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Celebrity Gossip Heard All Over The Web


Miley Cyrus has been hospitalized for what they are saying was a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics. According to Sprint Center in Kansas City, where she was to perform her “Bangerz” show tonight, Miley is no longer going to be taking the stage. Show is canceled y’all!

The center released a statement saying that Miley “has been placed on medical rest by her doctors. She will not be able to perform as scheduled. Refunds for tickets will be available at the point of ticket purchase. Tickets purchased online or by phone will be automatically refunded.”

Miley even took to Twitter to apologize tweeting, “Kansas I promise Im as as you are. I wanted so badly 2 b there 2night. Not being with yall makes me feel sh***ier than I already do.”

Details on her condition were not immediately available.

Man, Miley has been having a rough go of it as of late. Her dog died. Her tour bus went up in flames and now this?! Girl maybe just needs to take a break!

Lil Wayne Hospitalized After Seizure!


Lil Wayne has had quite the hospital scares as of late and thank gawd he is doing better. TMZ is reporting that

Lil Wayne was hospitalized in Los Angeles on Tuesday for what is being reported as multiple seizures.

The rapper was rushed to Cedars-Sinai on Tuesday night after recording a music video and then released Wednesday morning and is doing much better.

If you recall, it was back in October that Weezy was on his private jet when the pilot had to make an emergency landing because he was suffering from seizure-like symptoms. It wasn’t too long after that the rapper confirmed that he was on “seizure medication”. I know I don’t have a PhD in medicine, but obviously the medication isn’t working if the guy is having seizures while on seizure medication.

Poor guy.

It was just on Wednesday night this week that snippets from Weezy’s upcoming March 26th album “Human Being II” were released online. 2 Chainz, Drake, Future, Big Sean, Juicy J, Gunplay and Nicki Minaj are all featured on the album.

Get better soon, guy. It’s going to take some energy to get in that promotion for the album (although I’m sure he won’t need it…promotion, that is).

Justin Bieber Collapses in London, Tries to Knock Out Paparazzi


I’m wondering if the grueling tour schedule and the stresses of no longer having Selena Gomez by his side is getting to the Biebs. This week for the Beauty and the Beat singer has been a rough one and I am sure he is waiting for the weekend to come. Heck I know I am and I haven’t even come close to the week Bieber has had.

TMZ reported that last night at the London O2 Arena Show, the Biebs wasn’t feeling good the entire show and he basically was complaining the entire night of lack of breath.

The site reports,

A source close to Justin tells us the singer felt woozy during the show at the O2 Arena … and with 4 songs to go, he stumbled backstage where he collapsed.

We’re told the singer was pulled into a private room where he was treated with oxygen from emergency personnel.

Sources say Bieber was advised to go to the hospital … but declined … insisting that he “had to finish the show for his fans.”

That’s when Bieber’s rep, Scooter Braun, went on stage and told the crowd … “Justin’s got very light breath. The whole show he’s been complaining, He’s backstage with the EMTs and the doctor.”


The Biebs claims to feel good enough to take to the stage for his show this evening, but this morning he seemed to be a bit agitated when a photographer in London called assault as Bieber’s bodyguards pushed a path open for the pop star to walk through.

The photog was telling Biebs, “F**k off back to America”, “F**king little moron”.

After the Biebs was already in the SUV, he proceeded to open the door of the vehicle to confront the pap saying, “What the f**k you say?”

The photog replied, “You heard what I said … you heard what I f**king said, mate.”

Bieber then tried to take a swing at the photographer saying, “I’ll f**king beat the f**k out of you.”

And off into his SUV he was pushed by his bodyguards who were trying to hold the star back.

Bieber took to his Twitter to let us all know he is trying not to sweat it. He tweets, “Ahhhhh! Rough morning. Trying to feel better for this show tonight but let the paps get the best of me.”

Here’s hoping the Biebs is able to take a long vacation after this leg of the tour. It appears as if he needs it.

Image via Instagram

Tara Reid Hospitalized!

Everyone’s favorite hot mess (ok, maybe not anymore that we have Lindsay Lohan), Tara Reid has been hospitalized in Nice, France. But it isn’t what you may think or at least we don’t think so. TMZ is reporting that Reid was hospitalized for acute pancreatitis.

The site says that “Tara has been in the hospital for several days and will remain there awhile longer until she can recover. We’re told her condition is not life threatening.

According to the US National Library of Medicine — Acute Pancreatitis occurs when your body eats away at its pancreas … causing horrible things like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and fever.”

Even though Tara may be in pain from something wrong with her pancreas, peeps are saying that Tara was also partying hard on some yachts in Saint Tropez and was seen partying it up at some clubs in Nice.

We highly doubt though that booze or drugs had anything to do with Reid’s hospitalization.

Eye roll.

DMX Hospitalized!

I have some DMX news that doesn’t involve him landing himself in jail. Instead of being thrown in the slammer, DMX is laying in a hospital bed.

TMZ is reporting that the Rough Rider lost control of his four-wheeler and ended up in the hospital with a concussion.

X told the site that “he was riding outside his home in South Carolina when he crashed while riding down a hill. The rapper says he doesn’t remember much, other than the lights from the ambulance, and he doesn’t know when he will be released.”

Geez, this guy sure likes to live life on the wild side. The good news is X will be fine because according to his Twitter he just flipped his “effing four wheeler”.

No word on whether he was under the influence of pot or whether he was attempting to eat a bag of Doritos while steering the 4-wheeler.

Image via TMZ

50 Cent Hospitalized After Car Accident!

He’s been shot, what 9 times, and walked away alive and well. Well now 50 Cent got himself into a serious car accident that landed him straight up in the hospital so I imagine he will be just fine. That’s just a small cut in Fiddy’s hospitalization record.

According to 50’s site thisis50.com, the rapper suffered injuries from a serious accident on the Long Island Expressway in New York. Pics were posted on his site showing him in a neck brace, conscious on a stretcher.

Apparently, he was riding in his bullet-proof SUV when a red Mack truck rear-ended his ride and caused it to nearly flip over.

A rep for Fiddy issued the following statement regarding the incident, “(50 Cent) was taken to New York Hospital Queens where he was treated for minor neck and back injuries. He was released this morning and is doing fine.”

50 has more lives than a feline. Good to hear that he is and will be okay.

Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized!

and released…

Bad news coming from the Lohan camp. Lindsay Lohan has been hospitalized after an accident involved an 18-wheeler, this according to TMZ. The good news is that she is okay and so is her assistant who was a passenger in the car with her.

The website is reporting that she

was driving her black Porsche on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica when it slammed into the back of an 18 wheeler around noon. The Porsche is totaled. The passenger window was shattered and the bumper was fully off her car.

And it turns out, the car wasn’t even hers. It was a rental!

According to the photos shown on TMZ, the car is salvageable but what you are all dying to know is how our dear Freckles is holding up.

Well she was brought into the Santa Monica UCLA hospital to be checked out and is now headed back to the set of Liz and Dick.

Before she got behind the wheel of that car, she should have asked herself, “What would Elizabeth Taylor do?” You know damn well, Liz would have hired a driver.

Glad to hear she is okay.

The Real Reason Ray J Was Hospitalized!

Yesterday we reported that Ray J was hospitalized due to exhaustion and stress of the Billboard Awards, the extensive travelling he did to get there and the confrontation with the Houston family.

However, a new report indicates that there was definitely MORE to the hospitalization.

According to Global Grind,

Ray J has been in a Las Vegas area hospital since the early morning of Monday, May 21, and will remain there for treatment for exhaustion and jet lag…

But as Ray J was just released from the hospital, his publicist has sent out a new statement with some disturbing news about the singer.

Ray J has been released from the hospital in Las Vegas and is back home in Los Angeles following an extensive battery of tests to make sure that he did not have a blood clot in his lungs which is potentially a deadly condition that can occur following a long haul plane flight.

You all remember when Heavy D passed away, right? Well, that same blood clot situation is what ultimately killed him.

Ray attended the Billboard Awards in Vegas after returning from China (a 32 hour round trip) AND driving four hours to get to Sin City.

Ray J Hospitalized!

While the Billboard Music Awards appeared to be drama-free from the outside, but from the inside we could have seen a major showdown between Ray-J and Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law Pat Houston go down! Unfortunately after the pain of Whitney Houston’s Millennium award tribute and the evening’s events, Ray-J found himself in the hospital.

Here’s what TMZ reports:

Ray J was almost physically removed from the Billboard Music Awards last night after angry members of Whitney Houston’s family ordered their security to get him away from them … TMZ has learned.

Pat Houston’s blood was boiling because she, Bobbi Kristina and other family members were seated next to Ray J, the person Pat believes was a very bad influence on Whitney. Minutes before the tribute to Whitney, Pat asked her security to remove Ray J from his seat, but he refused to budge.

Our sources say … Pat’s security summoned hotel security, along with several uniformed officers to physically remove Ray J.

Just before push was about to come to shove, security warned Pat that things would likely get physical and it would almost certainly be caught on video, just as Whitney was about to be honored. Sources say Pat then grudgingly recanted and Ray J kept his seat.

Sounds like a whole lot of stupid. I get why they may feel a bit of animosity towards Ray, but really, it was their daughter, sister and friend who had the problem with controlling herself around drugs. There is no use is blaming Ray-J for Whit’s death, if that is what they are doing.

After the confrontation with Whit’s family the night before, Ray-J was found in his hotel room “out of it” and is supposedly being treated for exhaustion and stress.

I don’t know how he is handling all of this mess. I’d have to be on a whole lot of Xanax to deal with a death AND have the family of the loved one taking strikes at you. I just hope that Ray-J has a support system around him to keep him semi-sane.

Yelawolf’s Spleen is a done deal!

Yelawolf is probably yelling quite loud about now after suffering a ruptured spleen. Yeah, ouch. Michael Wayne Atha (aka Yelawolf) was hospitalized earlier this month after getting sick following a performance in Madison, Wisconsin.

After he postponed a gig in Detroit, Michigan, he took his booty to the hospital only to find that the Alabama native ruptured his spleen.

A statement was released via press release stating “Interscope Records recording artist Yelawolf is still recuperating from a ruptured spleen suffered earlier this month.”

Yes, that sucks. Big time. What sucks even more is those peeps who bought tickets to see Yelawolf perform in the Shady Records showcase at the South By Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in Texas on Friday.

Unfortunately the guy has to get better before he can entertain, peeps.

The good news is that Yelawolf is gonna live. Anyone can live without a spleen in their body so yay! It won’t be long before he’ll be able to hop back into that Lambo he stole.

Nick Cannon Hospitalized for Blood Clots in Lungs

He’s recovered from a case of mild kidney failure earlier this year, Nick Cannon claims he’s not done with hospitals just yet.

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Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown hospitalized!

Even more sad news coming as a result of Whitney Houston’s death. Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown has been hospitalized. According to TMZ, the 18-year-old daughter of the late singer was taken out of the Beverly Hilton on a stretcher, where Whitney died yesterday.

TMZ is saying that

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ police and fire responded to a call for a medical emergency, but would not confirm who was transported.

As TMZ first reported, Bobbi Kristina got into an angry shouting match last night with police officers outside the hotel room where her mother was found dead.

And from what we understand, police officials were NOT allowing Bobbi to see her mother and that is what prompted Bobbi to go ballistic. Well geez, can you imagine the stress and anguish this girl must be feeling?

Our friends over at Radaronline.com reported that a law enforcement source told them that

Houston had “a plethora of sedatives including Lorazepam, Valium, Xanax, and a sleeping medication that was found in her hotel room.”

I’d like to say that I hope that Bobbi Kristina is alright, but it’s obvious that she is not. The girl lost her mother for gawd’s sake. She won’t be okay for a long time.

Poor thing! I can’t even imagine the pain she is feeling right now. Our thoughts go out to Bobbi and the rest of the Houston family.

Demi Moore hospitalized for substance abuse!

Demi Moore apparently was hospitalized last night for substance abuse. We have definitely seen the toll that her divorce to Ashton Kutcher has taken on her and it seems as if girlfriend is spiraling out of control.

Here is what TMZ has to say:

Law enforcement tells us a 911 call was placed at 10:45 PM Monday night. Paramedics responded to Demi’s L.A. home and after assessing her for a half hour, she was transported to a local hospital.

Sources tell us she is being placed in a facility to “seek further professional assistance.” Our sources say the treatment is for substance abuse.

She was cheated on (probably multiple times) by her ex Ashton Kutcher with much younger women. What a big slap in the coot! And we all know she hasn’t had a huge career hit for…well, for years. She’s aging and is now alone. That’s enough to make ME cry!

Demi’s rep released the following statement, “Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health. She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of her family and friends.”

I can only imagine that it is off to rehab for Demi if it is THAT bad!

Image via Getty Images

Heather Locklear Hospitalized After 911 Call

Heather Locklear WAS hospitalized last night!

Last night we let you all know about the 911 call that was made from Heather Locklear’s home. Today we have more information and it isn’t good.

TMZ is reporting that Heather’s sister called 911 fearing that Heather was in danger. Indeed she was as an ambulance

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Nick Cannon hospitalized with kidney failure!

Sad news over at the Cannon-Carey household! Nick Cannon was sent to the hospital this week after suffering mild kidney failure. It was during their festive fun in Aspen that Nick was admitted to a local hospital with severe pain.

Check out the message MC left on her website below.

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