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Rihanna Doesn’t Waste Any Time


After only a few minutes officially being disjointed from her Ike Turner, one of the world’s busiest poptrix has slung her gorgeous tittyballs to the next man that will have her. She may be single, but Rihanna is always attached. So who’s next in her field of f*ckery?

Goodbye, Chrissy Brown.

Hello, J.R. Smith

Enter the love triangle?

After her show in Brooklyn the other night, Jay-Z’s hottest commodity was spotted with New York Knicks baller J.R. Smith. Although there were no clear signs of lust between the two, we can rest assured when we say they definitely were not together to discuss the weather.

Now we all know Chris Brown will attack any other man that dares to touch his piece, so is J.R. safe from the hands and fists of Ike the II?

We doubt Chris can even reach J.R. neck to strangle it.

Let’s see how this plays out.

additional reporting: A. Neff King