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Julia Roberts Is Knocked Up!


In her mid-40s, who knew that her poon still had it in it?! What these older Hollywood women are showing the average woman these days – Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, Madonna, et cetera – is that as long as you have a vag and a will…

there’s a way!

Although Julia has not disclosed the status of her nether-region just yet, either she’s one pound away from the fat farm or she’s filled with a babything…

Or two!

Now, we know these La La Land women are getting in vitro like we all order a Big Mac meal, so don’t be surprised if Julia drops a deuce in a few months!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

David Arquette Knocks Up Girlfriend

Well, that answers that?

Or does it?

David Arquette, whose claim to fame in recent years has been showing up to interviews (mainly to Howard Stern’s) and drunkenly ranting about how in love he is with ex-wife Courteney Cox. It looks like he may be over it now that he has sperminated another woman.

Christina McLarty is the lucky woman that will be bringing another generation of Arquettes into the world. Reportedly, she is in her fourth month. For those that are not in the know, David has a 9-year-old from his relationship with Cox, Coco Arquette.

Let’s hope the sperm survived that two drink minimum!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Rachel Zoe: Knocked Up!

rachel-zoe-pregnant-opProving that frail, under-developed and underweight women can indeed carry a baby to term, the petite and pretty anorexic and stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe is currently carrying baby #2 these days, according to reports. How she even managed to pop one out of that too tiny hole is beyond us but apparently, nothing is wrong with her little parts! The mother of one is about to be the mother of two with her husband Roger Berman. They already have a son named Skylar, 2 years old. Here’s what Zoe had to say about her possibly growing family:

“The answer is that if it is meant to be it will be. And if we are lucky enough to have another one, we will have another one. I think we are so blessed with Sky and if that is all we are supposed to have, then that is OK too.”

By the time we see a baby bump, she’ll be 9 months pregnant and about to deliver!