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Jessica Simpson and The Lap Band Breakdown?

Sure Jessica Simpson seems to be all over the place discussing her weight loss through Weight Watchers and showing off her slimmer body any chance she gets…

But what was Jessica itching to do once she’d birthed her daughter Maxwell and needed to discard the more than 70 pounds she gained during pregnancy? You know the old Hollywood adage: “if you can’t work it off, suck it off”, aka…

Lap band surgery.

According to reports, the celebrity felt that it would be impossible to lose all the weight and that the only way to do it in a timely manner would be through the surgical procedure famous for helping people lose extreme amounts of weight in marginal amounts of time. But after trying unsuccessfully through two doctors to gain clearance for the procedure, the fashion mogul gave up and was persuaded to take off the weight the old fashioned way.

I would applaud her natural efforts, but I don’t believe Simpson is sincere. Furthermore, I still don’t see concrete proof that she has lost all of the weight she gained while pregnant. Now she is getting paid millions to lose the weight instead of paying out thousands to have lipo’ed away.  And actually, she was fat before she got knocked up, so she should be trying to lose that weight as well. Are we absolutely certain that Jessica was not knocked up with triplets and has two more children we know nothing about?!

Jessica, re-check yo’ chocha!