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Josh Duhamel Talks Daddy Duties, Fergie As Mom And Negative Comments About His Baby

Josh Duhamel as a daddy is one of the most adorable things ever. Duhamel is featured in an interview on Redbookmag.com talking about sharing photos of his son and Fergie as a mom. Check out the highlights below.

On what’s changed the most in his life since Axl was born:
“When a baby comes along, that just comes first. You want to be there for everything, so it’s been about trying to organize my time a little better. We literally both want to be there and see everything. It doesn’t feel like much of a compromise; it just sort of naturally happens.”

The best part about watching Fergie as a mom:
“Her ability to entertain extends all the way to infants. I try to entertain, but Axl isn’t as interested as he is when she does. She’s a good teacher and very attentive. It’s been really fun to watch.”

How he handles the negative comments that he receives when he shares photos of Axl on social media:
“I don’t read ’em, usually. You tend to start growing a thick skin when you’re in this business long enough. We’re proud parents, and we like to share our baby as much as the other parents.”

Awww, he is awesome!

Goodbye, Stacy!

Fergie Duhamel.

Does anyone like the sound of that?

We didn’t think so, but apparently, names that are too normal are not the norm in Hollywood. One celebrity is changing both her first and last names just before her babything pops out.

Black Eyed Pea Fergie, real name Stacy Ann Ferguson, has reportedly fergiechanged her name to Fergie Duhamel. According to documents filed at L.A. Superior Court, the pop singer is going to be officially known as Fergie Duhamel from now on. Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Stacy Ann. Maybe her husband, actor Josh Duhamel, likes this change, but the general public?

We doubt it.

Having a stage name is one thing, but changing your name to this heresy?

Check, please!!

CELEB SPOTTING: Fergie Takes Her Bump To Church


Fergie Ferg is sure keeping herself fit and looking fine during her pregnancy. Isn’t girlfriend ready to pop yet?

Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel were spotted leaving a church in Brentwood, California looking happy and so in love.

Check out the Ferg’s baby bump via our friends ICYDK here.

Time To Curl Up With Josh Duhamel


This week is HUGE for Nicolas Sparks (and Josh Duhamel) fans. It is the upcoming release of Safe Haven to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download THIS Tuesday, May 7!

To get you ready for the big debut, we found a fun Girls’ Night In viewing party guide for you to grab your besties and some tissues and watch the romance from Nicholas Sparks starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel!


Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough star in this spellbinding romantic drama based on the novel by best-selling author Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook). When a mysterious, beautiful woman named Katie (Hough), moves to Southport, North Carolina, she sparks the interest of the locals, especially Alex (Duhamel), a handsome widower. Although she is attracted to Alex, Katie is reluctant to trust him – that is, until a new friend (Cobie Smulders) convinces her to give Alex a chance. But before long, a dark secret from Katie’s past threatens her happiness in this thrilling romance directed by Lasse Hallström (Dear John).

Above is your one-stop shop viewing guide for appetizers, drinks and more!

Josh Duhamel Wants A Ride!


Transformers star, Josh Duhamel, came out to Universal Studios Hollywood this week to actually ride Transformers in 3D at the theme park. He even took some time out to pose with Megatron and Optimus Prime. Below is a video of Duhamel at the park and what he had to say about the thrilling ride based on the movie. Transformers: The Ride 3D opened last May and in the U.S., is exclusively at the Hollywood park.

Looking good Josh!


Photo credit: David Sprague for Universal Studios Hollywood

Fergie Is Pregnant!


We have some over the moon baby news for y’all! Fergie Ferg and her husband Josh Duhamel are having a baby! The couple announced the baby news via Twitter today via a superimposed photo of themselves as kiddos.

“Josh & Me & BABY makes three!”, Fergie tweeted while Duhamel tweeted and posted via his Facebook page. How exciting, yo.

It was back in 2009 that the couple got married and just last year that they started talking about their desire to make some little dirty bits. North Dakota bred Duhamel expressed his idea to pop out five little ones, but Fergie had her own opinion saying, “We negotiated that early on. Two is our number.”

One thing is for certain, there will be no arguments over how to raise the future brood as both Fergs and Josh were raised similarly. Duhamel was quoted as saying, “My mother was a teacher. Both of her parents were teachers. We both had to work for what we got. We’re both Catholic. There were a lot of things that were really compatible between us. But at the end of the day, she’s just an amazing girl.”

If anyone deserves this, it is these day! So happy for them. Just a couple weeks ago there were some reports of a possible baby bump for Fergs and it seems as if those reports were true. Congrats you two!

Josh Duhamel’s Heart On


Star of “Safe Haven,” JOSH DUHAMEL makes an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday, February 15th. Ellen asks Josh about his Valentine’s Day celebration with wife, Fergie. Plus, Ellen gives Josh a “Heart” thong.


Ellen: And, for Valentine’s Day, Did you have a good one? Did you do something special?

Josh: Valentine’s Day was good.

Ellen: Remember, it was yesterday…

Josh: Yeah, Valentine’s Day was great..I bought her a nice gift. I bought her some earrings, took her to dinner and then made sweet, sweet love.

Ellen: What time around was that?

Josh: Anywhere between 9 and 2 am. It’s Valentine’s Day. You got to bring out your best stuff.

Ellen: Speaking of that, She said that she always surprises you with naughty things…you know what I’m talking about?

Josh: Yeah, we do a lot of dressing up….

Ellen: That’s why I’m going to give you something to surprise her…

Ellen gives Josh a “Heart” Thong and Josh Tries it on…

Josh: That might cover it all up…

Ellen: I know it’s a day late but anyway there it is…

Josh: Thank you

Ellen:..How are you feeling in that…

Josh: I have a “Heart On”.

Ellen: I knew you were going to say that….

Birthday Bitches

Josh Duhamel is 39.

Ellis Marsalis is 77.

James Young of Styx is 62.

D.B. Sweeney is 50.

Laura San Giacomo is 50.

Reverend Run of Run-DMC is 47.

Patrick Warburton is 47.

Butch Walker is 42.

Travis Barker is 36.

Image via Wireimage.com

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