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The New Cast of The Celebrity Apprentice is Revealed!

Another season of celebrity firings is coming! Donald Trump confirmed the cast of the seventh season of  The Celebrity Apprentice on the Today show!

The cast actually had me a little excited! It includes  Kate Plus 8’s Kate Gosselin, The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kenya Moore, as well as The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBrandi Glanville, so the drama will definitely be heavy! according to Us Weekly, the other competitors are  Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson, World Series-winning baseball player Johnny Damon, actress Vivica A. Fox, TV and radio host Leeza Gibbons, comedian Gilbert Gottfried, Deadliest Catch star Sig Hansen, the Jonas Brothers’ Kevin Jonas, Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, soap star Lorenzo Lamas, famed NFL player Terrell Owens, The Cosby Show vet Keshia Knight Pulliam, reporter and television personality Geraldo Rivera, and Sharknado actor and Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Ian Ziering.

“This season of The Celebrity Apprentice is on point to be the best yet,” Donald said in a release. “With 16 extraordinary contestants bringing their energy to the boardroom, it is sure to be a hit, as always.” The late Joan Rivers will also make an appearance in the boardroom. She filmed two episodes of the show as an advisor before she passed away in September.

I never watch Celebrity Apprentice to be honest, but with this cast, I might just have to tune in! I especially want to see how the Queen of Twirl, Kenya Moore, fits in. She has her own production company, so she knows a thing or two about business, but she is messy! More drama for us!

Image via Art Streiber/NBC

Kate Gosselin Causes Bottomless Closet Controversy

Kate Gosselin may have gotten some serious criticism for her superficial and conceited ways over the years, but now that she is trying to do good, peeps are still ragging on the mother of eight. The reality television superstar walked the “Real Fashion, Real Women” Runway show benefiting the Bottomless Closet at Empire Hotel on September 12, 2012 in New York City.

Sure she looked plastic and Barbie-doll like, but good gawd, the woman is trying to do some good here, people! Take a minute and recognize, bitches!

Before she took to the runway to strut her stuff, Gosselin tweeted, “I love supporting causes that make a huge difference in women’s lives!”

Ever since people found out that Kate was going to be participating in this gig, people have been talking and despite the trash talk, those in charge of the event are grateful for Gosselin’s participation.

The show’s host and organizer Derek Warburton told the Huffington Post, “We have all been in Twitter wars about Kate. They were attacking us for having her in the show. I responded saying, ‘Listen, we are not paying her. She is doing this out of the goodness of her heart.’ What’s remarkable is every time we get a nasty tweet about Kate, she writes and apologizes. She doesn’t care about the haters, but she cares about us, the charity. She must have apologized to me five times for what people say about her.”

Like her or not, she’s doing some good for those less fortunate!

Kate Gosselin’s Attorney Says Jon Isn’t Broke Because of Child Support

Kate Gosselin wants you to know that her ex-hubby Jon Gosselin isn’t struggling to pay his rent because of her and their 8 children.

While Jon clams that he can’t pay his rent because of all that child support that he art to pay, RadarOnline reports that this claim is completely false. Why? Oh, that’s because Jon no longer has to pay any sort of child support.

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Kate Gosselin Shops New Dating Show











Kate Gosselin is looking for “The One” on a new reality show, according to E! News reports. The mom of eight is now shopping a dating show to various networks.

“She is ready to get back into the dating game,” a source tells E!. “She is ready to find love again and to move on from her past. She’s excited, this is a chance to start something new.”

No one knows yet if her eight kids — twins Cara and Mady, and sextuplets AlexisHannahAadenCollinLeah and Joel — will make an appearance on the show (but how funny would it be if they grilled the contestants one episode!).

Kate admitted to Ann Curry back in May during a TODAY show sit-down about how much her kids would love to do another reality show. “They really honestly miss filming,” she admitted. “They’ve been saying, ‘When are we going to go here or there? We miss the crew.'” The mom has been on her own since her divorce from husband Jon in 2009.

The family’s TLC contract expired last fall, but Kate wants to delve into other things. “We’re hoping to move forward and do more projects,” Gosselin explained. “Fans are begging [to see more].”

Well, she has to pay for all of those kids somehow! I’m intrigued about this show though. I really just want to see what men would be willing to date a woman with eight kids!


Image via JB Lacroix/WireImage


Kate Gosselin’s New Job: Coupon Cabin Blogger

For now Kate Gosselin won’t be seen on her own reality show and/or dating show. The mother of eight is officially a CouponCabin.com employee. Yep, now that Kate is not going to be able to spend frivolously on extensions, fake tans and the like, she is using coupons and is getting paid to share her money-saving advice.

See what Kate has to say about her new “gig” here.

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Quote of the Day: Kate Gosselin

“I just screamed at [the paparazzi] today. And I said, ‘Go away leave me alone. Go and photograph somebody else’. Every day they leave me alone it’s a great day. If I have a job and it doesn’t go with paparazzi, great. If I could minus that part it would be the best thing ever. And I will tell you why – they are only harmful. They don’t tell the truth. It’s always, like, they will post I was out running and I didn’t run. Even little dishonesty like that. They never post the truth so how is that helpful to me?”

Kate Gosselin, on the paparazzi

Image via Wireimage.com

Kate Plus 8 Finale Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Tonight is the night that we see the end of Kate and her eight little ones…for now, anyways.

Kate Gosselin loves all the attention the media has given her and the money that she has raked in. However now that her show has gotten the ax, she will be unemployed. So what is the mother of eight going to do? In an interview with Matt Lauer, Gosselin said that she wants to continue her career in television.

I’m telling you, she is not giving up those $7,000 extensions, y’all.

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This post is not sponsored by Ed Hardy.

Sure we’ve called Jon Gosselin a douchebag on numerous occasions, but at this juncture, the guy may have snapped back into reality with the rest of us.

And right along with the rest of us, Jon thinks Kate is effing ridiculous for her thoughts on a lifetime career of reality television.

Check out his actually semi-intelligent words below.

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Kate Gosselin is out of a job.

TLC cancels Kate Plus 8

Welp, Kate Gosselin may have to go back to nursing, the job she worked before she became famous on behalf of her eight little goslings. Or either that, she’s going to have to drop getting her hair extensions fixed every month. DOH!

Check out what TLC has to say about canceling Kate Plus 8. I have a feeling Kate wanted more money and the ratings tanked.

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Quote of the Day: Kate Gosselin

“The biggest misconception is that I’m a money-hungry bitch. My friends come and tell me. They can’t take it. I have to tell them, just ignore it, don’t read it. You know it’s not true. I am very driven, very type-A, very hard-working, very perfectionist. Every single person with that personality is accused of being self-absorbed, snobby and horrible. A bad impression is given because you are so driven. My mind is on the finish line.”

Kate Gosselin, on the misconceptions about her

Photo via ABC

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