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Jodie Foster’s New Piece Is…

Alexandra Hedison.

Now, if that name sounds familiar to you, it should. Hedison has been linked with some of Hollywood’s heavyweights before, dating comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres after Anne Heche left her. Alexandra is also a player in Hollywood as a photographer and occasional actress (The L Word).

How close are Foster and Hedison now? They could already be living together. Reports are that Hedison recently sold her home in Laurel Canyon for over $1 million dollars after living in it for over eight years.

Does this mean Jodie won’t be invited back to The Ellen DeGeneres Show?
We’ll be waiting…

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Jodie Foster: Class Act


If you saw the 70th Annual Golden Globes last night, what you witnessed last night with Jodie Foster was an exercise of class, grace, and wit. For this generation coming up now that needs an example on how to have a career to be proud of, they should have taken notes.

Foster was bestowed the Cecille B. DeMille Award for nearly 50 years in the entertainment industry as an actress, producer and director. She graciously took the stage last night and gave a speech that touched on all aspects of her life – all of them – yet still managed to keep her privacy, which she has fervently fought for nearly her entire life. Her speech should probably be decoded by Tom Hands in The DaVinci Code one day, but for now, as people scratch their heads, others applaud her.

As she gave her speech, tears could be seen streaming down the face of some of Hollywood’s most elite, and Foster, who thanked her ex-partner and two sons, seemed to come out, but didn’t, seemed to quit acting, but has not, and backstage when asked to iron out the parts of her speech some did not understand? She replied:

“The speech kind of speaks for itself.”

In other words…

Rewind! Read between the lines! I’ve said it all.

Class act, Jodie.

Class act!