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Celebrity Gossip Heard All Over The Web

Moesha’s Marcus T. Paulk Charged with Domestic Violence

Say it ain’t so Miles! Moesha star Marcus T. Paulk has been charged with domestic violence after allegedly kicking his girlfriend in the stomach, resulting in her trip to the hospital. He was initially arrested back in August and turned himself in.

The girlfriend told TMZ the two were having a verbal disagreement and it escalated into a physical altercation. Marcus reportedly punched her in the face and then kicked her in the stomach. She admits she threw some punches herself, but she ended up in the hospital. Now Marcus has officially been charged with domestic violence and battery. If convicted, he faces up to 4 years in jail.

Sad. I don’t condone the violence on either side of this altercation. Though Marcus will definitely get the bulk of the blame, they were both in the wrong! It’s cliche, but violence is NEVER the answer. Hoping that the girlfriend heals soon, and that both of them learn and grow from this. Marcus is looking at a little bit of jail time, though he might just get off with probation and community service.

Image via Getty

Orlando Brown Sentenced to 180 Days Behind Bars

Orlando Brown, best known for his role as Eddie on Disney’s That’s So Raven, is locked up! Two weeks into a 180-day sentence, Orlando was sentenced to jail time after failing to show proof that he completed court-ordered alcohol education classes after he was arrested in 2011 for a DUI.

Even though he technically has 6 months, it’s expected that he will be released early on Sept. 19, since LA County jails are so overcrowded! Lucky him!

This isn’t Orlando’s first run-in with the law. He was arrested back in 2007 for drug possession in Texas. Cops pulled him over for driving at night without headlights, and then found nine grams of weed in his side door when the car was searched!

These child stars need to get their lives together! Yeah we’re all human and mistakes, but something so dumb as drunk driving? Come on Eddie! He’s getting out on a technicality, but hopefully he doesn’t do something stupid again. If so, he’ll definitely be in there a lot longer!

Image via David Livingston/Getty Images

Dolce & Gabbana Get Jail Time!

Fashion hit the prison walls?! Legendary designers Domenico Dolce  and Stefano Gabbana have officially each been sentenced to a year and eight months behind bars after being found guilty of tax evasion!

Dolce and Gabbana were first accused of evading Italy taxes back in 2004, which they’ve strongly denied.  The fashion label’s sale of its signature and D&G lines to Luxembourg-based holding company Gado Srl raised a red flag. The designers’ lawyer, Massimo Dinoia, called for the pair to be acquitted of the charges – while prosecutor Gaetano Ruta believed that Dolce, Gabbana and company board member Cristiana Ruella should be sent to prison for two-and-a-half years.  He added that their accountant, Luciano Patelli, should be incarcerated for three years.

It’s been rumored that Dolce and Gabbana will fight to appeal the decision.

Keeping a close eye on this case…definitely a tough hit to the fashion industry!

Image via Dvora


Note to Ashton: If You’re Not “On a Break”, It’s Cheating


Demi Moore’s formally filed divorce response, in response to Ashton Kutcher’s filing proves that the devil is indeed in the details. And by details I mean a look at those pesky dates. Demi cites the separation date as November 17, 2011, but apparently Ashton thought they were “on a break” as early as September 24, 2011 when he hooked up with Sara Leal in San Diego. Oops.

According to a RadarOnline.com Exclusive, not only did Demi formally file her response and make the discrepancy, but she wants Ashton to pay in the form of spousal support and legal fees.

Officially, Demi cited irreconcilable differences as the official cause of the divorce, and I can’t say I can argue that fact since Ashton hooked up with Leal on his 6 year wedding anniversary! Ouch!

Katt Williams Arrested After Bar Fight









What in the world is going on with Katt Williams lately?! After slapping down a Target employee in Sacramento last week, he was arrested on Sunday following a bar fight in Seattle during which he allegedly threatened people with a pool cue!

According to Seattle police, Katt “brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business” and later followed a family outside of the bar where he threw a cigarette at a woman as she got into her car, hitting her in the eye. Whaaaa?! Katt also supposedly threw a rock at the car.

The comedian was booked into King County Jail at 6:42 PM PT for investigation of harassment, assault and obstructing police. He was released early Monday morning.

Katt, you need somebody to slap YOU and get you TOGETHER! This is absolutely ridiculous.

Image via The Soundstrike

Charlie Sheen Accused of Death Threat!










The ever controversial Charlie Sheen is at it again! The actor allegedly threatened to shoot a man to death with a Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun , according to a police report filed with the LAPD!

A man who claims to be a former associate of Charlie’s, filed the report on October 18, claiming he’s deathly afraid that Charlie will murder him based on a text message the actor allegedly sent to a mutual friend. Apparently, the guy had a bad fight with Charlie recently, and found out that Charlie vented to a female friend in a text about him saying, “”I’ll blow his head off with my Super 90.”

The situation is still under investigation. A source that’s close to Charlie said, “The accuser is a dishonorably discharged military person with multiple probation violations who is trying to shake him down for money.”

Now, there is a chance that this guy is doing this to get a little check on the side. People make up stories to get money all the time. But we ALL know that Charlie Sheen is crazy. No borderline, no halfway. He’s just full on crazy! So I can definitely see him sending a text like that, and, if it’s true, naturally this dude would be a little scared! All the cops have to do is check this chick’s phone to see, though I don’t know how much a text message will hold up in court. But I’m nobody’s legal expert, so we’ll see!

Image via IMDB

Camille Grammer Will Get $30 Million In Divorce Settlement









Camille Grammer is going to be getting some serious cash flow from her divorce settlement with ex Kelsey Grammer! According to TMZ, Camille will win  roughly $30 million after this thing is over!

Sources close to the couple say that Camille and Kelsey are “very close” to signing a property settlement agreement.  The total value of the assets in the marriage, including the three homes they have on the market,  is around $60 million.  After the three homes that they own are We say “around” because a big chunk is the 3 homes they own which are now on the market.  They’re estimating when everything is sold the pot will be around $60 mil.

Camille is set to get her 50% of the assets. When she and Kelsey were married, Kelsey was completely broke (even after Cheers and Frasier). His drug problem and other bad decisions had a lot to do with it. However, Camille got them both on the right track, managing funds after to that to get Kelsey’s money back up! So she definitely deserves her piece, and I say, good for her! I am a fan of Kelsey’s work, but you have to give credit to where credit is due!

Image via Bauer-Griffen

Kate Gosselin’s Attorney Says Jon Isn’t Broke Because of Child Support

Kate Gosselin wants you to know that her ex-hubby Jon Gosselin isn’t struggling to pay his rent because of her and their 8 children.

While Jon clams that he can’t pay his rent because of all that child support that he art to pay, RadarOnline reports that this claim is completely false. Why? Oh, that’s because Jon no longer has to pay any sort of child support.

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First Lawsuit Filed in Batman Shooting Spree






Torrence Brown, Jr. was one of the audience members who survived when suspected shooter James Holmes went on a mass murder spree at the Century 15 Theater in Aurora, Colorado during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. Now, Torrence plans to sue for his tramatic experience.

Torrence’s friend A.J. Boik died in the tragedy, and Torrence claims to now suffer from extreme trauma.

Torrence has hired Beverly Hills based attorney Donald Karpel who specializes in professional liability, class actions, personal injury and catastrophic injury cases. The plan is to sue three defendants: the theater, Holmes’ doctors, and Warner Bros.  Here’s why:

Torrence is suing the theater for being negligent for not guarding the emergency door since it’s believed that Holmes bought a ticket for the movie, propped open the emergency door, went to his car and returned to the theater through the emergency door with the guns. Nobody working at the theater saw him or stopped him.

Torrence is suing Holmes’ doctors because the attorney says it “appears” that Holmes was on several medications possibly prescribed by one or more doctors. It’s unsure if this diagnosis is simply from observing Holmes’ bizarre behavior or if Karpel knows for a fact that he was on meds.

Last, Torrence are suing Warner Bros for making The Dark Knight Rises “particularly violent” as Holmes copied some of the moves from the film like throwing the tear gas. Additionally, because of the violent nature of the film, Karpel said moviegoers assumed that Holmes was doing a live-action stunt before the start of the film and didn’t initially fear him.

Torrence spoke to Entertainment Tonight and said that James Holmes, dressed in all black and wearing a gas mask, tossed a can of tear gas into the theater from the exit door. The can hit a girl in front of Torrence, but the crowd still didn’t seem to be realize what was going on until Holmes opened fire. After hearing gunfire, Torrence realized that the girl in front of him was dead.

I believe Torrence might have a case with the movie theater in terms of negligence, though emergency doors at the movies aren’t typically guarded. There should have been some type of alarms that went off when the door was opened, so I do believe that Torrence deserves some amount of payment from them. However, I’m not sure about the lawsuits towards Holmes’ doctors and especially not Warner Bros. You’re suing a movie company for producing a violent movie that you were in the theater yourself to see? I don’t know if that’s going to hold up in court. But then again, I’m not a law analyst so you never know. But it doesn’t make sense to me.

Image via Entertainment Tonight

Mass Murder At Midnight Showing of Batman Film in Colorado






What started out as a happy, exciting midnight showing of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, ended in a senseless mass murder by a crazedgunman. In Aurora, Colorado early Friday morning, James Holmes tossed tear gas into a movie theater where patrons were watching the new Batman flick, and then opened fire, killing 12 and wounding 38 others, according to authorities. The gunman himself was wearing a gas mask.

One of the injured  was said to just be 3 months old.

Police later arrested the man in a rear parking lot of the theater. Holmes is believed to be a 24-year-old man from Aurora. Without much resistance from the suspect, police seized a rifle and a handgun from him, with another gun being found in the theater.

President Barack Obama released a statement saying  he and First Lady Michelle Obama were “shocked and saddened” by the shooting and pledged the administration’s support for victims of the shooting. “As we do when confronted by moments of darkness and challenge, we must now come together as one American family,” it said.

You can read more details about the shooting, including thoughts and comments from eyewitnesses, at CNN.

It’s a sad time in history when we can’t even go to a movie theater or school without the possibility of something like this happening. I can just imagine how happy these people were to see the midnight showing of the movie, and to have it end like this is so terrible! It’s a heartbreaking way to start a Friday morning. Condolences and prayers to those who have lost loved ones or have loved ones injured in this random act of violence.

Image via EPA/Bob Pearson

Jessie J Sued For Copyright Infringement for “Domino”







Jessie J is in TROUBLE! Will Loomis, lead singer for the band Loomis & the Lust, is suing the singer for copyright infringement, accusing her of illegally using the band’s song “Bright Red Chords” for her top 10 hit, “Domino.”

 The suit was filed on June 25 in a federal court in California. Will’s lawyers claim “Bright Red Chords” is the band’s “most popular” song, which Will wrote and then registered with the U.S. Copyright office on Oct. 10, 2008. The suit alleges that Jessie J and a team of songwriters in August 2011 contained “substantially similar compositional elements” from his song for their single, “Domino,” featured on her new album Who You Are, which infringed on the musician’s copyright and causing “irreparable injury.”

“The arrangements are virtually identical,” said Will’s lawyer, Chris Arledge. Will is seeking $150,000 in statutory damages on behalf of his client. A rep for Jesse J could not be reached for comment.

Will recently uploaded a YouTube video comparing “Domino” and “Bright Red Chords,” but it was later blocked on copyright grounds by Universal Music Group, which is listed as a defendant in the complaint along with Lava Records and Universal Republic Records.

“If Jessie J and the record labels have an explanation other than infringement, we’d love to hear it,” noted Arledge, who added “links exist” between Will and Jessie that may have led to the infringement, though he declined to divulge them citing pending litigation.

Will has now re-posted a new clip comparing the songs which you can find here.


Image via John Shrearer/WireImage

Snoop Dogg Fined For Marijuana In Norway








Snoop Dogg  loves his weed. Always has, always will. So, of course, he has to have it even when he’s out of the country. However, his love for the tree didn’t fare well for him today. After his arrival at Oslo Airport today in Norway, Snoop was briefly held by customs officials after a canine unit sniffed out some weed on him.

Lucky for Snoop, Norway is lax with its marijuana laws, with an amount of up to 15 grams usually considered as personal use and punishable by a maximum fine of 5000 kroner, or $827.

However, according to Norwegian media, in addition to the 8 grams of weed he reportedly had, the rapper also had a large amount of cash exceeding legal limits. That gave him another violation that brought his total fines to 52,000 kroner, or $8,600, which is probably like $20 to him. Customs officers who stopped him told the news outlet that he was courteous and respectful the whole time, and they were not aware of who he was until he showed his ID.

However, Snoop later snapped on a reporter at local news outlet VGTV why he was five hours late to the Hove Festival, where he’s set to perform as a headliner.  “Man, shut the f–k up. I’m here…be happy I’m here and ask some real questions.”  The reporter continued to pry, asking why Snoop was stopped earlier today, with him replying: “I was late ’cause I went to go get some chicken wings…’cause I wanted to see Norway up close and personal, and visit an old folks’ home. I went to visit a convalescent home. That’s why I was late.” He ended the interview saying: “I don’t party…get this mothaf–ka outta here.”

I would say I’m shocked. But I’m definitely not. Snoop’s been smoking probably since before he even started rapping. Every once in a while, he’s bound to get caught with a little something in his pockets. As long as he has money, I guess he has no problem paying fees as long as he can smoke his blunt.

Image via Levi’s

Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond Admits To Setting Up 1994 Tupac Shakur Shooting






A piece of the infamous East Coast/West Coast hip hop war has been solved. Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond, who was found guilty last month for operating a drug ring and indicted for murder on Friday, has admitted his role in the Quad Studios shooting ofTupac Shakur. He admitted that he secretly set the whole thing up.

The Village Voice stated:

“Rosemond secretly admitted to involvement in Tupac’s ambush during one of nine “Queen For A Day” proffer sessions with the government last autumn, court transcripts show. (In such sessions, suspects under investigation choose to enter an agreement with the government to confess knowledge of certain crimes with the agreement that the information won’t be used to prosecute them.) His confession unfolded as he was trying to carve out a cooperation deal that might lead to a reduced sentence, according to federal prosecutors.

“Rosemond apparently came clean about his involvement in Tupac’s ambush shortly after his former best friend, Dexter Isaac, stepped forward last summer to publicly confess that he had led the attack on Shakur in 1994. Isaac released a statement on June 16, 2011 to allhiphop.com, saying it was Rosemond who had paid him to rob and pistol-whip Tupac.”

This shooting turned friends Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. into enemies, and eventually led to both of their deaths. It also sparked a major feud between fans of hip hop on the East and West coasts, with many choosing sides between Tupac and Biggie.

Unfortunately, the statute of limitations on robbery is seven years, so everyone involved won’t see any jail time for this. While it’s nice to see this chapter closed, it’s sad that something like this ended the friendship and lives of two amazing rappers.

Image via Hip Hop Wired

Tony Parker Suing W.i.P. Nightclub for $20 Million!

The saga with the Chris Brown/Drake brawl continues. NBA player Tony Parker, who was injured during the huge fight between Chris and Drake’s entourages,  is suing the W.i.P. Nightclub for $20 million! The file’s claim? The owners, promoters, or whoever was in charge that night should never have let Rihanna‘s exes in at the same time!

The San Antonio Spurs star filed the lawsuit Thursday in NY State Supreme Court. The suit alleges the club’s security was negligent for allowing the brawl to ever happen.  Tony was apparently hit by shards of class when bottles were thrown in the fight, suffering lacerations to his cornea.

The lawsuit also accuses club management, knowing there was “bad blood between Drake and Brown,” of continuing to sell alcohol to them all, despite the fact that some were “visibly intoxicated.”

Of course, it’s definitely a problem for Tony, because it could have an impact on his career, and his performance in the Olympics with the French national basketball team this summer.

Chris Brown and Drake themselves are not counted out just yet as defendants.  Tony”s lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, said that he’s waiting for the results of the police investigation before calling them out. He also wants to review the surveillance tape before making his decision.

When will all of this drama stop?! Seems like more details and problems are coming out every day since the fight happened. Feel bad for Tony, but I’m not exactly sure if this suit is going to hold up against the management. But then again, I’m nobody’s judge or lawyer, so you never know.  Since the whole debacle, W.i.P has been shut down, with the manager being arrested on two outstanding warrants, and other party-goers that night threatening to sue as well! Guess all clubs will think twice before they let Chris and Drake and their crews in together!

Image via Kevin Jairaj, US Presswire

Courteney Cox Files For Divorce and Asks To Change Last Name









Courteney Cox and David Arquette’s divorce is officially underway. Courteney apparently filed divorce papers on the same day that David filed (June 8) in Los Angeles Superior Court.  The filing gives the same reason for the split and requests the same custody arrangement–irreconcilable differences and joint legal and physical custody of their 8-year-old daughter Coco.

Courteney has also requested to drop”Arquette” from her last name. In the hearing she plans to represent herself. David plans on doing the same.

Very seldom do you get a celebrity divorce so clean cut as this. Seems it’s been that way since the couple announced they were getting separated back in 2010. I always liked them as a couple, but hey, when it’s not working out, you have to do what’s right for you. It’s great they still consider themselves friends, and are moving on with this as friendly as possible. No public bashing. No messy custody hearings. No unnecessary arguments. That’s seriously rare among our stars! Wishing them both the best.

Image via Matt Baron/BEImages