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Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell Wed!

This is a major deal because it basically means that Evan managed to turn her life around after wasting years licking pancake makeup and coke residue off of Marilyn Manson.

So I am pleased to announce that actors Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell have tied the knot! The two did so in a private ceremony surrounded by friends and family in California, according to Wood’s publicist. All of this happened rather quickly considering that the two only recently just applied for a marriage license last week. I guess when you’re young and in love, there’s no time like the present!

Wood and Bell have an interesting relationship. The two briefly dated over seven years ago, but then Manson reared his ugly head, Wood lost her damn mind and the two lost contact. After scurrying out of his dungeon, Wood saw the light of day and reconnected with her true love nearly a decade later.

Wood wore Carolina Herrerra for the wedding and although we don’t have pictures yet, there’s sure to be some leaking any moment now!

Congrats to the couple!

Is Evan Rachel Wood married???

Evan Rachel Wood may be happily engaged (or from what we gathered from her Twitter account is that she is already married) to her beau Jamie Bell but one thing she isn’t happy about is the recent gossip reported in the latest issue of the National Enquirer.

Even though Wood has openly admitted to being bisexual, the claims that she is ready to marry Bell only if they keep their marriage “open” (in other words, she wants to get freaky with men or women outside of their marriage and he can do the same) are false.

Here’s what a source told the magazine: “Evan says Jamie’s as open-minded as she is, so if she wants to pursue a girl she fancies, he’ll have no problem.”

But Wood quickly turned to her Twitter account in a huff. She tweeted, “FYI (for your information) the national enquirer makes me sick. I do not have an open marriage. They can take their lies and shove it. Sorry ladies.”

So wait a minute…is Wood already married?????

Shaking my head. Girl, you let the cat out of the bag, if that is the case!

Um, congratulations????!!!

Image via Wireimage.com