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Celebrity VIP Lounge

Celebrity Gossip Heard All Over The Web

Kim Kardashian might be pregnant and other don’t hold your breath links.

Kim K is pregnant? Celeb Dirty Laundry

K-Stew is ready for battle! I Need My Fix

Justin Timberlake to play a music producer. VIP Movie Snob

Poor Kat Von D. Busy Bee Blogger

Conan O’Brien revealed! Lolebrity

Sophia Loren reminds us… Ayyyy

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Nancy Grace has nip slip on DWTS and other Floppy Links.

Nancy Grace had a nip slip on DWTS? Perez Hilton

Ellen DeGeneres called 911 after suffering chest pains? I Need My Fix

Patti Stranger just pissed off the gay community. Hollywood Dame

Kat Von D is single again. Busy Bee Blogger

She should be popping soon? EB Gossip

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Robert Downey Jr.’s wife is pregnant and other shocking news!

Robert Downey Jr. is gonna be a dad. Backseat Cuddler

Kelly Osbourne promotes Material Girl in Toronto. I Need My Fix

Kendra is happy Crystal Harris dumped Hef. Celeb Dirty Laundry

Jeff seeks fatherly advice on Flipping Out. Busy Bee Blogger

Beck, the doctor is in. Lolebrity

Crowned Heads. Ayyyy

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She’s not fat and other big-boned links.

Demi don’t give an eff if you think she’s fat. EOnline

Kendall Jenner, a beautiful model? I Need My Fix

10 MUST see Fall Movies. VIP Movie Snob

Gerard hooked up with her? Hollywood Dame

Shia Labeouf is a jerk. EB Gossip

Bey’s pregnancy sets a Twitter record. Daily Fill

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Big Brother star receives death threats and other effed up news.

This is effing ridiculous. TMZ

Jonah Hill is the Sitter. I Need My Fix

The Hunger Games’ first trailer. Celeb Dirty Laundry

Bee My Match. Busy Bee Blogger

Celebs take their kiddies to the Lion King 3D premiere. VIP Movie Snob

Beck, the doctor is in. Lolebrity

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Lady Gaga nude pictures leaked and other who cares links.

Noone cares. Daily Fill

DWTS hits the beach! I Need My Fix

Real World San Diego trailer. Celeb Dirty Laundry

Dita Von Teese in LA! Busy Bee Blogger

Which Harry Potter character are you? Lolebrity

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Xtina didn’t hit her baby and other Noone said you did links.

Xtina is quick to release her statement on this one. TMZ

Matt Bomer gets GQ for White Collar I Need My Fix

Kim K’s wedding to Kris appalled HIS family! Celeb Dirty Laundry

This is a Pippa Middleton post. Busy Bee Blogger

The original hipster. Peep it, bitches. Lolebrity

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Crystal Harris wants a reality show and other Oh Gawd Links.

Crystal Harris wants a reality show. Hollywood News

Who doesn’t like free tickets? Check out this giveaway! Allie Is Wired

RIP. I Need My Fix

January Jones is not nice. Hollywood Dame

All That’s linked is new again! Busy Bee Blogger

Ben and Jen are knocked up. Evil Beet Gossip

Dear Lindsay, it’s time to give up and grow up. Daily Fill

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Ryan Gosling breaks up NYC Fight and other OMG links.

Ryan Gosling is a real life hero. Celeb Dirty Laundry

Kenny Chesney and that tequila! Busy Bee Blogger

Crystal Harris to get a reality show? I Need My Fix

Jimmy Stewart, the original hipster. Lolebrity

Jane Lynch used to abuse Nyquil. Evil Beet

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Lady Gaga makes an announcement and other Not-so-arousing News.

Lady Gaga to open MTV VMA’s. Radar Online

Jason Momoa’s hand print ceremony at Planet Hollywood photos here! I Need My Fix

Taylor Momsen doesn’t have time to shower. Celeb Dirty Laundry

Kat Von D back with Jesse James??? Busy Bee Blogger

Jimmy Stewart, original hipster. Lolebrity

Girls auctioning their virginity for Bieber tickets?!! Pop Crush

Crowned Heads. Ayyyy

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Goop can do anything, even save lives and other OMG links!

Goop is a lifesaver. The Blemish

Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem take in an Adele concert. Hollywood Dame

Michael Kors is married! Busy Bee Blogger

Megan Fox gained some weight. Evil Beet Gossip

Phoebe Tonkin is the unpredictable Faye. SheKnows

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Why didn’t Ed Hardy do this to Jon Gosselin and other smart links.

Ed Hardy should have paid Jon Gosselin to NOT wear his brand. WSJ

Grey’s Anatomy season premiere SPOILER here! I Need My Fix

Kim Kardashian’s wedding list was cut short. Celeb Dirty Laundry

Madonna’s Lucky Star. Busy Bee Blogger

Crowned Heads. Ayyyy

Jimmy Stewart is the original hipster. Lolebrity

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Rest in peace and other shocking news.

RIP Russell Armstrong. Details on his death here. TMZ

Jay Z left a HUGE tip. I Need My Fix

Britney Spears to get plastic surgery? Hollywood Dame

Madonna flashback. Busy Bee Blogger

Jennifer Love is not hot. Evil Beet Gossip

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Jessica Alba welcomes baby girl and other poppin’ links.

She finally had her baby! Pop on the Pop

Crowned Heads. Ayyyy

Jimmy Stewart is the original hipster. Lolebrity

Lilo gets anti-cheater job offer. Busy Bee Blogger

Jersey Shore’s J-Wowww is or isn’t romancing Ronnie? Celeb Dirty Laundry

Footloose is gonna suck. Here’s the proof. Evil Beet Gossip

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Pauly D gets straddled by Britney Spears and other how appropriate links.

Pauly D. got straddled. Celeb Dirty Laundry

Heather Locklear is engaged! I Need My Fix

Lady Gaga pusses for the camera. Busy Bee Blogger

Crowned heads. Ayyyy

Sporty Spice has a problem with RiRi. Evil Beet Gossip

Kristen Stewart, looks, dare I say…pretty? Daily Fill

Teen Mom’s Gary Shirley likes his strippers! Allie Is Wired

Katy Perry’s lesbian threesome pic! Celeb Jihad

Halle Berry’s Nahla is a DOLL! Celebuzz

Snooki will be Dancing with the Stars! Have U Heard