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Terrence Howard and The Ex-Wife Meltdown/Beatdown

Apparently, as in the case of the most epic of wife beaters, Ike Turner, Terrence Howard is not only a lover, but a fighter. According to reports, Howard apparently had a séance of sorts, calling up the spirit of a deceased Ike Turner – with a splash of Chris Brown thrown in for added measure – to punch his ex-wife Michelle Ghent in the face and throw her against a wall. Ghent obviously had her own dalliance with Rihanna’s spirit too, since this is not the first time she’s had hands lain on her by her ex.

Ghent alleges that before Howard could come at her with two knives, she pepper sprayed him and tried to escape. But Howard was no deterred by the spray and still continued the epic beatdown, kicking her several times in the cranium.

Michelle now has a black eye, concussions, and tremendous swelling.

Howard denies any wrongdoing and says that his wife is crazy, having been admitted to a psych ward earlier this year.

Which makes us wonder: if she’s so crazy, then why is he still running back to her? And vice versa? You know what they say about crazy people. The sex may be good, but you’ll have to sleep with one eye open!

In other news, Howard’s new movie ‘The Butler’ opens soon!

Stay tuned!

Tina Turner: Love’s Got EVERYTHING to Do With It

Proving herself to be THE ultimate cougar of all time, the Queen of Rock, Tina Turner, has finally allowed her man of the last nearly 30 years to put a ring on it. German producer Erwin Bach married Tina Turner in a civil ceremony in Switzerland with a Buddhist celebration planned on Lake Zurich on Sunday.

Ike who?

For those that are not up on their music history, Tina Turner was married to the original Chris Brown of his era, Ike Turner, until 1976, when she left him after severe spousal abuse (are you reading this Rihanna?!) and never looked back. This is the second marriage for Turner and probably her last. Whoever said life doesn’t get better with age obviously hasn’t taken a look at Tina Turner’s lifetina-turner-erwin-bach.

Or her legs.

Congrats to the couple!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Rihanna Doesn’t Waste Any Time


After only a few minutes officially being disjointed from her Ike Turner, one of the world’s busiest poptrix has slung her gorgeous tittyballs to the next man that will have her. She may be single, but Rihanna is always attached. So who’s next in her field of f*ckery?

Goodbye, Chrissy Brown.

Hello, J.R. Smith

Enter the love triangle?

After her show in Brooklyn the other night, Jay-Z’s hottest commodity was spotted with New York Knicks baller J.R. Smith. Although there were no clear signs of lust between the two, we can rest assured when we say they definitely were not together to discuss the weather.

Now we all know Chris Brown will attack any other man that dares to touch his piece, so is J.R. safe from the hands and fists of Ike the II?

We doubt Chris can even reach J.R. neck to strangle it.

Let’s see how this plays out.

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Ri-ho-ho and Chris Brown Hit The Screen


For those of you that simply cannot wait for Ri-ho-ho and Christicuffs Brown to remake the epic tragedy/dramady of Ike & Tina Turner via ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It‘, the TV show Law & Order has beat them to the punch.

Pun, intended.

The television series, which is (in)famous for ripping the news from the headlines and turning them into ratings hits, have taken a few lines and choke holds from the love affair that just won’t die and placed it on our boob tubes for viewing next week. Now, there’s no definitive answer on whether or not this is actually based on those two, but it only takes two joint puffs to know that they couldn’t afford Rih-Rih, so they found another girl to play the role. If you smoke enough joints and squint your eyes shut, you really WILL think it’s Rihanna taking those blows to her dome!

This should be required viewing for every teenage girl in the world!