect post the Internet has ever known. Lolebrity

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Kim Kardashian’s wedding guest list revealed and other OMG links.

Check out the stars invited to Kimmy K’s wedding here! Anything Hollywood

The 25 Most Underrated movies. Do you agree? VIP Movie Snob

Nicolette Sheridan will be back for Desperate Housewives finale? I Need My Fix

Paris Hilton gets a million dollars for this? Hollywood Dame

A Dirty Dancing remake? Earsucker

Anne Hathaway sparkles at One Day premiere. Busy Bee Blogger

Marina and the Diamonds, anyone? Evil Beet Gossip

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Suri Cruise takes her baby for a stroll and other what are they hinting at links.

Is Suri hinting at a baby bro or sis? Check out these photos! Celebuzz

DWTS cast to be revealed soon! I Need My Fix

Amy Winehouse political poster is WRONG! Celeb Dirty Laundry

How to find a husband. Busy Bee Blogger

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Why Ryan Reynolds dumped Charlize and other am I missing something links?

Charlize wanted a family. Ryan didn’t. Were they even dating? Celebitchy

Lilo had a meltdown at a Coldplay concert. Celeb Dirty Laundry

Gerald Butler looks skinny. I Need My Fix

One Eskimo’s Kandi makes me shake my booty. Busy Bee Blogger

The Most Perfect Post on the Internet ever. Lolebrity

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Mariah Carey shows off her post baby bod and other watered down links.

Mariah shows off her beach bod! TGJ

Harrison Ford hates the Smurfs. I Need My Fix

J Lo’s big lie exposed! Celeb Dirty Laundry

Dita Von Teese’s new perfume is for grown-ups. Busy Bee Blogger

The most perfect post the Internet has ever known. Lolebrity

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Samantha Ronson makes “that” face in mugshot photo and other ew links.

Check out SamRon’s mugshot here. Daily Stab

Check out these serial celebrity divorcers! Betty Confidential

Ke$ha and him? Pop Crush

Olivia Wilde is RED hot. Skinny Vs. Curvy

Kimora arrives in NYC. Djimon looks thrilled. YBF

RHONY continue to be loud and annoying. Hollyscoop

Sherri Shepherd doesn’t want to dance. Snarkerati

RiRi grinds on a girl at the Kadooment Carnival Parade. PHOTOS! Necole Bitchie

Jessica Alba sure looks healthy! Popoholic

Jersey Shore “Who Said It” edition. Wonderwall

SamRon IS trouble and other you know what they say about the quiet ones links.

She is no better than Freckles. Daily Stab

Alexis Knapp gives her baby Ryan’s last name. Hollywood Dame

Why does everyone hate Jenni? Busy Bee Blogger

Superman images! I Need My Fix

Miley gets a controversial tat. Daily Fill

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Fantasia is knocked up and other surprise, surprise celebrity stuff.

I’m sure her baby daddy is that married man. Celebitchy

You really think Wino was going to adopt a kid? I Need My Fix

Nadya because Octomom under influence of drugs. Celeb Dirty Laundry

John Travolta joins Expendables. VIP Movie Snob

Rachel Zoe’s fashion line goes live today! Busy Bee Blogger

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Nicky Hilton is back on the market and other in case you care links.

Nicky Hilton is single. Fabulous Buzz

Kirstie Alley confronts David Letterman about those fat jokes. I Need My Fix

The Beckhams want another kid. Celeb Dirty Laundry

Octomom brings her crazy to Dr. Drew. Busy Bee Blogger

Believe! Lolebrity

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Kat Von D pulls a Paris Hilton and other scandalous links.

You would THINK that Kat Von D would be smarter than this. The Superficial

10 Most Stylish Celebrity Dads Glamour Vanity

Alicia Silverstone shows off her Bear. Celeb Baby Laundry

Paris Hilton parties at Sunset Marquis. Girls Talkin Smack

Kim K. WILL look bootylicious on her wedding. Swanky Celebs

Justin Bieber got a new tattoo. Fabulous Buzz

Is THIS Lilo’s new boyfriend? Betty Confidential

J.Lo wants HOW MUCH for her American Idol return?!!!! Earsucker

RiRi likes dominant guys. Check out her most recent magazine interview here. Necole Bitchie

Daniel Radcliffe gets creepy fan gifts. Celebrity Cafe

Image via Wireimage.com

Jesse James cheated on Kat Von D and other once a douche, always a douche links.

Go figure. Too bad Kat Von D. thought she could change this douche. Allie Is Wired

Denise isn’t going to roast Charlie. Where’s her balls? I Need My Fix

Guess who is single?!!! Celeb Dirty Laundry

Believe! Lolebrity

Hef hits back at Crystal Harris after she dissed his sex skills. Busy Bee Blogger

And this is why they call it fierce. Ayyyy

A Haley Reinhart album? Evil Beet Gossip

Why Do Men hate Justin Bieber? Daily Fill

3 Doors Down get their Today Show on. Shallow Nation

Demi Lovato blew a smurf. Celeb Jihad

Joe Manganiello gets down with nudity and raw meat. SheKnows

Ashlee Simpson and Nicky Hilton, new BFF’s? Celebuzz

Jalen Rose gets jail time. Hollywood Hiccups

RIP Amy Winehouse. Notorious News

Bennifer to be once again? Have U Heard

Olivia Newton John’s daughter is cray cray. Fit Fab Celeb

THis douche thinks he could have saved Wino. Anything Hollywood

Worst movies ever made. All Women Stalk

Image via Wireimage.com

Fans go crazy over Angelina Jolie’s toy shopping outing and other crazy ish!

Yep, Angelina Jolie’s toy shopping excursion with two of her girls caused a frenzy. INF Daily

Leighton Meester and her mom are suing each other. Amore Magazine

Cartoon Characters you hate to love. The Netwerk

Selena Gomez gets foxy for Elle Mexico. Daily Fill

Haley Reinhart gets a record deal. SheKnows

Emma Stone’s mom got drunk with Angelina? Evil Beet Gossip

Lady Gaga, addicted to a whole new drug? Busy Bee Blogger

Lilo partied with Kim K. at her bachelorette party. I Need My Fix

This out this up and coming country girl duo! Hollywood Dame

Britney really loves herself some Pauly D. Daily Stab

See who Kristen Wiig wants to play her mom! VIP Movie Snob

Image via Wireimage.com

Jesse James will probably never find anyone now and other boo hoo links.

Jesse James got dumped. Fit Fab Celeb

V-Hud’s full new makeover! Celeb Jihad

Adriana Lima is a mama and looks like THIS! Celebuzz

Greyson Chance’s new album review here! Hollywood Hiccups

Wino joins the 27 club. Notorious News

J-Tizzle was incognito at Comic Con. Have U Heard

Gene Simmons breaks vow to never get married! Anything Hollywood

No Googling in the Pitt household! Celeb Baby Laundry

Crinkled leather jackets are in. Shopping And Info

8 Sunburnt celebs (Photos) Girls Talkin Smack

Jenny McCarthy used to be 211 pounds. Swanky Celebs

No one wants to buy Kate Middleton’s car. Fabulous Buzz

Justin Bieber and his daddy got matching tattoos. Photos here. Allie Is Wired

Image via Wireimage.com

Jennifer Aniston to wed and other WTF are you kidding me links.

We always knew Jen moved fast, but engaged? Hollywood Life

Jt and Jimmy Fallon do it again! History of Rap Part II here! SheKnows

Spider Man trailer! Shallow Nation

MMA All Nut shot edition. The Netwerk

Taylor Swift naked? Celeb Jihad

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