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This Is What Britney Spears’ Ex Fiance Looks Like Now…


We all know Britney Spears is doing alright after her split with her longtime love and agent Jason Trawick. Hey, the girl already has a new man in her life Mr. David Lucado AND a Vegas gig that pays her over $300k per show. I think she is doing okay.

So what has Mr. Jason Trawick been doing now that he is free from Britney and her popstar life?

Rocking a new belly and eating pizza and Popeye’s, yo! But hey, you can’t hate on someone who looks happy!

I have noticed, this seems to be a common trend among men who have dated Britney Spears.


Just throwing that out there, David Lucado.

Image via Wireimage

It’s Over, Y’all!

The St. Bernard Project & The Spears Family Presents An Evening Of "Southern Style" - Arrivals

If you heard wedding bells in the distance, they certainly weren’t coming from the swamps! Because one of the biggest poptrix in the game will NOT be saying ‘I do’ for the third time in less than ten years!

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick are no more. Her minder fiance has called it off and now everyone is wondering what the next step will be for Spears, Inc. It seems like Britney is quitting everyone and everything this year. X Factor was first, and now she’s single again. And who can blame Trawick? Who would marry the crazy?!

There’s a silver lining in this cloud of f*ckery, however. There are talks that Spears is not going to be crying over spilled frappes however. She’s in serious talks to lip sync her way to bucks bucks bucks in Las Vegas. You can’t keep this trailer trash from the big bucks!

So now that Trawick is no longer marrying her, Jamie Spears, Britney’s father, is taking back the conservatorship of Spears Inc. Will this girl ever be free on her own to do what she wants to do? Is she really as cray cray as they say?

The St. Bernard Project & The Spears Family Presents An Evening Of "Southern Style" - Arrivals

Computer says yes!

Britney Spears Doesn’t Know She’s Getting Dumped!

We may see another Britney breakdown! Not good, I know. Rumor has it that Britney Spears is getting dumped by Jason Trawick and she doesn’t know yet. Didn’t she sing a song about that at one point in her career?

At any rate, the rumors are pretty effing rampant and what sources close to the pair are saying that Trawick is ready to be done with Brit Brit and he told her family and her entire team!

The source said, “Jason has told Britney’s entire family that he’s planning to leave her, so that Britney will have a support system when he breaks the bad news.”

Oh snap!

So when is this all supposed to go down?

Well, if this does actually happen, Trawick is supposedly wanting to wait until Britney’s gig at the X-Factor is done so that she doesn’t flip or have a freakin’ breakdown on live television.

Another source is saying, “I haven’t heard anything about [the split], but I do know they are going on vacation together for the holidays.”

Good gawd! At least if this is going to happen, Trawick is having the decency to not let an unstable lady go cray cray alone!

Britney: Indentured Slavery…Forever!

If anyone is placing bets on when Britney Spears will be able to wipe her own holes without her father’s supervision, they should probably lean towards never as opposed to any day now.

Just recently, her minder mentor paid piece under the guise of a future husband fiance Jason Trawick was named as co-conservator of her affairs and it looks like he could be controlling her for years and years to come. According to sources, the reason why Britney has had her father as her conservator for nearly five years – instead of the usual year or so – is because she has a medical condition that affects her medulla oblongata decision making process. In other words (and you didn’t exactly hear this here first)…Britney is certifiable…

cray cray

So what exactly does this mean? Is her Daddy going to pull the strings until he dies, and then leave it until her husband dies too? What if she wants to divorce her minder man? Will he still retain control or will full duties as conservator revert back to her daddy?

This is all so triflin’ and confusing. My heart almost goes out for Brit-Brit because I have been calling her (and justifiably so) crazy for years, but this is just ridiculous. Her parents are not doing her any favors by pimpin’ her out on stage for checks. If they really cared, they’d let her stay at home with her two children in a double wide deep in the swamps of Louisiana somewhere, but alas, no.

Britney will be forced to lip-sync for her life forever!

Jason Trawick Granted Co-Conservatorship with Britney’s Daddy

Britney Spears’ fiancé, Jason Trawick, was recently granted co-conservatorship of the pop star’s monetary assets along with her father and his lawyer. Finally, those long, harsh days and nights of frivolous searching for the best credit card to get with no credit are over for Britney it seems.

Seriously though, the co-conservatorship role, contrary to popular belief, does not give Jason Trawick control of Spears’ money, instead it simply gives Britney’s former manager and soon-to-be husband the ability to watch over her day-to-day decision-making as Jamie Spears and his attorney continue to watch over the money as well. This should give the star some financial freedom that she’s not had in a long time, as well as relieving some of the tension for Geraldine Wyle, Spears’ father’s attorney, who is reportedly “thrilled” that Trawick will be assisting Spears and keeping her out of any potential trouble.

Basically, as explained by a source talking to People.com, the conservatorship is really just a title, and Spears’ actually “enjoys plenty of personal freedom.” That bodes well for the singer, who is reportedly close to signing a $15 million deal as a judge for Simon Cowell’s show The X Factor in its second season.

Also good news for the couple is that Trawick is set to co-produce the show, and will be there every step of the way to help Britney cope with any stress associated with her new role.

As Britney was actually the one who requested Trawick be granted the co-conservatorship and
not her father as was formerly misreported, it appears that the couple has everything in order as desired now. And I for one, will certainly sleep better knowing that Spears can finally stop spending her precious time comparing credit unions and get back to the business of being wildly famous and beautiful, with some nice financial freedom to boot.

Papa Spears To Britney’s Fiance: Share the Cray-Cray With Me

Look into those eyes and tell me you don’t see visions of cray cray?!

Since Britney Spears is about to get married for the third time, it seems that her father is willing to loosen the reigns a tad so she can have a bit more control over her life via her new husband.

It seems that Papa Spears is asking the court to name fiance Jason Trawick as the co-conservator over his daughter. This means that Britney’s husband will have legal control over her well being, but not her bank account. This basically means that he can tell Britney what to eat, what to wear, and counsel her medical health.

You mean to tell me that Trawick can legally keep Britney away from Krispy Kremes and Starbucks forever? Say it ain’t so!

This legal move is seen as a way for Trawick to have more say in the marriage. It would look kinda rawng (and kinky) for Papa Spears to have so much say in their marriage. But since Britney is from the south, this wouldn’t be totally out of the ordinary. Papa Spears has been in charge of Britney as conservator since 2008. None of us will never forget when Britney brought the cray cray! And he will continue to have control over her until doctors are convinced that Britney can tie her shoes on her own.

This could take a while…

Image via Getty Images

REPORT: Britney Spears is engaged!

Speculation has continued for, well…ever since Britney Spears and Jason Trawick got together that they were going to tie the knot. But now…the rumors could be true this time. Reports are saying that LAST night Britney got engaged to her beau. And Brit even hinted at the engagement via Twitter.

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Jason Trawick to pop the question soon?

Will Britney Spears be engaged by the end of the year? Maybe or so says Radaronline.com. Yes Brit is still with Jason Trawick and yes, she is still in a conservatorship, which means she’s still mentally unstable to run her life on her own. So does that mean that Papa Jamie would be forced to pass on the money handling and distributing meds over to Mr. Trawick?

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Britney Spears’ Criminal video is NSFW

No. Seriously.

We’ve never really seen Britney kiss her boyfriend Jason Trawick in public. We’ve seen her straddle him on stage, but no heavy PDA. So if you were ever wondering what it was like to see Britney Spears kiss and make love to her greasy boyfriend Jason Trawick, you get that chance by her new Criminal video. Not only does he climb aboard the Britney train in bed showing off his big back tattoo, the couple does get busy in a shower scene where they are both buck ass naked. Yeah. It’s pretty much as close to as sex tape we’ll probably ever see of these two.

Get out the Cheetos and frapps, y’all. This vid is either going to really gross you out or make you say “dammmmnnnn”.

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