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VIP EXCLUSIVE: Backstreet Boys’ Howie D. talks new album, BSB and YOU

Backstreet Boys Howie D. interview

As a young girl, I remember my mother taking me and my three sisters to wait in line at wee hours in the morning just to purchase Backstreet Boys concert tickets. But we weren’t the only ones there waiting four hours before the tickets actually went on sale. It was a phenomenon and craze that my mother compared to that of the Beatles.

We’d annoy her with our constant blasting of “I Want It That Way” over and over and over on our mini boom boxes (which I am surprised we didn’t blow the speakers out of), hanging up the phone line because we had to call radio stations to make our requests and putting numerous nail holes in our walls to hang up posters of our favorite member (mine was AJ, for those of you dying to know).

But we were just four fans (five counting my mother, who I’m pretty sure had a soft spot for former Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson) from the Midwest. The Backstreet Boys were a hot commodity and were loved in every major city (and then some) by millions of (mostly) girls around the world.

After selling millions of records and reigning pop music for years, Backstreet Boys member Howie D. is still the reserved one, the humble one or as fans refer to him as…the “sweet” one. Though the group consisting of Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell and Dorough have been through up’s and down’s throughout their music career of 18 years, including a lawsuit with shady impresario Lou Pearlman, AJ’s struggle with addiction and Kevin’s decision in 2006 to “retire” from the group, Howie credits the fans for never abandoning them.

Celebrity VIP Lounge’s Danity Donnaly had the chance to chat with Howie about being in THE most popular and most successful boy bands of our time, why he waited until now to release a solo album and that wild and wicked hip shaker in his new video “100”.

Check out the interview below.

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It’s times like these I relive my giddy school girl days.

Ahhh. I was a BSB fan and always will have a special place in my heart for those five sweetie pies.

While the other Backstreet Boys attempted a solo career, some more successful than others, it is now Howie D’s turn. Howie is putting the final touches on his solo album, which is set to release in November and in case you haven’t heard, his first single is titled “100” and there is an interestingly sexy video to go along with it. It’s certainly not what I expected, but perhaps there is a bit of shock value to go along with Howie’s sweet, innocent persona?

Peep it below and then let me know what you think. All I know is that I’m pretty sure that girl in the video is not his wife.

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