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Kris Jenner Talks Divorce: “It Won’t Be Ugly”

Kris Jenner opened up to Wonderwall.com at PSLA’s Autumn Party last night about her impending divorce.

Via Wonderwall

Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner may soon be divorced, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still love each other.

The matriarch of the Kardashian family said she’s remaining very positive about her impending divorce, one that she doesn’t suspect will turn ugly.

“I saw [Bruce] today and I saw him yesterday,” she told Wonderwall.com at the 5th annual PSLA Autumn Party in Los Angeles. “It’s not like I don’t see him or that we don’t love one another. It’s just a different kind of a love.”

The soon-to-be former couple hopes to set an example for their children.

Donning her daughter’s Donna Karan dress, Kris said, “You can either make it real ugly so everybody is miserable or you can decide to be grown-ups and say to yourself, ‘OK, we’re happier apart than we are together so let’s make everyone else happy too. Let’s move on with our lives as best as we can.'”

Neither Kris nor Bruce will receive spousal support and they divided approximately $60 million from a joint account.

Having filed for divorce on Sept. 22, the couple are seeking joint custody over their only minor child, Kylie Jenner, who is 17. Kris knows her marriage isn’t something that she can simply wash her hands of — nor does she want to.

“We have 25 years together almost, two kids and he helped me raise the other four,” she said. “We have a lot of memories and traditions and love together. You don’t just walk away from that.”

[CELEB SPOTTING] Tina Knowles Has Masquerade Birthday Bash in New Orleans

Tina Knowles brought in her 60th birthday RIGHT! Heading down to New Orleans, Miss Tina had a sexy masquerade ball for her birthday, which was a huge celebrity-studded affair! Of course, daughters Beyoncé and Solange Knowles were in attendance, as well as Kelly Rowland and Jay-Z. Other celeb attendees included Jennifer Hudson, Monica and Shannon Brown, and even Kris Jenner! Check out some pics from the bash below!

The party looked like so much fun, and Miss Tina looked SNATCHED! I always wanted to throw a masquerade ball myself…the masks really pop and add a sense of mystery and sexiness. It’s cool that Solange and Bey threw their mama a hot party like this!

Images via Instagram/Splash

Kris Jenner Says Since The Split, She And Bruce Are “In A Good Place”

Kris Jenner she doesn’t seem bothered by her split with Bruce Jenner. I guess she really is as heartless as we all think. Bleh. Check out what she has to say to our friends at ExtraTV.

Via Extra

Kris Jenner joined daughter Kim Kardashian at Tao in Las Vegas for her 33rd birthday celebration Friday night, and opened up to “Extra’s” Terri Seymour for the first time about her separation from Bruce Jenner.

Kris revealed, “I’m really happy, I’m in a really good place, working hard, having a great time.”

Jenner went on to say her and Bruce are also in a good place, “We’re in a super good place, he was actually going to be here tonight… He’s great, I talked to him three times today, we’re really good friends.”

She added, “I think what happens is when you spend so much [time] with somebody and you really love that person you can always remain really close… We have a family together and we raised a lot of fantastic children together.”

Kris also put rumors to rest about dating Ben Flajnik, explaining, “I’m not dating anybody!”

Terri also asked about the night Kanye proposed to Kim. Jenner said she was in on Kanye’s engagement plans. “He did call and let me in on what was going on and told me how excited he was and it went off flawlessly,” she said.

When Will Kim Kardashian Marry Kanye West?


Will they? Won’t they? Oh, the speculation! When will Kim Kardashian Marry Kanye West?

At the start of the week, the speculation as to whether or not Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will tie the knot was pointing to yes. By mid-week, it was no, no, no. Today? Who knows. Is it some crazy plot to keep us guessing? It’s possible.

Here is what we know re: Yes vs. No.

Yes: According to reports, Kanye really wants a wedding and Mama Kris has his back. She’s in full support of nuptials. And we’re not talking some private affair. Nope. It’s go big or go home, folks. Kanye and Kris are pulling for a big, massive, gigantic wedding of a wedding. In fact, in true “momager” style, the word is Kris is convinced it will “look bad for the family” if the couple don’t get married soon.

No: Kim has been married before- a few times, actually. And she’s done the big wedding. If Kanye and Kris want a wedding, they may just have to settle for subtle. Can Mama Kris do subtle? Can Kanye do subtle? In all honesty, can Kim do subtle?

At this point, one thing seems clear- Kim Kardashian is in no big rush to marry Kanye. Maybe at some point she’ll concede to the big wedding bit, or maybe not. But at this point? Well, Kim says a wedding can wait… for now.

What do you think? Does big or small win out?

Kris Jenner Is a Pimp

Where is North West at?

Not on Kris Jenner’s show!

But she’s alluding to it as much as possible to ensure she has some ratings for her talk show’s debut. Because most of her fans are probably like her children and dumb as a box of hair, the fertile pimp and top dog in the Kardashian klan ran to her Twitter and Facebook accounts to try and dupe her fans…

“You never know who will stop by our show today #WatchKris”.

If you thought she was going to stop at only whoring out her children, you thought wrong. If Kris Jenner has her way, Mason’s children will be put and pimped out as soon as they can walk if not earlier. No one has seen North West yet and Kim Kardashian is in hiding. We’re not complaining but if there is one thing Dina Lohan and KJ have in common is pimpin’ out their offspring for the cold hard…as in CASH.

Let us pray that Kriskris…is dismissed!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

How Perfectly Timed…

Now that the daughter of the Armageddon has officially dropped outta her asses, it seems that little bundle popped out just in timeKK for Kardashian sweeps and television debuts.

How fitting.

Little KK has been seeping for weeks now. We officially became aware that it was indeed a she. Now the question remains if she will make her television debut on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kanye says no, Kimmy K says? Also affected? Kris Jenner’s syndicated talk show debuts on July 15th, the perfect spot for her to gush over her latest potential cash cow.

Let’s watch this unfold over the course of several months!

Kris Jenner Is a Bad Mother

It may have taken a few years and calls, but finally…finally, someone listened and the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services have responded to calls of possible abuse against Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the youngest spawn of Kris and husband Bruce Jenner.


Reportedly, an anonymous caller rang up to say that the girls were in danger. That’s like a no-brainer. If you came out of Kris’ hole, you are definitely in danger! And while I think that every Kardashian should be jailed and the key thrown away, I cannot wait to hear what Kris has to say about this.

When social workers and the police came to the house, they discovered that Kylie was not there. It turns out that she was in The Philippines., which makes me think that Kris may have sold her into slavery. She already has the other ones. It’s called the E! network, in case you are not aware.

Of course, through all of this, Kris Jenner is proclaiming her innocence and is trying to track down who the caller was with her own investigators.

That’s right, Kris. Just like O.J….go find the real culprits!!

Kris Jenner Talks Birth Control, Kourtney and Scott and her Favorite Daughter Kim

Talk show host Bethenny Frankel chats with KRIS JENNER, mother of the famous Kardashian clan, on Monday, June 25th. Kris opens up about letting her daughters go on birth control, keeping close tabs on Kendall and Kylie, and clears up rumors about Kourtney and Scott breaking up. Plus, Kris gives her take on Kim’s love life and addresses the $750,000 car that Kim allegedly bought Kanye West! In other words, she is just trying to keep her daughters in the spotlight. Check out the highlights below.


Bethenny: So this week, Kim talked about the fact that she was on birth control at 14.

Kris: 15

Bethenny: Oh, at 15. OK. And are you doing the same thing…with your other two daughters Kendall and Kylie?

Kris: Here’s the thing. Here’s my philosophy. Kendall and Kylie are my little ones. When my girls were growing up and Kourtney is now 32 and Kim is 31 and so forth…when my older ones were growing up and Kim came to me and you know, was very honestwith me and said Mommy I think I’m feeling, you know, sexual and this and that. I’m thinking oh God, here we go.

Bethenny: The last thing you need is more…

Kris: Yeah, I have five daughters. You know, it’s like what am I going to do? So you want to protect your kids. What I did as a parent with all my girls. When I felt like it was that time in their life that they were going to that step…

Bethenny: It was different ages for all of them?

Kris: All different ages. I drive as fast as I could to the gynecologist’s office. I said to the doctor, Dr. Paul Crane is my doctor. He’s delivered all of my children and he’s delivered Mason and he’s going to deliver my granddaughter any day. So I trust him with everything inside. And so I said to him, she’s all yours. You can go in the office and have the little doctor patient talk. It was like her first time there and I said you guys got to work this out. I don’t need to know as long as you got it under control Paul Crane….

Bethenny: So your concern was pregnancy? Did you try and talk her out of it?

Kris: No…just all the different things. Well you can try and talk your kids out of it, but of course I had every which way talk, upside down and I did circus acts for her and said this is what you should do. But, the truth is unless you lock your child in the closet and throw the key away, they’re going to do what they feel. I can’t be with her and shadow her every single second. So my philosophy has also been make sure your kids are healthy, well taken care of and educated…


Bethenny: How do you keep an eye on them? How do you know what they are doing? I mean it’s LA and they’re in the public eye also. They have some much going on. How do you even know what they are doing?

Kris: I have Google alerts.

Bethenny: And have you really found out [where they are]?

Kris: Yeah, are you kidding? I get Google alerts several times a day and it’s so hysterical because I’ll go that’s where my children are, really…They’ll come home and go oh we were at so and so’s house. Well, no you weren’t. You were in Malibu at Nobu because I saw you…


Bethenny: It’s always Kourtney and Scott, that they’re not really even together. That they’re breaking up. And during the break, we were talking about it and you’re telling me they’re fine.

Kris: Kourtney and Scott are so together. They’re always together. They have always been together. They’re very, very happy. She’s the one who really doesn’t want to get married. But they’re really cute. I was telling Bethenny that when Koutney’s out of town, he’s at my house every night for dinner. You know what I’m like, he’s never going to go home.


Bethenny: There are rumors that Kim bought Kanye a $750,000 Lamborghini? She’s too smart with her money. Did she buy him a $750,000 Lamborghini?

Kris: Well, she bought him a very beautiful gift, but I don’t have any idea how much it cost.

Bethenny: She did, wow. Well he better be worth it!

Kris: I should have been nicer to Kim. I’m going to start being really nice to her.


Bethenny: If she decided she wanted to get married again, would you be all for it? It’s her life? Or would you be really kind of intervening?

Kris: You know what, with Kim, she falls in love really hard. She’s a hopeless romantic. And I tell all of my children, follow your heart. You know, follow your heart. Dowhat you feel and what you want. What you think is the right thing to do, but follow your heart. Be happy.

Bethenny: It is true. She felt that it was wrong and it was wrong. And when it’s right, it’s right. It’s true. Most women just know in their gut…

Kris: She’s really good with her intuition…Well, she hasn’t been so right lately. But, I think this one, she’s right about.

Bethenny: Listen, we all make mistakes.

Kris: What’s a measly little 72 days?

REPORT: Kris Jenner Is Upset at Khloe and Lamar For Dropping Out of Their Show!

Khloe and Lamar decided not to do a third season of “Khloe and Lamar” and Radaronline is reporting that Kris Jenner is none too happy.

Who cares if Lamar’s basketball game has taken a big fat nose dive because he’s been involved with all the Kardashian franchise! This isn’t about Lamar, people!!!

A family insider told Radaronline, “The idea to pull the plug on the show was all Lamar’s. He felt that it was becoming a distraction and Khloé fully supported her husband. Lamar just isn’t in a good place right now, he is dealing with his ailing father and trying to get back into shape so he can sign with an NBA team. Kris doesn’t think it was necessary for them to not do another season of the show though and told them that Ryan Seacrest’s production team would work with Khloé and Lamar to film less. Kris told Khloé that viewers could be inspired by what they are going through right now because the unemployment rate is so high. However, Khloé isn’t budging and told her mom there will be no show, period. This is the problem when a mother makes money off of her kids, it could cloud her judgement. Kris gets a 10 percent commission on all of her children and Lamar’s deals that she has brokered. Kris is now losing money because of Khloé and Lamar’s decision to not do another season.”

And when you start taking money away from Mama Kris, things get ugly! You see why Khloe is the black sheep of the family here right? Khloe is probably trying to save her marriage and Mama Kris is probably wanting them to unravel their drama via TV. See, it’s all about Mama Kris. What is awful is that now she’s going to have to reschedule her and Bruce’s next plastic surgery appointments until she adjusts to not having that extra 10%.

Kris and Bruce Jenner talk Kim Kardashian’s Divorce on Ellen DeGeneres Show

KRIS and BRUCE JENNER make an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday, February 14th to chat about daughter Kim’s short marriage and divorce. Will they ever quit talking about this hot mess marriage slash divorce? Gawd.


Kris: I trust my kids and we give them a lot of support. As a Mom you want your kids to be really happy. What makes them happy makes us happy. It’s our job to support them so I don’t question some of their decisions. Obviously we have internal conversations….What the hell are you doing?

Bruce: Maybe we should start questioning some of their decisions. They’re adults. Kim, once she got into the relationship it was going so fast. Kimberly is in love. She’s now 31 years old. She’s not married doesn’t have any kids. I mean, she wants that in her life and she was pushing for it. I think once she got into she realized this is not going to work. And she knew she was going to take the heat. If it ended in 72 days or 3 years from now. She would of taken the heat. She’s a smart woman and said hey, I have to cut my loses and move on. It was horrible. I felt terrible.

Ellen: I can’t imagine what she felt like after the huge wedding and all the publicity and it was on the show. And then to say it’s not working…that must be hard.

Bruce: It was a tough decision to make. She is a very strong woman.

Ellen: Yes, she is. Would you now say if she comes home and says I’m in love and this guys great and he’s totally different this is really it. Wouldn’t you say don’t do it?

Bruce: The next guy’s got to go through me.

Ellen: Good. Is that good?

Kris: Yeah, it’s a good thing. He’s really tough. He’s tougher than I am.

Bruce: I’ve been through a lot.

Kris: You’re a professional?

Bruce: Yeah…I can tell if it’s going to work or not.

Ellen: Looking back now. Did you know now that would not of worked with Kris? Can you say that now? Would you say I saw signs?

Bruce: I had my questions. I remember when Kris came to me. We were playing golf and he asked me is it ok for me to ask for hand in marriage? In the back of my head I said, I don’t know if she is going to say yes. But it’s not my decision. Go for it…

Hopefully by then this family will be long gone from the industry.

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Kris Humphries sends lawyers to interview Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian

Oh oh! Things are gonna get downright interesting in the Kris Humphries Kim Kardashian divorce case! It seems as if Hump isn’t going to let Kimmy get off easy and looking like the oh-woe-is-me victim. If you saw Kim Kardashian’s emotional breakdown on Kourtney & Kim Take New York you may have seen the crocodile tears and you may have heard the rumor that when Mama Jenner and Kimmy were supposedly in Dubai in October, they were seen exiting a soundstage in the same exact outfit, makeup and jewelry that she was wearing while on camera in December.

First of all, we all know that Kimmy doesn’t wear the same ensemble twice and the possibility of Kim and Kris taping that rumored “staged” scene in the show is going to be part of Hump’s fraudulent case against Kim.

With that being said, Hump is supposedly sending out his attorney to question Kim, Kris Jenner AND E! execs! Oh my word. So will this be enough to prove that their union was a big fat sham?

Oh how I hope that this divorce plays out in court PUBLICLY! She wanted the wedding and all that shown publicly, she better give us all access to her divorce proceedings as well!

In Touchy Weekly: Kim Kardashian ruined by Mom!

In the next issue of In Touch we get to read about about Kim Kardashian and how Kris Jenner is supposedly the one who ruined her. In ruining her, we mean making her the fame monger that she is currently, instead of the fun loving kid that she used to be.

One of the things she is said to have done is push Kim to have sex at the ripe age of 14. Along with the fact that Kris also made Kim obsessed with having money and spending money.

In the issue:

Hyping her new book on the talk show circuit, Kris Jenner has been going into embarrassing detail about the steamy affair she had with a much younger man while married to her first husband, Robert Kardashian. “We had wild, crazy sex all the time,” she writes in Kris Jenner… and All Things Kardashian. “Sex in cars, sex on the tennis court, sex in the pool house… sex everywhere, all the time.”

But while Kris, 56, claims to regret being unfaithful for personal reasons, she still seems blissfully unaware of the toll her wild antics took on her children — especially Kim.

This behavior is something that turned the nice kid that she could have been into the monster that she is right now. In fact there have been rumors that Kris is the reason why Kim had filed for divorce so quickly from Kris Humphries. The reason? Because he wasn’t good enough for her. Instead, she needs an A list guy.

Krisis: Kris vs. Kris

Kris Humphries better watch his back now! You don’t want to go toe to toe with the biggest pimp in Hollywood right now. But it seems that the boy Kris is not afraid of the big kahuna Mama Kris and so now it is an all out Kris-off!

But why, do you ask?

Continue Reading >>

Kris Jenner tells us that we don’t know her family

While Kim Kardashian continues to fake cry because she’s getting attacked by the media because the truth is hard to swallow, Mama Kris Kardashian is smiling, promoting her book and speaking on behalf for Kim because she is the only who can’t cry due to all the plastic in her face.

And even though the Kardashian Klan has filmed pretty much every move of their life and showed it to the world for profit, Mama Kris is now waving her pointer finger, bobbing her head from side to side and basically saying, “You don’t know me and my family. You don’t KNOW us.”

The nerve considering those Kardashian fans have pretty much seen at least one of the girls dropping the kids off at the pool. YES, THAT pool, folks.

Check out what Mama Kris is saying below.

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Quote of the Day: Kris Jenner

“I had no reason to believe that Kim after six months wouldn’t work out, because the rest of us have kinda done it that way. It makes me feel sad that some people are reacting that way, of course. Certainly wasn’t a sham, certainly wasn’t something for TV, we have enough going on on our show, we don’t have to make things up. She really felt like she was in love with him. It was an amazing time. For all of us that were watching, I had no idea there was a problem at the time. It saddens all of us.”

Kris Jenner, on Kim’s failed marriage

Image via Wireimage.com