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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Single Again!

I don’t know how many times I have written that sentence and I know in my cold dark heart of hearts that it will not be the last, considering his trick track record. The Nicholson of his generation in every way has ditched another model and although this one may not have as high a profile as some of the others, she got the same treatment. I give him credit for ditching Jizzelle Bundchen, though. And hey, if he can pull hot chicks without any hassles, why not?!

This time around, Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton, just got p*ssy pink-slipped, according to reports. My question has always been this: do these models get appearance fees to be seen with him or do they pay him to up their profiles to demand better runway gigs?

Whatever is arranged, they must love it, because they keep falling to their knees for him. We all know Blake Lively will get on her knees for a bit role in a Kleenex commercial (and you thought those napkins were just for your nose?!) and Gisele went and got knocked up by another man (with those non-hips I did not even think it was physically possible), so now here’s the scoop, girls. Dust off those Louboutins, get on those kneepads, and grab that box of Trojans (and Listerine – you know why!)
Leo is on the prowl!
Let your pussy power purr and your panty pudding pour!!