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Team Spears Wins!

Sam Lufti can go creep back into the hole he came out of and look for a check elsewhere, because according to the law in Los Angeles, he won’t be getting any from Britney Spears, Lynne Spears, Jamie Spears, or anyone else with the last name Spears.

A judge has thrown out now just part of the lawsuit filed against the pop star by Sam Lufti, but all of it, claiming that the suit has no merit, is wasting tax payers money. Basically, his allegations of libel, breach of contract, et cetera…are bull. This is what Judge Suzanne Brugera had to say on the case:

“I really thought long and hard,” said Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Suzanne Brugera in announcing her decision, “so the motions are granted…as to all the defendants and all the causes of action. That is the right thing to do, so I am going to do it.”

Britney’s parents filed a motion this week to have his cases against them thrown out as well, claiming there was no legal contract in place and the issue of back salary from 2008 was a fabrication as well.

Whatevs… Britney is still one Scooby snack short of an asylum.

Jason Trawick Granted Co-Conservatorship with Britney’s Daddy

Britney Spears’ fiancé, Jason Trawick, was recently granted co-conservatorship of the pop star’s monetary assets along with her father and his lawyer. Finally, those long, harsh days and nights of frivolous searching for the best credit card to get with no credit are over for Britney it seems.

Seriously though, the co-conservatorship role, contrary to popular belief, does not give Jason Trawick control of Spears’ money, instead it simply gives Britney’s former manager and soon-to-be husband the ability to watch over her day-to-day decision-making as Jamie Spears and his attorney continue to watch over the money as well. This should give the star some financial freedom that she’s not had in a long time, as well as relieving some of the tension for Geraldine Wyle, Spears’ father’s attorney, who is reportedly “thrilled” that Trawick will be assisting Spears and keeping her out of any potential trouble.

Basically, as explained by a source talking to People.com, the conservatorship is really just a title, and Spears’ actually “enjoys plenty of personal freedom.” That bodes well for the singer, who is reportedly close to signing a $15 million deal as a judge for Simon Cowell’s show The X Factor in its second season.

Also good news for the couple is that Trawick is set to co-produce the show, and will be there every step of the way to help Britney cope with any stress associated with her new role.

As Britney was actually the one who requested Trawick be granted the co-conservatorship and
not her father as was formerly misreported, it appears that the couple has everything in order as desired now. And I for one, will certainly sleep better knowing that Spears can finally stop spending her precious time comparing credit unions and get back to the business of being wildly famous and beautiful, with some nice financial freedom to boot.

Papa Spears To Britney’s Fiance: Share the Cray-Cray With Me

Look into those eyes and tell me you don’t see visions of cray cray?!

Since Britney Spears is about to get married for the third time, it seems that her father is willing to loosen the reigns a tad so she can have a bit more control over her life via her new husband.

It seems that Papa Spears is asking the court to name fiance Jason Trawick as the co-conservator over his daughter. This means that Britney’s husband will have legal control over her well being, but not her bank account. This basically means that he can tell Britney what to eat, what to wear, and counsel her medical health.

You mean to tell me that Trawick can legally keep Britney away from Krispy Kremes and Starbucks forever? Say it ain’t so!

This legal move is seen as a way for Trawick to have more say in the marriage. It would look kinda rawng (and kinky) for Papa Spears to have so much say in their marriage. But since Britney is from the south, this wouldn’t be totally out of the ordinary. Papa Spears has been in charge of Britney as conservator since 2008. None of us will never forget when Britney brought the cray cray! And he will continue to have control over her until doctors are convinced that Britney can tie her shoes on her own.

This could take a while…

Image via Getty Images