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Kanye West Set To Call Off Wedding Because Kim Had Sparks With Chris Brown?


We all know Kanye West can be a diva in his own right and I can totally see him freaking out over anyone his wife-to-be Kim Kardashian has been with. Well apparently there is a rumor going around that Kim once had stars in her eyes for bad boy Chris Brown.

Radaronline.com is reporting that Yeezy

is “so upset he might even consider calling off the wedding if she ever speaks to Brown again, according to one source!

“Even though the encounter between Kim and Chris happened long before Kanye came on the scene, being Kanye, he’s still intensely jealous,” a Kardashian insider told Radar.

West was shocked to learn that “Kim and Chris, both unattached at the time, met up to talk about promotional stuff and hear what he had in mind in terms of merchandising and licensing for his new record.

“There were definite sparks, but she insisted to Kanye that nothing happened between them.

“That hasn’t stopped Kanye from having a major jealous meltdown,” the source added.

Well that certainly doesn’t mean that Kim gave it up to Brown. But we all know how Kim is and how she operates so anything is possible. So who knows what really happened! The truth of the matter is, the past is the past and now that she has a solid bank account because of her association with West, she’s good. Sad part is, if West is freaking out now about this, this marriage isn’t going to last and it hasn’t even happened yet!

On a lighter note, can you imagine a Breezy, West, Kardashian love triangle?!! You know that would NOT end well.


YE DID IT: Kanye Gets Baby Mama Kim Kardashian On Cover Of Vogue







Check out this Kim and Kanye Vogue cover, y’all.

Peeps were saying she’d never make it but Kim Kardashian has landed the cover of Vogue magazine…with the help of Yeezus, of course. And he is also on the cover, but that is besides the point. That’s right, Kanye has made it happen. He managed to get the porn/reality show star on one of the most prestigious magazine covers in the world. VOGUE. Yeah, VOGUE! WTF, Anna Wintour!

Welp so much for everyone’s rant about how she will never be on the cover because she is a reality star and porn star. See guys, it helps to give it up to a rap superstar and trap him for life. Dreams do come true!

But that’s not all…baby North got her own shots in the magazine as well!

This is all kind of crazy to me. All I can ask right now is WHY?!!!! How much money did Kanye pay to get on this cover?

Kim Kardashian Confirms New Baby Clothing Line

New venture for the Kardashian Klan? Kim Kardashian confirmed she is working on a new clothing line for babies after talking with a fan on Mobio INsider. And it’s coming soon than we think!

The fan asked if Mommy Kim if she only dressed 7-month-old daughter, North West, in designer clothes and if she’d ever style her little girl in something from Target. Kim answered, “absolutely! She wears everything. I even created a baby line, so there can be super affordable clothes for babies. It launches in March. Kids grow up so fast. You need affordable clothes!”

Kim didn’t say anymore about the line, but a rep did confirm that it will be released in March. And no, none of the Kardashian children will be models. Reportedly, the new line will be called Kardashian Kids

I don’t know what’s “affordable” in the Kardashians’ world. Their store DASH sells shirts and jeans  for $100+, but the Kardashian Kollection is a little bit lower since it’s in Sears. Who knows what Kim will try to get for babies! Never the less, I’m actually intrigued to see what she comes up with. 

Image via Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic


REPORT: Kanye West Pays $250K Settlement To Alleged Beating Victim

Reportedly, Kanye West has agreed to pay a settlement to the teenager he allegedly beat up in a Beverly Hills chiropractor office earlier this month–a nice sum of $250,000.

The incident went down after the teen called Kim Kardashian a “n—-r lover,” while they were both in the waiting room, and threw out some other ugly comments about her. Kanye later popped up in the waiting room, and reportedly punched the guy in the face. TMZ reported that the teen agreed to the $250K settlement, though at first trying to get paid in the upper six figures. He won’t go forward with any prosecution against Kanye.

Now I’m sure to Kanye, $250K is chump change, but any money coming out of my pocket for foolishness like this would piss me off. If this situation happened exactly how it’s being reported, I really don’t blame Kanye for going after the guy. It’s just sad that people adamantly try to get him agitated and violent for a payout, but that’s celebrity life. Here’s hoping Kanye has a cooler head in the future…but then again it’s Kanye, so that’s a HUGE hope.

Image via Rap Up

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Is REAL


Kim Kardashian’s post baby bikini body graces the cover of this week’s US Weekly, “Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with Kim at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment breakfast where she updated Terri on her weight loss, baby North, and her wedding plans.

Via our friends at Extra:

Kim had not seen the pics of her in a white triangle two-piece on the beach in Miami until “Extra” showed her the photo. Kim saying she and some friends were on the beach and ran back inside when they saw the paparazzi, “I have about 10 (pounds) to go.”

Kim saying six weeks after she had baby Nori she started Atkins, “I‘m not a dieter, it’s so hard for me to change the way that I eat and I don’t do it now all the time, but it’s changed the way that I eat, so now I eat at night time, no carbs and I try to incorporate a lower carb diet than I did before and I try to work out five times a week.”

Kim loving being a mother saying her favorite time with Nori is in the mornings, “She’s laughing so hard now, just to see her little smile…My favorite time with her is morning time, I try to let her stay in her pj’s as long as possible.”

As far as whether she and Kanye will get married in 2014 at the Palace of Versailles, Kim saying nothing has been decided yet, “We keep on trying to have the conversation, but we haven’t had the time, we really don’t have a date or a location…Europe is not confirmed, we want some where far far away, but we don’t know where.”

In other words, Kim just wants to throw the big middle finger up and out at the world. Take that, critics. She’s skinny now.

Paris Hilton Just Told On Herself


‘1 Night in Paris’

Remember that sex tape heard round the world? The tape that pushed Paris Hilton to the forefront of national media attention and first introduced us to the supreme famewhore of all time, Kim Kardashian?

Well, nearly ten years later, Paris is letting the cat out of the bag and revealing that she didn’t make one cent off the sale of the sex tape, which is in direct contention with previous thinking. Paris signed the rights off along with co-star Rock Salomon in 2004, but is now claiming that she didn’t receive any proceeds. Instead, Salomon earned it all – to the tune of at least $10 million alone in 2004. So the question that needs to be asked is why Paris signed off on it yet made no dinero?

The FAME, kids.

The fame!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Kimye and the Indecent Proposal

Kim Kardashian, as we all know, desperately wants some headlines. The last few weeks, she has finally gotten her wish, raising the stakes with a public proposal by her man Kanye. But Kimmy claims that she wants to rein in her famewhorin’ and settle down as a mother. She even went on The Tonight Show to cry about how badly the media portrayed her as she ballooned during her pregnancy.

So imagine our shock and utter surprise when we discovered that Kim and Kanye are suing a man for filming and then distributing their public proposal online. Kimye are going after MixBit and its owner Chad Hurley (co-founder of YouTube) for posting their proposal online.

The reason?

Kimye had plans to release that film on a very special episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. You can bet your last dollar that somewhere Kris Jenner is screaming like a bat out of hell from lost funds.

Chad Hurley better watch is back!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Ciara and Future Are Engaged!


Kim Kardashian will have to settle for a tie in the big ring department after it was recently announced that singer Ciara has finally been proposed to by her rapper and producer Future, who she has been linked with forever and a day. The two have endured a lengthy relationship, dodged infidelity charges, and homewrecker accusations. Future proposed to the singer on her 28th birthday in NYC. Her rep had this to say about the 15-carat ring that has the people talking:

“The ring, which doubled as a special birthday gift, is a beautiful 15-carat emerald cut diamond designed by Avianne & Co.”

Ciara shared this during an interview about love and relationships:
“You have to make time, because that’s where you find your sanity. If you just commit to work every day, every day, all day, you get so lost that you can lose yourself,” she explained. “Love is really important to me.”

Congratulations to the couple!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Kim Kardashian Said She Had NO Idea Kanye Was Going To Propose


Girl please! I have a sneaking suspicion that she really did. She just didn’t know how many carats her ring would actually be.

Via Extra:

Kim Kardashian celebrated her 33rd birthday on Friday night at Tao in Las Vegas. Kim stepped out with fiancé Kanye West after his Sin City show and talked to “Extra’s” Terri Seymour for the first time since her surprise engagement Monday night.

Kardashian gushed about the proposal, “I had absolutely no idea, I think nobody one did… Everyone thought they were coming to San Francisco for my surprise day… It was a magical night and obviously the best birthday of my entire life.”

The new mom said she was in shock when Kanye got down on one knee, “I was just shaking.” Showing off her 15-carat ring, she continued, “It’s a blur… I think he has the most amazing taste in the world and I think this really proves it.”

Kim added that leaving baby North at home for date night is always hard, but she is loving motherhood, “Its everything you could ever imagine and more… It’s the best feeling, it’s the most rewarding job and I recommend everyone go through the process.”

She also sees more children in their future, “We definitely want some!”

Kim looked stunning in a white dress she got in Paris when she was pregnant, saying she is thrilled she could fit into it for her birthday.

Talking about her swimsuit selfie, she explained, “Everyone was so nasty to me when I was pregnant, and I did gain a lot of weight, that’s kind of what you do when you get pregnant. I felt good about myself, I’ve gotten down to a good weight and I’m proud of that.”

As for her diet she said, “I wanted to do something that was realistic, my taste buds really changed when I was pregnant I did the Atkins diet with my dad in college so I wanted to try it again and it works for me.”

Kim was also joined by mom Kris Jenner, her sisters Khloé Kardashian Odom and Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick and BFF Jonathan Cheban who all celebrated with Kim well into Saturday morning.

Girls is still reeling. I wonder how long this relationship will actually last.

Video of Kanye Proposing To Kim

You knew there was a video for the proposal. Isn’t there ALWAYS a video when it comes to Kim Kardashian? Well…it’s true!

We all heard the news yesterday that Kanye West proposed to his baby mama Kim Kardashian and now today the video just so happens to make its way to the internet. And to be honest, Kim doesn’t appear to be THAT excited. There really was no jumping around or doing somersaults or any of that other crazy business. No big makeout session. It was just a hug and a small arm flail…and there was no zoom on her big “o” face like we saw in her very first tape she made back in the day.

Was this just planned? At any rate, I’m sure we’ll see all of this shenanigans when they got it all edited for the show.

Watch the video of Kanye proposing to Kim below and then let me know what you think.

How Kanye Proposed To Kim Kardashian


She popped out his baby and now Kanye has decided to make an honest woman out of Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are engaged! Hip hip hooray?


I knew it was going to happen soon, but what I really was curious about was how Kanye was going to propose to Kim. Now we get allllll the details and info on that rumored $4-5 million engagement ring. (I know, right?!!!!)

According to E! News, Kanye pulled out all the stops to make Kim’s 33rd birthday extra special.

E! star was surprised with an engagement (and flawless 15-carat sparkler!) from her love Kanye West last night at AT&T Park in San Francisco alongside family and friends, and Kim tells E! News exclusively that it was truly a night to remember.

“Last night was truly magical!!! I am the luckiest girl in the world!” North West’s mama tells us. “I get to marry my best friend!”

In true Yeezy fashion, Kanye planned a lavish and very romantic proposal for his ladylove.
Tune in to E! News tonight at 7 p.m. & 11:30 p.m. for more scoop on the couple’s engagement!

After receiving Kris Jenner’s blessing for Kim’s hand in marriage, ‘Ye got down on one knee and proposed to Kim with the gorgeous diamond ring by celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz.
Aiding in his effort was the field’s jumbo screen, which flashed the sign, “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!”

But that’s not all! A 50-piece orchestra played Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful,” followed by Keri Hilson, Ne-Yo and Kanye’s “Knock You Down.”

Fireworks and Roman candles exploded into the night sky, and once the birthday girl said yes her friends and family ran out to the field from the dugout, adding yet another element of surprise.

And finally, Kim shared her own hand photo on Instagram, flashing the big fat bling that her sex tape ultimately earned her.

“This is a classic, stunning ring and a beautiful choice for Kanye to present Kim with. It is hard to see from the photo, but it looks as though the diamond is either an emerald or a cushion cut, and knowing Kanye’s taste, it is top quality,” Brian Watkins, president of Ritani jewelry designers said. “This type of ring could range anywhere from $4 to $5 million dollars.”

Yeah, not a bad push present. You know the wedding is going to be the talk of Hollywood and the gossip world for at least another year. Kim ain’t going anywhere fools!

Don’t Be Surprised If Another KimYe Baby Is On The Way


Kim Kardashian certainly put the internet into a big fat (and yes we mean fat) frenzy yesterday after she posted her post baby body picture. And let me just say, it isn’t your average oh-my-gawd-look-at-the-lipsuction-that-got-rid-of-my-stretchmarks post baby photo. Instead, Kimmy K. went above and beyond and posted a selfie of herself wearing a white (because we all know white gives the illusion of bigger) swimsuit with the back end shoved up her booty crack.

And you better believe Kanye had something to say about his woman’s behind shot that went viral.

Via his Twitter account he posted a response directed towards his baby mama saying in traditional Kanye All-CAPS style, “@KimKardashian: #NoFilter http://Instagram.com/p/fjw59uuS7b/ ” HEADING HOME NOW”. And we don’t think he is mad. Or maybe he is about ready to head home to spank her butt for posting such a revealing photo? Take it for what you will. All we know is that people are surely weighing in on this photo.

My thoughts on this whole situation?

In about February, keep your eye on Kimmy K’s belly because there is a damn good chance that the reality star could have another Kimye baby cooking in that belly as we speak. You know it went down last night!

What are your thoughts on this photo?

When Will Kim Kardashian Marry Kanye West?


Will they? Won’t they? Oh, the speculation! When will Kim Kardashian Marry Kanye West?

At the start of the week, the speculation as to whether or not Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will tie the knot was pointing to yes. By mid-week, it was no, no, no. Today? Who knows. Is it some crazy plot to keep us guessing? It’s possible.

Here is what we know re: Yes vs. No.

Yes: According to reports, Kanye really wants a wedding and Mama Kris has his back. She’s in full support of nuptials. And we’re not talking some private affair. Nope. It’s go big or go home, folks. Kanye and Kris are pulling for a big, massive, gigantic wedding of a wedding. In fact, in true “momager” style, the word is Kris is convinced it will “look bad for the family” if the couple don’t get married soon.

No: Kim has been married before- a few times, actually. And she’s done the big wedding. If Kanye and Kris want a wedding, they may just have to settle for subtle. Can Mama Kris do subtle? Can Kanye do subtle? In all honesty, can Kim do subtle?

At this point, one thing seems clear- Kim Kardashian is in no big rush to marry Kanye. Maybe at some point she’ll concede to the big wedding bit, or maybe not. But at this point? Well, Kim says a wedding can wait… for now.

What do you think? Does big or small win out?

Kris Humphries Reportedly Auctioning off Kim K’s Engagement Ring!

Finally moving on! Three months after their official divorce, Kris Humphries is reportedly auctioning off Kim Kardashian‘s 20-carat engagement ring!

The baller has listed the ring for sale at Christie’s auction house in NYC on October 15. A rep for Christie’s confirmed that the ring up for grabs is a Lorraine Schwartz with a 16.21-carat center diamond and two 1.80-carat side diamonds, which are the exact dimensions of Kardashian’s ring. The auction house couldn’t say the seller’s name but did note that it was “a gentleman.”

“It is 100 percent the same ring,” a source said to Us Weekly. “Kim has been waiting for the day he would auction it. Everyone always asked what Kim did with the ring — she silently gave it back over a year ago! And Kris waited until the divorce was final to sell it.”

The ring is expected to get between $300,000 and $500,000 at auction, which is less than the $2 mill it was supposedly worht back when Kris first got on one knee back in May 2011. It’s weird though. Kim is the one who apparently bought the ring, and Kris is selling it for him! I mean, I get moving on, and I know that Kim has her own money, plus a kid with Kanye West, so she couldn’t probably care less, but still! I wish I would pay for my own ring, and then give it back! Please!

Image via Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian

Dear Kim Kardashian:


You’ve done it again!481108_370963593030774_547192529_n

Sending a bad message to your legion of fans. And although this magazine cover is allegedly not approved by you, where is your denial? Hmmm? Nowhere to be seen. Because in the world of all things Kardashian, any press is good press. So here’s some more, trick-a-licks! I don’t even know where to start sometimes with your triflin’ ass(es), but to save us all some time (and web storage space), let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

First, you become famous by making and then selling a sex tape, which your mother pimps out, instantly making you famous for nothing more than your asses (and ‘liquid DNA’). And what happens next? Other girls with even less talent (and ass) begin releasing sex tapes by the truckload in the hopes that they too can grab a few dollars for themselves. And in this age of mediocrity that we presently live in it has worked for more than a fair share of these skuzzy skanks.

Job well done, Kim.

And the latest in your trifecta of fuckery? Because naming your child North West is definitely in the top 3, but I digress…

You go into hiding for a few weeks after giving birth to this future pimped out Hollywood ho stroll child, and then plop your ass onto the cover of the highest bidding magazine to let everyone know how you lost 50 pounds in 40 days. Now, some people out there may be applauding your ass(es) for recovering your only true prized possession so quickly, but we’re not one of those people. And why?

Because losing 50 pounds in 40 days is not only not healthy, it is yet again sending the wrong message to girls and young women that, for whatever reason, idolize your ass(es). Not only are you a vapid famewhore, but you are a buffoon of epic proportions to even come out with a statement like that. If anything, you should have just said you’ve lost weight and feel great, instead of putting numbers out there that any medical physician of merit would say is unhealthy. Now, we are all sure a bit of liposuction, Photoshop, and urine as a diuretic probably had a hand in all of this, but that’s besides the point. We’re calling you out on this one, Kimmy K and you have been warned!