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Lady Gaga Releases ‘Eau De Gaga’ Fragrance Commercial

Lady Gaga is putting in work! The singer is currently in the middle of her ARTPOP tour, promoting her latest album. She also has her joint jazz album with Tony Bennett coming out next week, and now, she has released her official commercial for her new fragrance, Eau De Gaga!

Directed by Steven Klein, the commercial features Gaga in a what looks to be a satin white dress, showing off her body while laying on a shirtless man. The commercial strangely takes a turn when a boxer comes out of nowhere fighting, but I guess that means the new fragrance is a knockout and we HAVE to buy it?! I’ll definitely sample some when it comes out.

Check out the full commercial below!

Image via That Grape Juice

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett To Star in H&M Holiday Campaign

 Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett will star together in H&M’s holiday campaign, according to WWD.

The unlikely pair will appear in a commercial for the clothing brand, which will debut globally at the end of November. There will also be print, outdoor, and online ads as well.  The actual commercial will feature a track from Gaga and Tony’s upcoming collaborative album, “Cheek to Cheek.” The album, which will feature classic jazz tracks, is due for release Sept. 23.
H&M has used many A-list celebrities for their ad campaigns, including Beyoncé, Lana del Rey, Johnny Depp, Tyra Banks, and more! Gaga herself has been involved with H&M, appearing at the opening of H&M’s Times Square flagship in New York in 2013.
I’m excited to see the commercial and the ads, as well as hear Gaga and Tony’s music!
Image via Courtesy

Lady Gaga’s Parents Respond to Rumors About a Wedding for Their Daughter

So is Lady Gaga getting married soon or isn’t she? THAT is the question.

Via Extra TV:

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway was at NYC’s Lincoln Center on Monday, chatting with Lady Gaga’s parents, Joe and Cynthia Germanotta, regarding wedding rumors about their daughter and her boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney.

Mother Monster’s parents played coy when Calloway said the singer was spotted looking at wedding dresses with her mom. Gaga’s dad laughed it off, “Oh, no, no, no, I’m not going there. I am not going there… I don’t know anything about nothing.” Mrs. Germanotta also did not give up anything, “For sure, that’s a no.”

The couple is sure about one thing: how very proud they are of their daughter. They were at the Lincoln Center to support Gaga as she joined forces with Tony Bennett to tape an upcoming special called “Cheek to Cheek Live,” based off their collaboration album of the same name.

Cynthia said, “We’re just very proud, very proud of her. She’s a wonderful person. We love Tony and his family, and we’re happy to be here.”

AJ also caught up with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett just minutes before they took the stage. Gaga revealing that it was Tony Bennett that “brings out the lady” in her, when AJ remarked on her elegant dress.

Lady Gaga Gives Boyfriend Taylor Kinney A Lap Dance In PUBLIC! (PHOTO)

Guys, you may call Taylor Kinney a lucky man. Gals, you may call Gaga a lucky woman. At any rate, Gaga did something in public that pretty much shocked the world. Okay, that’s a lie. Gaga does not shock anymore.

On Friday in NYC, Gaga basically poured her booty into her boyfriend Taylor Kinney’s face and well…he liked it!

His hands were pretty much everywhere on Gaga’s body. The pop star went FULL stripper on her man inside the 42West’s nightclub BPM. And TMZ is reporting that Kinney even spanked her.

A source in the VIP area told the website that Gaga showed up with Kinney just after midnight, and the two were all over each other pretty much the entire time.

Well, if this is happening in public, you can about imagine what goes on at home. Yikes!


Photo via TMZ

Lady Gaga Says Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Wears The Pants In Their Relationship


Lady Gaga and her man Taylor Kinney are still going strong. And while you may think that Lady Gaga completely has her man on a ball and chain, you better think again. She seems as if she has hardcore control on stage and when she’s working the streets in her eccentric ensembles, but believe it or not when she’s at home…her man is in charge.

During an interview on Sirius XM’s The Morning Mash Up on Monday, March 24th Gaga admitted that she is submissive to boyfriend Taylor Kinney.

She gushed, “Yes, actually. He’s totally in charge. I mean, when I am home, I am like, shoes are off, I’m making him dinner. He has a job, too, and he is really busy! I’m in charge all day long, the last thing I want to do is tell him what to do. It’s not good for relationships to tell men what to do.”

And whatever it is she is doing must be working because these two have been dating since they first met on the set of her 2011 “You and I” music video

During an interview on the Ellen Degeneres Show on November 25th, Gaga said, “We were in the middle of this scene and I remember that he kissed me and it wasn’t scripted for him to kiss me. I was sort of like was um, you know, was that real or was that fake? He didn’t really say anything and that was fine by me and we kept filming.”

She went on to add that her man isn’t as “normal” as you may think. She said, “He is extremely strange, actually, and we complement each other’s weirdness. And you know, at the end of the day he’s my best friend. And having your lover be your best friend, I mean, it’s the best thing ever.”

Well, glad she found someone just as weird as her!

Image via Getty Images

CELEB SPOTTING: Lady Gaga Taking In Snoop Dogg At SXSW


Each year the festival manages to become even more extravagant so it’s no surprise that there have been more star-sightings this year than ever! Last night at the Jägermeister house was no exception. Jäger obviously knows how to throw a party and not only festival-goers flocked to see Snoop Dogg perform, but Lady Gaga herself! Who knew she was a Snoop fan girl? Upon arrival, she was spirited away to the VIP area but was seen enjoying #RespectTheWest tour, drinking Jägermeister, and chatting with a bartender before heading out 15 minutes later. At least her Jäger buzz would last all night!

SNL Highlights: Lady Gaga Makes Fun Of Herself, Performs With R. Kelly


Lady Gaga made fun of herself on SNL last night and isn’t that what celebrities do these days when they get the SNL gig? Well played, Gaga. Well played.

In a funny sketch from her appearance on the show, Gaga makes fun of the comparisons of herself to Madonna.

In the skit, the comedians on the show portrayed different singers who were performing versions of other artists’ songs for a compilation disc. I’ll admit, this was pretty funny.

When Gaga was introduced to be performing a version of Madonna‘s song “Express Yourself,” the Applause singer actually just started singing her hit song “Born This Way” instead. As you all know, When Gaga released the song a few years ago, it was instantly compared to Madge’s song. Remember that? HA!

Gaga also performed her single “Do What U Want” with special guest R. Kelly.

SNEAK PEEK: MACHETE KILLS – Lady Gaga “Aura” Trailer

Lady Gaga makes her acting debut in the upcoming movie MACHETE KILLS alongside an all-star cast featuring Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, Carlos Estevez, Antonio Banderas, Jessica Alba, Demian Bichir, Alexa Vega, Vanessa Hudgens, Cuba Gooding, Jr., William Sadler, Marko Zaror and Mel Gibson. Check out this new trailer for MACHETE KILLS featuring a sneak preview of Lady Gaga’s never-before-released song “Aura” — from her forthcoming album ARTPOP, available November 11. To celebrate the song, MACHETE KILLS created a special lyric video featuring the entire “Aura” song that will launch Tuesday, October 8. Stay tuned to @MacheteKills for the launch of the lyric video!

Lady Gaga Releases New APPLAUSE Video

Check out this special video for Lady Gaga’s “Applause,” set to footage from Gaga’s secret V Magazine performance, thrown earlier this week. The video features appearances by Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love, Daphne Guinness, Paris Hilton, Mama Germanotta getting down, and more!

Yes, this isn’t the official Applause video but this is rather entertaining to say the least.


Lady Gaga Is About To Rape Our Retinas Again

After lying low for a while healing her busted hip, Lady Gaga is set1522342_n_ImgG to assume her position as ‘Le Fame Whore Extrem’ (it’s classier in French, no?) starting with this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on August 25th. She’ll probably arrive on a golden unicorn and orange hair and buck nekkid dancers on each side of her. Whatever outre display she chooses, what people are really eagerly anticipating is the release of her new single. Still untitled, it will be on her fourth studio album ARTPOP, which will be dropping in the coming months.

So VIPers, are you ready for all things Gaga over the next year and half or would you like to have a bit more of a breather? We’re on the fence. Sure, she’s talented, but we can do without the shenanigans!

Lady Gaga: Bank Breaker!

We’ve barely seen or heard from Lady Gaga the past half a year or so but did that stop her from raking in the millions upon millions during the last fiscal year?

That would be a resounding NO.

The ‘Born This Way’ singer, according to Forbes, pulled in over $80 million dollars between June 2012 and June 2013. The magazine estimated she would have pulled in nearly three times as much had she not canceleyeprime.neted her Born This Way Ball tour in February. The list was only for stars under 30 years of age, and The Gaga narrowly edged out her fellow pop comrade Justin Bieber.

It looks like someone should be thanking her Little Monsters for keeping her firmly in the black.

Lady Gaga Inches Back to Fame Whoredom

If you are the insane yearning for more Lady Gaga news, then watch out folks because the singer is inching her way back to the spotlight after undergoing surgery for her hip. Lady Gaga made a fashionable foray back to the gossip rags yesterday in a big way. And judging by her look, stripper attire is the latest trend about to skyrocket!

Pacing the streets in a short black mini-skirt, impossibly high heels, huge shades, black bra and possibly an auburn wig, Gaga set the streets of NYC ablaze. Gaga knew her look alone was enough for the paparazzi, so she didn’t pose for them. Instead, she hopped into a chauffeured vehicle and propped her shoes out the window.

Flash flash flash!

We can’t hate on her body because it’s back, and since she’s been away for so long, we are eager to see what (and who) she does next. One thing is for certain. There will be more women walking down the streets looking like a hooker.
All hail Lady Gaga!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Celebrity Birthdays March 28th: Lady Gaga is 27


Lady Gaga is 27.

Conchata Ferrell is 70.

Ken Howard is 69.

Dianne Wiest is 65.

Reba McEntire is 58.

Salt of Salt-N-Pepa is 47.

Rodney Atkins is 44.

Vince Vaughn is 43.

Ken L. (“The Parkers”) is 40.

Julia Stiles is 32.

Beyonce: Looks Good, Sounds Fake!


While Jennifer Hudson definitely sang live at the Inauguration Ball, as did Alicia Keys, there seems to be one diva that couldn’t be bothered with singing live for the President of the United States.

Enter fakery.
Enter backing tracks.
Enter Beyonce.

Beyonce is arguably at the top of the heap when it comes to today’s poptrix, but Adele or Lady Gaga she is not. At least when it comes to live performances. She has been accused the last couple of years of lip-syncing for her life for some of her biggest appearances. This weekend proved no exception as the diva took to the stage with a lace-front to die for, a dress worth my yearly income, and baubles that Lindsay Lohan would snatch if she had the chance. But the one thing Bey forgot to bring to the table?

Her live voice.

This goes towards the Britney Spears School of Performance: if you look good, who cares if you’re actually singing?!

Beyonce’s backing band has already come forward and stated they did not perform live. So now the world is waiting for Bey to bring her asses forward and tell the truth as we all know it to be! And if she does not, we will all be watching to see what she does at the Super Bow on February 3rd. Here’s betting a dozen House of Beyonce performs at the Inauguration of President Barack Obama Dereon pieces that this too will be a taped performance!

Elton John Is A Dad Again!

reg_634.john.furnish.ls.71112Everyone bust out the blue booties and decor! Sir Elton John is a proud papa again!

Elton and his husband, David Furnish added a second son to their family on Friday in Los Angeles. His name is Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John and according to reports, he weighed in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces. Their second son joins their first son, Zachariah Jackson Levon Furnish-John, who was born on Christmas Day, 2010. In a statement, they alluded that they were finished with adding to their brood:

“Both of us have longed to have children, but the reality that we now have two sons is almost unbelievable,” John and Furnish told Hello! “The birth of our second son completes our family in a most precious and perfect way. It is difficult to fully express how we are feeling at this time; we are just overwhelmed with happiness and excitement.”

They obviously are done with children. At least sons. Because they used up nearly every name in the world on these two sons alone. And of course the question that is going to be on everyone’s lips for the next few weeks…

Is Lady Gaga the godmother to this son as well?!